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Saturday, October 23, 2004


It would be hilarious if it weren’t being propped up by the MSM (Mainstream Media) and bought by so many irrational Americans. The Liberals have been screaming “foul” every time someone points out Kerry’s record in the Senate, every time Kerry is shown to flip-flop, every time the Swift Boat Vet’s for Truth run an add or speak, or every time someone points out his photo-ops as ploys targeted to “convince” voters that Kerry is something other than who he truly is.

We are bombarded with images of Kerry in spandex riding a bike, dressed in hunting gear borrowed from a farmer, wind-surfing, skiing, toting guns, quoting scripture he does not practice himself, and swaying back and forth to the music in Black Churches. This just doesn’t fit in so many ways. I realize that candidates visit venues as a campaign strategy, but c’mon! None of these images look the least bit honest! (okay, maybe the skiing) This candidate actually thinks we are too stupid to realize what he is doing. This man is scared of the truth. Not only is he scared of the reality of his Senate record (which he seems to neglect), his numerous stands on the Iraq war and others (I have NO idea how anyone can explain all those waffles), his personal practices of paying taxes and protecting the environment, but most of all, his REAL and COMPLETE military records. (there is a reason I keep mentioning his military records in these posts)

Hypocrisy is EXUDING from this entire campaign:
  • His invoking scripture “faith without works….”, while he has no personal evidence of so much as tithing, let alone any other “works” of faith.
  • His attack on the rich not paying their “fair share” in taxes, while he and wifey pay about ½-⅓ the percentage in taxes that most union folks pay.
  • Claiming his understanding of the plight of the “common man”, while he continues to stage photo-ops to create an image that in essence relies on their stupidity. Talk about insulting!
  • His attacks on Bush’s use of the English language when he can’t get the names of sports players or sports complex’s right and yet tries to imitate that very misuse by intentionally uses the phrase “can I get me a hunting license here?”
  • His claim to have a plan, while maintaining he has no idea what he is going to specifically do until he gets into office. (Oh, this one makes my head hurt!)
  • His scare tactics of misinformation about Bush wanting to “surprise” us with a draft in January, when it is HE who posted a plan for ALL student to be required to do community service (which he quickly removed once the draft lie was touted).

I know there are more that I haven’t listed, but I think my point is made. Kerry attempts to be ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE, and he does it with lies, and images of a false personae. Once you lift the curtain, the man exposed is no Wizard; in fact, the man exposed is just a desperate old man clinging to botox, fake tans, and a lot of dirty tricks. Can I get an “Amen!”?


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