Straight Up with Sherri

Monday, July 04, 2005


It is a pet peeve of mine to hear people refer to this American Holiday and celebration as "The Fourth of July." It is the fourth day of July- but it is the fourth day of July in ALL of the earth. Today is INDPENDENCE DAY!

INDEPENDENCE DAY is the day that a bunch of WHITE, CHRISTIAN MEN decided to fight against TYRANNY. It is the day that the thought of PEOPLE governing the GOV'T instead of the GOV'T governing PEOPLE was ESTABLISHED as a GOD GIVEN RIGHT! It is the day that the WORLD saw a bunch of CRAZY ideas born- and NEW HOPE DELIVERED!

Today is the day we eat watermelon, watch a crazy uncle drink himself into a stupor, smell charcoal and smile as our mouths water, and gather to watch a spectacular light show. As you stare into the sky tonight- know that MILLIONS join you. Also know that MILLIONS ENVY YOU! BILLIONS pray and dream of their own INDEPENDENCE DAY. MANY DIED FOR US TO HAVE THIS!

If you do nothing else today- give your children the legacy we had. Then give them more. Give them an appreciation of a country divided and united. Different, yet BONDED! Each glimmer and sparkle is laced with blood- blood of good men and women. Every "ooh" and "aahhh" is a gift. Each memory is a treasure. One paid highly for. Many daddies and mammas are missing from families today; sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. But FREEDOM is STRONG and THRIVING. LIBERTY IS EXALTED TODAY!

Today I will look in my daughters' eyes, seeing the reflection of sparks in red, white and blue. When they are watching the sky light up, I will be watching them. My eyes will sting, as I taste the salt of my tears running down my face. I will think of men like Hamilton, Franklin, Adams, Hancock, Washington, Revere, Lincoln, Rodney, etc. But I will mostly think of people like my grandfather who fought against Hitler. I will think of my brother who has served 2 tours in Iraq. I will think of fingers stained with purple ink. I will think of women owning their own businesses. I will picture churches, temples, peace signs, soldiers, and nuns. Most of all I will picture horses, mud, blood, stripes and stars. I will praise God for men of honor. I will long for the days when men know of causes bigger than themselves and a dollar sign. I will not take for granted the men and women of today that are visiting grave sites, missing loved ones, feeling grief. For watching those flares, hearing the pops and snaps of fire in the sky- is all a gift, but seeing them reflect off the eyes of my children is a MIRACLE! Why am I one of the ones born in America? Why was I given the gift to be born free over the billions of others born under tyranny and oppression? I will ask myself, what am I doing with this MIRACLE?

Who is BLESSED because I WAS BORN FREE? Who has heard of, or FELT JESUS because I CAN TELL THEM AND SHOW THEM JESUS without death on my doorstep? Who have I reached? When have I tried? When didn't I? I will be filled with shame of the waste of my freedoms and liberties. I will also be filled with HOPE that TOMORROW, yes TOMORROW, I will do better. Most of all. I will hope my children see me be a better me, tomorrow.....

When the rocket's last glare is snuffed out for the night, I will gather my babies in my arms. I will kiss them under the star-lit night and know that I am the most blessed woman on earth. I am a mother. I am an American woman. I am a child of God. And MANY people gave their lives for me to be able to celebrate. Not to celebrate the fourth day of July; but to celebrate INDPENDENCE DAY!