Straight Up with Sherri

Friday, October 15, 2004

Number One!

This is the first official post of Straight Up with Sherri. I am eager to get started. I am looking forward to all of those whom I will meet due to this venture. I am also excited about watching those of you who will enjoy this service, get to know each other. Together, we will create a place to discuss, share, debate, and learn. I may be the host, but I am sure you will all teach me far more than I will be teaching. As this is my first post, I want to make one thing clear. Today, at this moment, I put this new adventure into the hands of my creator. I will make Him the one I seek to glorify, not myself. As time permits, I will be learning and gettting better at this, so please forgive my rookie mistakes, but by no means should you let me get away with mistakes. I will count on each of you to keep me grounded, honest, and accurate.

Thank you! Enjoy!

The original 'tender



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