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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Baby Charlotte Wyatt Needs Help: She Wants To Live

Because she would likely never have the chance to run and play like other children, doctors decided that it was in her best interest to let her die.

We received the information about Charlotte Wyatt by email today, and we've been asked as a group to help get the message out about her plight. All BlogsForTerri Blogs are encouraged to look into this matter and help get Charlotte the attention MSM attention she deserves(hopefully the life-kind of media attention).

Eighteen months ago, Charlotte was born premature, with severe health problems. She had to be resuscitated three times. (She is not on a resuscitator, although she does get help from an oxygen tent.) Six months ago the hospital caring for Charlotte sought permission not to resuscitate her again -- over the vehement objections of her Christian parents-- and a British High Court judge ruled on the side of the hospital.

The hospital said that Charlotte was deaf and blind. But she can now see and hear.

The hospital said that Charlotte would die of an infection over the winter. But she's still alive.

Now hospital sources "admit the 18-month-old baby may live on for 'a considerable time' — potentially years rather than months."

Charlotte's parents went back to court a month ago to ask the judge to allow Charlotte at least some time (even if only five days) on a ventilator if she needs the help again.
The judge delayed his decision a month.

Now it has been a month, and there has been a defeat in the courts.

It wasn't enough. Justice Hedley was glad that little Charlotte could see, hear, respond and smile, but believed his former ruling should continue to hold--- no resuscitation. This on hearing from the majority medical opinion--- the same opinion that last autumn held that she was permanently blind, deaf,and unresponsive, and would never survive the winter--- that she was 'terminally ill' and therefore any aggresive treatment would be pointless.

Who to believe? In this case it seems obvious. You have a little girl fighting for her life, and she has proven to the world her life is not dead-ended. You have her parents who want to fight with her till the end, till all hope is gone. And the doctors, who consider it in her best interest to die. Note that these are the same who judged for David Glass that he had no hope and his "best interests" lay in "allowing" him to die.

There is a caveat in the judge's ruling-- he notes that this new decision is not open-ended and is subject to review. What evidence will he need, I wonder, to decide in her favor?

But Charlotte hasn't given up, and we won't either. SHE NEEDS OUR HELP!

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  • As a birthday present to myself I come here to visit one of my favorite blogs. Sherri you and many other blogs for Terri are doing an admirable job. I come here despite the difficulties in getting your site to load because it always seems to activate an Adware and Malware problem that started while doing research from one of your links. I hope you have good virus and Anti-adware software to protect your computer from this nasty trojan that I have quarantined on my computer for the moment because you know that you are doing the right things when trolls attack you. Keep up the good work as I add Charlotte and her parents to my prayer list. There are amazing paralels in Charlotte' circumstances as compared to the story of my now teenage son Alex. The doctors also told us he would never do things that he now does. To her parents I say keep fighting for your daughter it is worth it.

    By Blogger Alnot, at 2:56 PM  

  • I wonder would these judges and doctor do their own children the same way that Schiavo and this baby was treated.
    CS 4617

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:38 PM  

  • Maybe if the doctors or judges were to be put into this situation the rulings would be different.
    CS 4617

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:39 PM  

  • Once again our government have decided to determine what they believe happens to be the best decision for this young child. This case appears to be the opposite decision of Terri S. Ultimately, the parents of this child should be the ones to make this decision to keep their child alive.

    But once again, our government believes that it could interfere in those lives without merit and or just cause. The actions of our government does not warrent such reasoning to have this young girl die.

    It has been evident that the medical profession have been wrong in the past regarding the mental and physical state of his or her patients.

    No matter what the outcome is, I believe the parents of this young girl should have the right to choose life over death.

    But remember God makes the final call or decision.

    God Bless all of you! My prayers and wishes are with you.

    By Anonymous DT7559, at 7:49 PM  

  • The parents should be the only people to decide whether their baby lives or dies. This sounds like Nazi Germany. Should we get rid of anyone that is diabled or not productive? I thought we had become more civilized than that.
    The second issue is parents rights. Only parents should have the right to decide if their child should live or die.

    By Blogger car253, at 11:26 AM  

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