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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Judge Greer's Performance has been so Deficient that he Should be Removed from the Case

As I have mentioned before, I have sources that are CLOSE and INFORMED on the case of Terri Schiavo. I received the following from one of my sources that asks to be protected. I not only will honor this request, but I will defend this source's anonymity with fervor.

My source has given me permission to post the following under the guise that I post the WHOLE THING and, of course, offer protection. So, without commentary, I bring you this information.
(Please consider this a guest spot. SUWS may or may not agree to anything or everything shared and/or expressed in the following message. green is the author's commentary, purple represents author's highlighting)

TRY THIS ARTICLE TODAY in the St. Petersburg Times on for another PIECE IN THE EGO DEPARTMENT of GREER....might help, with my comments and insight in green italics....

St. Petersburg, Florida March 6th, 2005 by David

"Judge Greer's performance has been so deficient that he should be removed from the case forthwith, if not impeached," Wesley J. Smith, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, a nonpartisan public policy think tank, wrote in an article.<< Wesley J. Smith has received many emails from me about facts I have dug, and my conclusions that similarities to continuation of T4 Nazi program under radar of understanding here in USA. He is the author of 'Forced Exit', a procedure that was found in document form in Terri's medical records around the time of starvation attempt number 2. It is known in the medical profession as the "exit protocol".

In 2003, attorney Pat Anderson, representing Schiavo's parents, accused Greer of being biased.

Actually one of several times this Judge has heard this in court.

"I feel that if Terri called you from hospice, you'd try to talk her into giving up and dying," Anderson said. "I feel that you're that committed to her death."

She asked him to step down - the fourth time Greer had been asked to disqualify himself from the case. Greer refused, although it would have been an easy escape."

Four of the worst decisions I ever made," Greer later joked.

Greer is a Southern Baptist who attended Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater. But his attendance faltered after a Baptist publication the church supported became highly critical of him, he said.

Greer, who said he had other unrelated problems with the church, said he explained to a deacon, "If I don't like what the St. Pete Times writes about me, my only recourse is to cancel my subscription." So he stopped his donations to the church, though he is still a member. <<

Revengeful and vindictive evidence here described in parallel. But WHAT are the alleged "unrelated problems with the church"?

Last year, Greer drew his first opponent in any race for reelection. Protesters in the Schiavo case rallied around Jan Govan. But Greer easily defeated Govan.<<

The truth is that 56,000+ voters were counted by government (like a certified petition) to object to his deserving to were that robe. The article says these people were "protesters" in the Schiavo case. They are just people who see through the crimes being committed against Terri and the corruption that is obvious to exist. That is a stadium full of people. His defeat was not so easy and required donations from nearly 500 attorneys, many whom bring cases in front of him - - in conflict of interest -- spent on campaign paid commercials that now appear to have violated state elections laws, and was the most money ever raised by a Judge to campaign to keep his tyranny in place. The objectors garnered nearly 40% of the vote and were gaining had it not been for the illegal campaign advertisements.

For Greer, Schiavo is particularly difficult. He has always been easy with the media, giving some reporters his cell phone number. When someone asks a question, he answers it, though he is always careful not to talk about the merits of any case.

After one Schiavo hearing, he answered reporters' questions, only to see lawyers try to remove him from the case for it. Now, he measures his words, and even was reluctant to talk about his days with Morrison.

While friends say Greer's personality has largely remained unaffected, they do note some small differences from the pressures of the case.

"I think he's a little quieter, a little more reserved, not around friends but around other folks," said Ed Armstrong, a Clearwater lawyer and close friend. "I don't think he has enjoyed being in the spotlight." Oh really now.

Neither Armstrong nor Greer will discuss one thing few know about Greer: In 2002, the judge offered to donate one of his kidneys to Armstrong, who needed a transplant. Armstrong found another donor. "If the critics knew the man, they wouldn't say some of the things they do about him," Armstrong said.<< Anyone can say they will donate their kidney, but did he go and get the screening done, and if he did, was a viable donor? If this was PR bull using a situation that could never have been a possibility then....

Greer said he is sometimes baffled by the more hateful criticism. He said his faith has not been shaken.

"What's so exasperating is that my faith is based on forgiveness because that's what God did," Greer said. "When I see people in my faith being extremely judgmental, it's very disconcerting."

But he follows the law, he said. "There are no Ten Commandments out there," he said, pointing to his outer office.<<

Is this a rhetorical statement or evidences of his belief that outside of his Chambers, his castle, himself, that there is no such thing as the Ten Commandments? This would explain his having no respect for THOU SHALT NOT KILL -- which just so happens to be one of the laws he swore oath to uphold. Is that to uphold HIS law to kill Terri, or to Hold Up the law that says he cannot Kill Terri?

"My oath is to follow the law, and if I can't follow the law, I need to step down," he said.

Critics who condemn him in the religious press, he said, "have nothing to do with my relationship with God. They can't affect it."

He accepts the security precautions, Greer said, as a necessary inconvenience. But he acknowledges that his wife worries."

I can't dwell on it. I'm not going to do anything stupid. But I'm not going to dig a hole and crawl into it. ... This isn't Colombia. This isn't drug lords terrorizing the judiciary. It's America."<

He is exactly correct here. This isn't Columbia. This is the judicial lords terrorizing America. And he is not going to do anything stupid like admit he was wrong, that would fill in the hole he has dug for himself and scores of others in the cartel of those who Hold Up the laws against the people. George, its the same as Columbia. Its called tyranny.

He realizes that whatever his accomplishments, he will always be remembered for the Schiavo case.

And Greer's answer to the indignant protester who called asking if he thought he was going to heaven: yes

Anyone who jokes about the fact that he thinks he should have recused himself all four times and that the Ten Commandments do not exist outside of his "person" by psychological metaphor can think all he wants that he is going to heaven. I wonder what the temperature there in "his thoughts of heaven" will be.


  • Couple of things

    1) I think that when someone says after the fact that they should have done something differnt, in this case stepping down off the case, he probably stayed on because of pride and the principal behind the whole thing. I don't think this is good character for a judge.

    2) Will he go to heaven, Only God himself can judge that we as people can not judge that, or should even have an opinion on that.

    3) A judge should not say things like he did on the stand leave some personal opions at home.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:48 PM  

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