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Friday, March 04, 2005

DCF Investigation File: The Allegations

Florida DCF finally steps in to investigate abuse against Terri. I received a copy of the actual filing from one my sources yesterday. This filing asks that Terri's feeding tube not be removed as they move to investigate the following allegations.

As stated beginning on page 6:

15. It is specifically averred that in 34 pages of allegations of abuse, neglect and/or exploitation, a meaningful and detailed investigation is warranted by DCF. The allegations are such that they:

a. Affect the health of the ward

b. Call into question the medical informed consent requirements of a Proxy under Chapter 765, F.S.

c. Allege abuse, neglect and/or exploitation in pertinent part, including but not limited to:

  • i. Failure to file proper guardianship plan or report and the impact upon the health of the ward.
  • ii. Current confinement issues at the ward's residence.
  • iii. Failure to educate using certain therapies in violation of guardianship.
  • iv. Investigation of rehabilitation entitlements in light of technologies available.
  • v. Denial of access to legal counsel on different occasions is a supervision issue never previously investigated and goes directly to health decisions.
  • vi. Lack of communication/visitation is a maintenance of mental health and supervision issue.
  • vii. Denial of legal notice to ward or ward's own counsel.
  • viii. Experimental procedures performed without proper medical and legal procedures observed.
  • ix. Lack of manipulation of the ward's arms causing severe contractures.
16. Additionally, there are allegations that DCF has investigated that have been closed as unfounded. While DCF stands by its past decisions, it nevertheless reserves its rights to review any updated or relevant information in the full fair and final determination of this matter given the totality of the circumstances.

19.DCF re-alleges paragraphs 9 - 18 in support of an injunction against
Michael Schiavo and/or his agents, preventing him or his agents from
removing the feeding tube until such time as DCF has been able to fully
investigate the allegations in the reports just received.

It is the opinion of Straight Up with Sherri that Michael Schiavo has failed to protect Terri from harm and refused to uphold his duties as her guardian. I pray the DCF does a thorough job of investigating these allegations and the result being that Terri will finally begin to have her rights protected. The very first task at hand should be to give Terri legal counsel and representation.

Thank you all for your hard work. It is your voice, speaking for Terri that has finally brought to fruition the actions we are finally seeing for those able to step in and stop the atrocities that have been brought upon Terri.

Please don't stop now!

There is still more to do. I will not rest until Terri is safely in the care of her family.

Look out for Terri's Timeline. Almost all the pieces are in place. The journey through Terri's horrifying 15 year ordeal will touch you and change you.


  • Perhaps can be of help


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:35 AM  

  • Information, materials, etc. pertinent to crimes being perpetrated against Theresa Schindler Schiavo and pertinent to a current DCF investigation listed below:

    Please notify DCF investigators assigned to the Terri Schiavo matter to look into all evidence, materials, minicd ROM disk, etc. which can be referenced via case numbers:

    CIG#200406030002 (Case No. issued by Chief Inspector General of the Executive Office of Governor)

    #05-003 (AHCA tracking number issued by Inspector General AHCA)

    CCR#2004003092, CCR#2004003972, CCR#2004003973 (Case numbers issued by the AHCA Complaint Administration Unit)

    In addition to the AHCA Complaint Admin Unit case numbers issued above there was a written complaint (which was acknowledged [known via fs119 request] by the Inspector General of AHCA James Boyd and Karol Preston, etc.) in which the AHCA Complaint Admin Unit did not by law issue me two new complaints which were requested and which they agreed by phone to issue based on the said written complaint because the Complaint Administration Unit never got my complaints down correctly over the phone because of their incompetence.

    As said, the Complaint Administration Unit failed to issue me complaints based on written complaints after they failed to get all the information correct in those complaints and the Inspector General of AHCA failed to require them to issue me new complaints even when I told him in writing that they never did issue them, etc.

    After much obfuscation by the AHCA Inspector General's Office I lodged an evidence CD Rom minidisc with all of the correspondence, FS119's, evidence of crimes, etc. with AHCA, CIG, Governor, Charlie Crist, US DOJ, FBI, Bernie McCabe, Sheriff Rice, Clearwater Police Department, Pinellas Park Police Department, and others and asked them to avert continued crimes against Theresa Schindler Schiavo including continued felony neglect, exploitation, up to and including attempted murder.

    By Blogger pc93, at 6:49 PM  

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