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Saturday, October 23, 2004

"Reporting" for Duty?

I have heard many people try to define integrity. The most common definition seems to be "integrity is who you are when no one is looking." I take issue with this. "Who you are when no one is looking," to me, is character. This is one's TRUE character. I find integrity to be an actual trait. I believe TRUE integrity has two parts.

1) Recognize right from wrong. I have given workshops on how to achieve victory in your life. The first part is your value system. This also leads to a great way to draw people in to participate in an honest exchange. When asked if there is a such thing as a right or wrong value system, things get spicy very quickly. You always have those that say "Yes, absolutely." They usually follow with examples. Each example is usually extreme and clear. The problem of course is that in every day practice, most decisions are not extreme, they are rather small. Then you have those that quickly defend that it is wrong to view someone else's value system as wrong. Their point is "you cannot invoke YOUR values on others. You cannot JUDGE another's value system. What they fail to realize is that the workshop is about finding victory in THEIR OWN lives. The key is formatting YOUR OWN life for victory- not anyone else's. So, is there a right and wrong value system? Of course! If your value system is moving you towards your goals, towards victory in your life, then it is the right system for you. If not, then it is not! If you are sitting behind bars, and that is where you want to be, then your value system is working great for you! If victory means you are spending quality time with your family, and maybe living without MP3 players and Luxury SUV's, then you have the right value system for you. If your family is less important than owning "things", and your wife leaves you, you may however end up losing half of your "things." So coming up with a value system that truly achieves victory in your life, may take a little more thought than a cursory glance at virtues. The plan you have, must be geared towards actually achieving the outcome you seek. Not rocket science, just takes some honest thought and inventory of what you really want.

2) Once you have a value system and recognize what is right and wrong to achieve the victory in your life, now you have to LIVE by it!! This is where integrity truly gets hard. True integrity means standing up for what you know to be right, even if it means standing alone! So many times we are too scared to speak-up, or speak-out. We are perfectly willing to be coaxed into accepting certain behavior for selfish reasons. We may be afraid of being ostracized, or we are willing to allow wrong doing because we believe the "end justifies the means." I, personally don't trust people willing to accept law-breaking and cheating in order to achieve their agenda, and I certainly don't want to live with, work for, or be lead by someone who does.

Integrity means accepting the consequences of standing up for what you believe in. The rules of life, the laws of the land, are there to protect us. Let me use the 10 Commandments as an example. Thou shall not steal, is not a catcha clause. We are not sitting around waiting for a reason to condemn someone for stealing. Thou shall not steal means that you should be able to live your life without worrying about someone STEALING FROM YOU! See, it is about the pursuit of happiness! America is the best example of this. Our government is set up in a way that allows laws to be changed, there is even a system of guidelines and steps to follow in order to change the rules. The best part is that we the people get to decide when, how, and if any changes should be made. Lately, lawyers and politicians have been waging a war on these safeguards put in place by our forefathers.

The voting fraud taking place in this country is ABHORRENT! It is duplicitous to defend the right of people to vote in the wrong district. The voting system is set up to protect the integrity of our voting system. To allow the people rule the government, not the government to dictate to the people. Lately the left has been claiming disenfranchisement. Most of us interpret the word disenfranchisement as discouragement. Do I want to discourage people from unlawfully voting? YES! YES I DO! When you register to vote, you are mailed a card that tells you where you are to vote. PERIOD! Follow the rules! If you don't think it important to follow the rules, and protect the integrity of out voting system, then I don't want you VOTING! Our first obligation to our Constitution is to PROTECT IT! That actual phrase is in the Presidential OATH! Any Presidential Candidate that wants to break the laws, spit on the integrity of our voting system, and intentionally destroy the Constitution is not worthy of leading this country, and has already broken the Presidential Oath before he has even taken it!

All the talk and claims in Florida in 2000 about disenfranchised voters is true. There were thousands of African-Americans that were disenfranchised. Scary thought, huh? Not to me, because I know the WHOLE TRUTH! These disenfranchised voters were felons. The law in Florida is such that felons are not lawfully able to vote! THAT IS THE LAW! FELONS ARE NOT ABLE TO VOTE! Amazing how the MSM (Mainstream Media) refuses to define the facts about those who were disenfranchised. If Florida decided they wanted to change that law, then they should have begun the steps to change it right after the 2000 election. They didn't. WHY? Well, I would gander that they didn't because they knew 1) the majority of people would never agree to changing that law, and permitting felons to vote. Could you imagine a candidate pandering to THAT voter base? 2) It is much more effective and powerful to simply keep screaming "disenfranchisement," and even more beneficial to be able to site those disenfranchised as a racially motivated act, due to the fact that thousands of those felons are African-American. The worst fact about the 2000 election fiasco in Florida is not ANY of this. The real tragedy was the attempt by the Al Gore campaign to throw out the votes of our servicemen. They actually tried to get the courts to throw out the ballots of our troops risking their lives for OUR RIGHT TO VOTE! The track record of the left, and their treatment of our military and those who serve in it, is INCREDULOUS!

Stand tall. Stand strong. Insist that integrity be applied to our voting system. Without integrity to the very process of the people choosing their leader, then we lose the entire foundation of what our counrty was created for. For those who break the laws for voting, THROW THE BOOK AT 'EM! Including Kerry and his goons trying to defend such treason against the citizens of America. We choose Kerry. We choose OUR President, not a bunch of law-breaking power freaks, and the attorneys salivating at every turn to legitimize them. Show some integrity Kerry. Stand up for the VERY Constitution you seek to take a VOW to protect! I saw you claim to "report" for duty, NOW PERFORM YOUR DUTY, SIR! The very "duty" you claim to be reporting for is PROTECTING AMERICA AND IT'S CONSTITUTION! PROTECT OUR CONSTITUTION! PROTECT AMERICA- from enemies abroad and from within! And while you are at it, if you are so proud of your military service- then sign the form, sir, and show US what you are PROUD OF! SHOW US YOUR RECORD OF DEFENDING AMERICA!


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