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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

National Organization of Women: BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES!

I'm just sitting here sipping coffee, catching up on emials, news, etc.......and listening to Glenn Beck, of course! What do I hear? NOW is fighting against silicone breast implants. Wait 'til you hear on WHAT GROUNDS!

I found this on NOW's website on the MAIN PAGE: (emphasis mine)

Stop FDA Folly on Silicone Breast Implants Tell Acting Commissioner Dr. Lester Crawford to support the FDA's own scientists and public health professionals. He must uphold the integrity of the scientific process, and put women's health above political gain.

and a link to this:

NOW President Testifies Before FDA on Danger of Silicone Breast Implants:


The FDA must not allow women to fall victim to the greed of two companies, Inamed Corp. and Mentor Corp., that want to bring these implants back to the open market without protecting women's health. It is incumbent upon the FDA to side with women, and not big business. It's time for the FDA to put science ahead of politics.

Hmmmmm... Let's just change a few words here, try this:

The Supreme Court must not allow women to fall victim to the greed of Planned Parenthood and Abortion Doctors that want to provide abortion on demand without protecting women's health. It is incumbant upon the Supreme Court to side with women, and NOT Planned Parenthood's bankrolling practices. It's time for the Supreme Court to put science (and HEALTH) ahead of POLITICS!

NOW goes on to cite studies that show increased health risks to women that CHOOSE to have this procedure done to their OWN BODIES. Some of the health concerns raised:

  • Breast implants obscure and greatly reduce the accuracy of mammogram readings - 55 percent of breast cancers went undetected in women with breast implants, which is 67 percent greater than in women without implants.
  • Hazard to children born to women with silicone breast implants, particularly breastfeeding infants.
  • Increased risk of suicide.

Health risks for women who CHOOSE an abortion for their OWN BODIES:

  • Breast Cancer:
    Prolonged use of the birth control pill, late or lack of pregnancies, and induced termination of pregnancies (abortion), are all cited as risk factors for increased estrogens and breast cancer. Global Action Plan Report from the First World Conference on Breast Cancer, Fall 1998.
    For women aborting a first pregnancy, the risk of breast cancer almost doubles after a first-trimester abortion and is multiplied with two or more abortions. "Physical Health Risks of Abortion: Scientific Studies Reveal Significant Risk," The Elliot Institute,
  • I think it is safe to say that there is ALWAYS hazard to the child victim of abortion.
  • Emotional Health Risks:
    94% regretted the decision to abort. "Survey of Reaction to Abortion," The Post Abortion Review, Fall 1994, pp.6-8
    A teenage girl is 10 times more likely to attempt suicide if she has had an abortion in the last six months. Garfinkel,, Stress, Depression, and Suicide: A study of Adolescents in Minnesota (Minneapolis University of Minnesota Extension Services 1986)
    "In a study of teenage abortion patients, half suffered a worsening of psychosocial functioning within 7 months after the abortion. The immediate impact appeared to be greatest on the patients who were under 17 years of age and for those with previous psychosocial problems. Symptoms included: self-reproach, depression, social regression, withdrawal, obsession with need to become pregnant again, and hasty marriages. Wallerstein, et. Al., "Psychosocial Sequelae of Therapeutic Abortion in You Unmarried Women", Archives of General Psychiatry, vol.27, 1972.

SO WHERE IS THE CONSISTENCY HERE, NOW? Where is your concern for the health of women? It's obvious that your "concern" lies purely in POLITICS!

Go ahead and do some internet searches on your own. There is FAR MORE EVIDENCE of Health risks to women who have abortions than there is for risks in silicone transplants. When it comes to the toll that abortions take on women, NOW is SILENT!


  • Can we really blame the companies? After all it's the woman that chooses to get breast implants. Now what is silly is the fact that a woman would still choose to get those poison bags put inside her body knowing that she is putting her own life at risk.

    On the other hand, the Supreme Court should enforce that the companies use safer products to ensure womens health.

    I bet if men started getting implants and dropping death from the harmful side effects then they would surely make a change.CBT2025

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:22 PM  

  • This is not an issue of man vs. woman and the law. Such comments obsfucate the real situation.

    I do not know any good reason for a woman to have a breast enlargement with silicone breast implants. This desire for cosmetic surgery is a sign that the woman in fact lacks self-esteem. If that is the issue, then it can be remedied by having psycotherapy or cognitive behaviour therapy.

    I agree that NOW are a bunch of hypocrites. They promote abortion as if it is a woman's right to destroy what is contained within her body, but they do not bother telling the woman who is in a situation of an unplanned pregnancy of the health risks involved.

    It is true, that miscarriage, whether acquired or natural, is a probable cause of breast cancer. There is a high risk of breast cancer amongst women who have had children but also miscarriages of getting breast cancer. This is what happened to my late mother in law. She had seven live children and several miscarriages. What happens is that the hormones are no longer balanced and as a result of the disruption in the balance of the hormones the woman is in a higher risk category.

    More and more women are being diagnosed with breast cancer at an age well below 40. One has to ask why there has been such a high increase in the number of detected breast cancers. I can think of two reasons that cause disruption to one's hormones: (1) birth control via the pill; (2) miscarriages, both natural and procured.

    There are too many women who are obsessed with their bodies, and they want to look perfect according to a standard that is in fact a false one. They do not seem to consider all of the risks involved in what they are doing.

    It irks me that they made the choice for breast implants and then had the hide to sue the company when something went wrong. It was their decision to have the implant to enlarge their breasts, so let them live with that decision and take responsibility for their desire to reach an unattainable perfection.

    By Blogger Maggie, at 11:25 PM  

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