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Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Fight for Clara: A Battlefront Update

Posted by Earl at Blogs For Terri

I just got off the phone speaking with Pastor Guillermo Espinoza, a godly man who is doing his best to defend the life of Clara Martinez.

A few clarifications around some of the details in response to questions raised in reponse to Tim's latest report below.

It appears that the family, including the mother lives in the husband's home. Moreover, there is a "caregiver" that presumably works for the husband. In CURE's experience, it would not be surprising if she were to act as the enforcer or, at any rate, the snitch for the husband. Speculative, no doubt, but not exactly a wild guess.

Pastor Espinoza again appealed to the husband's conscience within but a few hours, but his pleas fell on death ears. A "religious" man, Martinez is hell-bent to follow his murderous course, just as Michael Schiavo was.

Accordingly it is imperative to publicize this murder in the making as widely as possible, as was done to good end in protecting the life of Mae Magouirk.

Anyone in the Chicago area should make every effort to attend the prayer rally outside the crime scene tomorrow. If you have friends or family in the area, please contact them now!

Meanwhile, CURE is working behind the scenes on legal, media, and governmental venues. Stay tuned to Blogs for Terri for critical updates and keep your readers up to date, if you have a blog.

Pray and act for Clara!

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