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Thursday, December 02, 2004


Well, the turkey leftovers have disappeared and it is officially Christmas season. For most Americans, this is a wonderful time of the year. For others, it is time to play the dirty games of politics. In Colorado, the games have already begun. "A Christian group is not allowed to participate in Denver's annual Parade of Lights, because church members sought to sing yuletide hymns and proclaim a "Merry Christmas" message on their float," according to a story at World Net Daily. In the same story, the event will allow homosexual American Indians, Kung Fu artisans, belly dancers and, Santa Claus to participate. Target has also begun to defy Christmas traditions.

In the story on the Colorado parade I found this statement: "The hour-long event features highly decorated floats with symbols of the holiday season such as Santa Claus, gingerbread houses and toy soldiers, along with what's billed as an "international procession to celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of the region," according to its website."

EXUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE me, can we AT LEAST BE HONEST!!!! Diversity is supposed to be about INCLUSION, NOT EXCLUSION! It is my mission to bring you the truth. I am determined, dedicated, and committed, to bringing you the TRUTH in news. If the left wants to "celebrate" diversity, then they need to embrace ideas DIVERSE from your own. When a traditional Christmas Parade wants to "celebrate" diversity it INCLUDES different ideas, cultures, and ethnicities; it doesn't EXCLUDE the original intent. There is a difference between being diverse and being intolerant. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE to have diversity without tolerance!

The left is trying to manipulate Americans. They claim they are interested in the "spirit of diversity." This is a flat out lie. The true spirit of diversity means embracing different cultures, not excluding the mainstream culture. As much as they may hate it- American culture is based on Judea-Christian culture. If others feel excluded, then we need to address the issue in a way that helps them feel included, as long as their cultural is not DAMAGING to our own. For instance, a culture that embraces multiple homicides and maimings by blowing themselves up in the middle of a bus or pizza parlor would be DAMAGING to our culture.

Knock it off Liberals. We see through you. If you are truly concerned about not "offending" people, then stop OFFENDING people! I am NOT holding my breath. Your concern is not to avoid offending, your goal is to change the history, culture, politics and face of America. So just be HONEST and RUN ON THAT! I DARE YOU!


  • DANG SHERRI! Well said-- AGAIN!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:42 AM  

  • Unbelievable. Taken together, these stories show a concerted effort to take any real meaning out of Christmas. Sherri, I share your outrage.

    Great post, as always.

    By Blogger Asher Abrams, at 8:27 AM  

  • Sherri,

    Your blog has become pretty much a daily read. Keep up the wonderful insights!

    Going shopping this Christmas season has been quite depressing. I was looking for little gifts for our church Worship Team Chrismas party, and what became horribly obvious after half-an-hour was that the majority of the stores were carefully ridding their merchandise of anything that could be considered religious. My husband caustically remarked, "It looks like we're celebrating snowmen this winter instead of Christmas." It's very sad how pervasive this combination of multi-culti and PC has gone. :(

    green dragonette

    -have an account on LGF, but way too shy to post! :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:24 AM  

  • - Since when did "homosexual American Indians, Kung Fu artisans, and belly dancers" have anything to do with Christmas. If I go to a Hooters sexy fem mud wrestling competition I don't expect to see an India snake charmer or a protest group of "Housewives against Tupperware biodegradables" in attendance....

    - Oh thats right, the pro and con arguments for this sort of "I feel left out" tortured logic from the left herd is based on a "public domain" activity. Sorry to burst their bubbles but its not. the parade is sponsored by the "Downtown Denver Partnership", a local coalition of business interests. The City has nothing to do with it, other than issuing the parade license....

    - As an update, Mayor Hickenlooper has reversed himself and decided the "Merry Christmas" sign in front of the city building would stay....He stated "[that] the only reason I thought of replacing it in the first place is that it was old and worn and I thought the message "Happy Holidays" would be more generic".... In other words the thousands of angry phone calls and Emails he received from his constituents had nothing to do with his change of heart..... "Uh Huh" .....

    - Even as much as I have no use for the French in general, in one sentiment they did have it right... "Viva La Differance'". The simple truth is there are some things that should involve exclusion and thereby uniqueness. If not the whole of our society will soon be cocoa colored, watch the same TV shows, eat the exact same foods, and the only individuality will be our social security numbers.....

    By Blogger - Hunter, at 5:03 PM  

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