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Friday, April 29, 2005

Glenn Beck Goes to Columbus Ohio, Raises Money for Handicapped Girl

Glenn Beck has been an overwhelming influence in my life for over 2 years. Glenn has inspired me to put my children and family first, pursue my dreams, and just flat out be the woman I want to be. Last night Glenn traveled to Columbus Ohio for a performance created to raise money for a 16 year old handicapped girl. The money is earmarked to help her escape the public school system that not only allowed her to be sexually assaulted, but afterwards refused to contact police about the incident for fear of "media attention."

Here is one article about the event (with just a tad bit of commentary from yours truly):

Radio Host Discusses Alleged Assault In Columbus

Beck, Coleman Continue Verbal Sparring

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- After weeks of talking about Columbus Public Schools and after having a verbal altercation with Columbus' mayor, a nationally syndicated radio talk show host appeared in the city Thursday night.

Glenn Beck, a Philadelphia-based conservative talk show host, spoke at the Riffe Center Thursday night. Beck has berated Mayor Michael Coleman and district officials after an alleged sexual assault of a disabled student at Mifflin High School and the district's handling of the case.

On Thursday morning, Beck laid the groundwork for his Columbus rally, NBC 4's John Ivanic reported.

"Mayor Coleman, you suck beyond belief," Beck said during his show.

Beck has criticized the school district and the mayor for what Beck perceives is a lack of leadership on the issue, Ivanic reported.

Beck told Ivanic Thursday afternoon that "it's been pretty easy" to be tough on Coleman.
(oh, and it has! It has been VERY EASY! One school administrator has claimed that sex in the school is a common thing. On top of all this, Mayor Coleman, the host of a conference for Black Mayors, invited 300 school students to get out of school in order to attend a Ludacris concert for Youth Day. Ludacris is a popular rap artist known for lurid lyrics of which actually talk about rough sex in the school classroom. NICE, HUH?)

"My daughter has a learning disability," Beck said. "So when I first read this story, I saw my daughter, and I felt the way I would as a parent."

More than 800 people paid $15 each to listen to Beck Thursday night, and the radio show host had plenty of material ready for the audience.

"If something goes wrong, please, I beg you, no one call 911 for at least an hour," Beck told the audience. "We wouldn't want media attention here."
(not only did they wait an hour to call anyone- but it was the teacher of the girl that called the father. It was the father that called the police from his cell phone in the school hallway once he got there. The school administrators NEVER called the police. They actually asked the father not to call the police and to let the school officer handle it the next morning! During the entire incident, the principal refused to leave her meeting in order to deal with the situation!)

Beck has supporters in Columbus.

"I think Glenn is doing a good job of drawing attention to some things that need to be addressed," fan Erin Thomas said.
(The key here is that these things need to be ADDRESSED, not swept under the rug and hidden.)

"All the mayor had to do was simply say, 'Hey, you know, I'm outraged,'" Beck fan Frank Malony said. "If he would have said those two words, we wouldn't be here tonight."

Much of the 1 ½ hours of commentary, comedy and conversation dealt with Beck's ongoing battle with Coleman.

Tension between Beck and Coleman boiled over during a live interview eight days ago.

"Don't question my manhood," Coleman told Beck during the exchange.
(This part was ASTOUNDING! The principal of the school was fired, but the 3 assistants were put on 10 days of administrative leave, and then just transferred. NONE OF THIS EVEN HAPPENED until a MONTH afterwards- when the story hit the media- thanks much to Glenn. As Glenn asked the Mayor if these people just being farmed out to other places, still in decision making roles affecting the safety of children offended the mayor as a man and as a father, the mayor retorted with this? This is all about HIM? I wouldn't want this guy being a crosswalk guard for my kids, let alone the mayor of a city!)

Beck's verbal assault against the mayor continued Thursday morning.

"Who is running your (gubernatorial) campaign, you moron?" Beck said.
(This is also very key. I mean, really- what on earth is this guy thinking?)

Go ahead and read the rest of the story. Note that the mayor claims that Glenn is only in town for ratings. Glenn is already number one in Columbus. This is about Glenn's outrage over how children have become pawns in our schools, not the focus. Our schools have become government programs intent on protecting jobs, despite the horror inflicted on our children. The entire purpose of schools has not only been lost, but the atmosphere in schools is dangerous to our children's health and well-being, not to mention their futures. To Glenn, this is about a handicapped girl being attacked, and school officials more worried about their image and jobs, than the child- let alone FIXING the problems that allow something like this to happen- and a mayor more interested in political support of the schools than making the schools safe for children.

As the story mentions that the mayor met with Superintendent Gene Harris within the last 2 days. We still want to know if there was a meeting with him at anytime during the entire month between the actual incident and the story hitting the media. (crickets chirping)

UPDATE: Amazingly enough- Ludacris was a NO SHOW for his YOUTH DAY concert yesterday! LOL!!! WHEW- The mayor dodged a media bullet on THAT one!


  • Well, I disagree with the name-calling, but I hope they get enough money to send this young lady to a decent school where she'll be treated with the respect she deserves. And I hope the guilty parties get their scaly hides nailed to the wall.

    By Blogger GrannyGrump, at 10:02 AM  

  • Sometimes the media applies pressure where it is needed. Thank you, Glenn

    By Blogger levi from queens, at 12:54 PM  

  • I live in Ohio and am praying that Ken Blackwell wins the race. Blackwell has shown himself to be a person of strong moral convictions, it was very evident in the pres. election. I know Coleman is trying to make this a Blackwell run thing, but it's not. We are in BIG trouble in Ohio if Coleman wins.

    By Anonymous Marine Momma, at 8:35 PM  

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