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Sunday, December 12, 2004



We are all victims to something in our life. To some of us, being a victim is just a temporary bad situation. For instance, maybe we have a boss that seems to grate our last nerve, or a mother-in-law that needles us with every other comment. “Oh, honey we understand you can’t get here for Thanksgiving, it’s not John’s fault he can’t find a decent job that will let him off for the whole week.” For some of us though, it becomes a way of life. Our every failure is someone else’s fault. My husband was one of these, I mean we all run into some bad luck, but being a victim for 40 years is a bit much of a stretch. Some of us are just a victim of poor time management, some are victims to the soundtrack that plays over and over in our head, reminding us that we are not good enough. We are not the ones that win the lottery, were born into the Hilton family, or married a rich Senator. We are the schmucks of the world, left to rolling up our sleeves, digging in, and working for a living. The great part is that we may not have the luxury of 4 nannies and 2 housekeepers to assure us of lots of “me” time, but we do know the value of sacrifice for the ones we love.

The key to victory in our lives is accountability. Join me this week as I share a formula with you. I guarantee that you will learn something. You will learn something about yourself. You will find some area in your life where you can make changes and find a better return for your time and/or effort. It is a money-back guarantee. Since this site is free, I can make that guarantee.

Seriously, join me this week, you won’t be sorry. There will be a few written assignments in this journey, they are very easy and require very little time. The whole formula is very easy. It is based on the letters in the word VICTORY, so each step will be easy to remember; therefore, easy to apply to your life. Remember, the key is accountability. You need to be honest with yourself, and not look for others to blame. Accepting accountability is about taking control of your life. It may not be fault that someone stole my car, but that doesn’t mean that leaving my car running with the keys in it helped the situation any. We all make choices that can lead us into a place where we feel like victims. (No, I am not saying that everyone who has had a car stolen from them left it running with the keys in the ignition. Bare with me here.) It is about applying weight where it belongs. If I graduate with honors, I earned it. If I flunk out, amazing how the finger starts pointing!

The first assignment is to make a list of your daily schedule and activities. You can make this list as detailed as you like, or as general as you like. For example:

  • 6:00 am- wake up, make coffee, wash any dishes in the sink, wake-up the girls, pick out there clothes, get them ready for school.
  • 7:00 am- gets Alex on the bus, wake up my son, and take Jessie to pre-K.
  • 7:30 am- check emails and make list of things to do today.

    Etc. etc. etc.

Now, take the list and set it to the side. We will come back to it later. Trust me. Make the list. If you don’t make the list today, you will not get the full benefit of this formula.

Here is where we get started.

V is for Values.

What are your values? Make a list of your values. Example:

God and living by his word







Community service



Now prioritize them. This is where some good discussion takes place. I will leave you with this question until tomorrow. Is there such a thing as a right or wrong set of values? Is it possible to have the right set of values? Wrong set of values? I can’t wait to see your answers!!!!!


  • - I was raised in a Matriarchal family more or less, by a Granny and loving Mother, both of whom were the warmest and most caring people you would ever want to know, but both also tough as nails and proud of their American heritage (Our family tree traces back to Henry Clay). Of all the things my Mother taught me I think the two most valuable "values" were God/family first, and integrity/honesty in every thing I do in life....

    - Along with the enumerable "values" she passed on to me was one of the most important lessons that I have never forgotten. She was an ardent believer in the "Golden Rule". Not the modern upbeat fast track version, but the "real" one. The things she instilled in me, and what I try to pass to my children, is always show others proper respect as a first impression and always maintain your own self respect, but never get "too big for your britches"....

    - I think the thing she left me with. something I come back to almost every day of my life, is the idea that no matter how bad you screwed things up yesterday, you always have a fresh slate to start off with each new day. Whatever your "problems" the only workable approach is to think things through, decide what you really want, what you really need to do to achieve those goals, and use all your energy to achieve them. Her most repeated point was to ditch the "pity pot", permanently resign from the "ain't it awful club", and get on with your life. Always remember to guard against falling into the "victim" trap, and learn to accept responsibility for yourself and your actions. Her words have never failed me in all these years....

    - I think if there was one thing I'd add to your values list it would be "friends"....

    - BTW Sherri we've completed the move of our site to the new digs. New home, New name, New look. You've been blogroled at Smoking Gun.... Merry Christmas/ Happy Channuka to you and yours...

    - Big Bang Hunter and mini-me....

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  • I really liked the info on your site about Time Management - nice work. I've just started my own Time Management Secrets blog and would really appreciate you stopping by

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