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Monday, April 11, 2005

Email From Kenneth

I talked with Kenneth earlier tonight, it was a very special time for me. Please keep him in your prayers. He is taking on a lot right now and his family is depending on him.

He sent this email- I have edited a bit, just to be sure not to betray his trust. We talked a bit about our favorite hymns and other things. He was cooking burgers and even offered me one. I told him it would be cold by the time I got there. He said "Just twinkle your nose." This email covers much of what we talked about concerning Miss Mae:

"just did 10 minutes on the national radio show hosted by Michael Reagan show... at approximately 5:45PM CST.

He is a great supporter of life and a good man...he will follow my Aunt's plight and do a follow up segment on it.

Reagan said he believes Gaddy is motivated by my Aunt's money, via the fact that she and her two siblings stand to inherit all of their grandmothers estate. I told him I surely hope that is not the case and I feel that Beth is motivated by misplaced love and very bad advice..

Also I was on my second Glenn Beck Show this morning to advance my Aunt Mae's case and the cause of life...what a caring man.

There is talk from Beck insiders that Glenn wants me back on tomorrow with Judge Boyd...

I will say Boyd was handicapped by my cousin Beth, in that she failed to fully advise him that she had misstated to the hospital and the hospice that she held the medical power of attorney when in fact held NO medical decision making authority EVER for Mae Magouirk.

She also stated that she has "taken care" of her grandmother for the past 10 years when in fact, Mae Magouirk has always lived alone and independently since the death of her husband Charlie.

A good friend suggested that we get other family members to talk.

Well it is just my Mom and her brother, my uncle. They are not bloggers or public advocates and they are very personal people.

Mom has a serious heart condition and we don't want to excite her and Uncle Buddy has requested that there be one concise and on message voice from our family.....that is me!

So doubters will doubt and as Rhett Butler once said...........
well, you know the quote!

Ken/Nephew of Mae

PS: Tomorrow you should see an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution"


  • I did not quite get the whole story.
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  • What is going on, what is this about?
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