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Monday, April 25, 2005

Reader's Letter: No Law Sanctions Schiavo's Murder

From Hi-Desert Star:

Reader's letter: No law sanctions Schiavo's murder

To the claim "Schaivo's death was within the law," I will respond. In the liberal mind the law is written for everyone but themselves. But the law cannot be selectively honored.

With modern technology some have confused the removal of life support (heart monitors, respirators, etc.) with the withdrawal of nutrition and hydration. They're not the same. If they were, then we could legally starve small children to death.

Because there's a vague law somewhere, does not allow courts or individuals the right to misapply it and override our basic laws. See, all laws in America must be in accord with the Constitution otherwise they're null and void. Sadly some judges have interpreted their prejudices as law. This must be resisted.

There are only two reasons for taking the life of another. The first being self defense and the second being after due process has occurred.



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