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Saturday, April 16, 2005


Well Folks, I am exhausted.

Posting will be very light today and tomorrow. Monday will be a a BIG day. Back to contacting people, breaking news, etc. In order to be most effective, I will be trying to catch a breath. Please forgive me.


  • HAHAHA,,,You are too funny Sherri. Since putting this out, you've already made three more post and added two comments. Girl, you don't know how to take a break.

    Love the picture!

    By Anonymous Dee, at 4:11 PM  

  • Dee



    I guess I am a glutton for punishment...

    How can I rest when There are lives to be saved....


    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 4:26 PM  

  • That "how can I rest" line is a bit tired now, since you used it all the time when you were spamming your cause all across LGF. You lost that fight in a spectacular way, and your continued use of phrases like "I won't rest until Terri is safe" is a sure sign of your unfortunate evolution into a self-aggrandizing whiner.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:40 PM  

  • anon


    All that, coming from you is a GREAT compliment!

    Thank you!

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 5:07 PM  

  • Great picture Sherri. My little dog is doing that pose at the moment. Terri's death only encouraged me to keep going and Mae's life only strengthens us. I know a handicapped young woman named Clara and always enjoyed joking with her so she would smile. This Clara deserves to be fed and not treated worse than a dog. You go girl blast them by blog.

    By Blogger Alnot, at 11:19 AM  

  • Sherri-
    I used to attend a church that was very aggressive in its evangelism, to put it too politely. They'd bug people to go to church and bug them and bug them; and people would politely decline and politely decline and politely decline. Eventually a "target" would get fed up and get in the would-be evangelist's face and tell them to take a hike. Then the would-be evangelist would dance back to the church group to report how he'd been "persecuted for Christ." The churchgoers called it suffering for Christ. Others in the crowd called it a rude person getting what was coming to them.
    We are always the heroes in our own stories. Maybe there's something to the (other) anonymous' post?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:57 PM  

  • Anon

    You make a great point-- there are many that don't understand what true evangelism is. It is sharing Christ- not shoving.

    Also, true evangelism is done in our actions, not our words.

    I am not shoving anyone's door down. I know that some are offended by Christians fighting for the sanctity of life. So be it. Putting the elderly and handicapped out to pasture is WRONG! PERIOD!

    Many will continue the fight. Going off and using violence is WRONG! You don't have to visit this site.. no one does. I don't go onto pro-choice sites and call them names and berate them. I'm not doing this for any other motivation than a passion to protect life. It is that simple.

    ALL church's have faults. All people have faults. Don't judge God or Christ by US! Judge God by God. Judge Christ by Christ. To point out the flaws of many proves nothing new.

    I HAVE FAULTS! I am VERY comfortable with this. VERY! I just work to try and be better tomorrow than I was yesterday. And guess, what- I still fail. But then there are days when I don't. These are the days that keep us all going. So criticize me all you want. No prob with me. I value life. Why would I care what people who don't value life think of me? I seek respect from those I respect. I certainly don't seek approval from people that don't share the same values I share.

    I am in a much better place than to worry about those that think starving people to death is okay think of me. If I was worried about being popular- I would have a blog about beauty tips-- another area a fail in-- LOL!!

    There are so many evils in the world to fight. It is just so strange to find so many wanting to attack those fighting for life. What does that say about people? Really?

    As a Christian, I realize that thee would come a day when good would be called evil and evil would be called good. I didn't realize how REAL this would be.

    SO when people who support scraping babies from the mother's womb attack me, or people who support starving people to death, or not treating seniors as viable life attack me, I am really quite alright with it.

    When God takes me to the woodshed, however, I pay attention.

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 4:15 PM  

  • Sherri, my professor turn me onto you and I must say, of all the knowledge that he departed on us, his class would not be complete without you.

    Keep up the good work. Go Hawks!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:16 PM  

  • Well Sherri, I have to admint I was only reading these for school..but you have opened my eyes to alot of issuse...I will contiue to learn and grow thanks to people like make me think...and that in itself is miracle....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:44 PM  

  • PS I just figured out who MC4322 is...two of us bucking to be the next pope...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:47 PM  

  • Hi mm5521...LOL HAHAHA!!

    I lost that Pope race my friend. But they are many more good race to come.

    Go to see you contibuting my friend...


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:08 AM  

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