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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Michael Schiavo NEVER Intended to.....Let Terri LIVE!

Murder Me TWICE!


Michael Schiavo NEVER intended to see Terri get better, let alone LIVE!

The plot to kill Terri starts soon after Michael receives over $1 million. Less than a year after testifying how Terri is his "life" and the importance of his wedding vows, Michael places a do not resuscitate order in her medical file and orders that Terri NOT receive medical treatment for an infection he knows could be fatal. Remember that as he is playing the dutiful loving husband as his malpractice suits play out, he is having an affair with Cindy, euthanizing Terri's cats, and has taken Terri's engagement ring and wedding ring and had them melted down into a ring for HIMSELF. These are NOT the acts of a man who LOVES his wife.

Quick summary:

Part I: We establish that Terri did NOT have a heart attack. Michael knows CPR but does NOT help Terri. He has lied repeatedly when giving his account of what happen when she "collapsed." Michael saw fit to have himself an attorney within 48 hours of Terri's "incident." Terri has a history of trauma, found in a full body bone scan given to her after complaining of pain during therapy.

Part II : Michael testifies in malpractice suits that he expects Terri to live for 50 years. He loves his wife, and respects his wedding vows, even as he is having an affair. Michael has an explosive temper. Michael claims he wants to take care of Terri for life. Michael is awarded over $1 million. Dr. Hammesfahr ( a Nobel Prize winning neurologist) concludes that Terri had a NECK injury consistent with strangulation and that Terri is not in a vegetative state and CAN improve with therapy.

Part III: More proof that Terri is not in a vegetative state. Dr Prawer, who was pressured to settle out of court for malpractice gives Terri's complete file to Florida Department of Health (DOH). DOH clears him of ANY wrong doing, but instead of investigating possible abuse, as Dr Prawer suggested they do, the entire case file seems to have been DESTROYED! The media misrepresents Terri's case.

Soon after Michael receives the money, he has a falling out with the Schindlers on Valentine's Day (Feb 14), 1993. He calls his attorney immediately after this altercation. He soon after informs the medical staff to not disclose or discuss any of Terri's medical information with her parents.

Michael's testimony on November 19, 1993, regarding guardianship

PP 14-19: Michael admits ordering Terri not be given antibiotics necessary for her infection, specifically knowing that without treatment, she could die.

pp 41-45: Michael openly admits that he did NOT ask Terri's doctor for any SUGGESTIONS on treating her. This is blatant evidence that Michael was not interested in her recovery, despite his testimony in 1992 when he was seeking up to 16 million dollars "for her care." These pages also reveal that Michael did not take measures that WERE suggested due to "money," but yet when he DID receive the money, he didn't even THINK to pursue these suggestions. Don't buy the spin about how Michael tried for so many years to help Terri and finally just lost hope. He wasn't interested in truly helping Terri even before HIS malpractice suit where he claimed to be seeking money for HER CARE!

pp 86-88: Michael testifies that he directed the doctor to put a "do not resuscitate" order in Terri's medical records. Also, note that Michael brings up that Terri can feel pain. This is interesting for three reasons. (1) No one specifically asked if Terri could feel pain. It is obvious that this is something that is in the forefront of his thoughts, as you will see as we continue; he brings this up often. (2) If Terri can feel pain, then she is surely not in a vegetative state( which we have already proven). (3) If Terri is starved to death- she will most CERTAINLY experience a tortorous death that we would never allow be done to convicted murderers (cruel and unusual punishment) or terrorists being held. I can just imagine the outrage if we suggested starving a terrorist to death. Not only the left, but the WHOLE WORLD, would be OUTRAGED! Due process and humane treatment are paramount for terrorists, but denied to the handicapped? AMAZING! Even the terrorist are entitled to their own legal counsel.......




  • note to self-

    never enter into debate with Sherri

    well done, my dear!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:24 PM  

  • Well said! I could not agree more! I think her husband is a jerk who tried to kill her way back when and is just finishing off the job now. If someone was to not feed a animal they would go to jail and pay fines out the a$$ but the blind swamp judge can order for terri to starve. Something is not right there! Did you see the Nurse on fox news this morning? The SOB Micheal shot her up with insulin in the past trying to kill her!

    By Blogger francn, at 11:48 AM  

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