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Sunday, October 24, 2004


We have all heard the line, "Bush lied." Well, that has never held water with me. This claim is just so full of holes, it leaks like a sieve.
Now we have definitive proof that Kerry DID lie. Maybe you have picked up a copy of the Washington Times today, maybe you haven't. Let me help spell this out for you. Before we get to the lie, let's review Kerry's words.

  1. Remember the 3rd Presidential debate? SCHIEFFER: We've come, gentlemen, to our last question. And it occurred to me as I came to this debate tonight that the three of us share something. All three of us are surrounded by very strong women. We're all married to strong women. Each of us have two daughters that make us very proud.
    I'd like to ask each of you, what is the most important thing you've learned from these strong women? KERRY: Can I say, if I could just say a word about a woman that you didn't ask about, but my mom passed away a couple years ago, just before I was deciding to run. And she was in the hospital, and I went in to talk to her and tell her what I was thinking of doing.
    And she looked at me from her hospital bed and she just looked at me and she said, "Remember: integrity, integrity, integrity. "Those are the three words that she left me with.
  2. Again, the 3rd Debate: KERRY: My faith affects everything that I do, in truth. There's a great passage of the Bible that says, "What does it mean, my brother, to say you have faith if there are no deeds? Faith without works is dead. "
  3. 3rd Debate: KERRY: I think most Americans in their guts know, that we ought to pass a sort of truth standard. That's how you gain legitimacy with your own countrypeople, and that's how you gain legitimacy in the world.
  4. 1st Debate: KERRY: So what I'm trying to do is just talk the truth to the American people and to the world.
  5. 1st Debate: KERRY: The truth is what good policy is based on. It's what leadership is based on.
  6. Another quote from the 1st Debate: KERRY: I believe that it is important to tell the truth to the American people.
  7. Joel Mowbray mentions this quote form Kerry in his story in The Washington Times today: KERRY: At a New Mexico rally last month, Mr. Kerry said Mr. Bush will "do anything he can to cover up the truth."
  8. Joel also uses this quote form Kerry: At what campaign aides billed as a major foreign-policy address, Mr. Kerry said at New York University last month that "the first and most fundamental mistake was the president's failure to tell the truth to the American people."
  9. And my favorite quote is how his Christmas in Cambodia was "seared, seared" into his memory. And then he had to backtrack. The whole reason for this statement was to validate his claim that the Viet Nam War was immoral. Kerry claimed he was ordered to these waters in Cambodia by President Nixon in 1968, while Nixon was telling the American people that there were no US troops engaged in Cambodia. As it turns out, President Nixon never took office until January of 1969.

I will refrain from noting the numerous inconsistencies in Kerry's accounts of his Viet Nam service, and simply say "Hey, Kerry, form 180 would clear up a lot, and give the American people the truth you so desire to give them. So, SIGN THE FREAKING FORM ALREADY!"

Now, for the lie I am writing about today. According to the front page of The Washington Times:

At the second presidential debate earlier this month, Mr. Kerry said he was more attuned to international concerns on Iraq than President Bush, citing his meeting with the entire Security Council. "This president hasn't listened. I went to meet with the members of the Security Council in the week before we voted. I went to New York. I talked to all of them, to find out how serious they were about really holding Saddam Hussein accountable," Mr. Kerry said of the Iraqi dictator.

Speaking before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York in December 2003, Mr. Kerry explained that he understood the "real readiness" of the United Nations to "take this seriously" because he met "with the entire Security Council, and we spent a couple of hours talking about what they saw as the path to a united front in order to be able to deal with Saddam Hussein." ( I have taken the liberty to add the bold here.)

In reality, this is a bold faced lie. No such meeting took place according to those he claims to have met. Kerry will surely use some "nuanced" response to explain this, if he personally addresses these findings at all.

One of the most fitting pieces of this entire fiasco is best summed up with this. In this month's issue of Rolling Stone magazine, he was asked what he would want people to remember about his presidency. His response? These are Kerry's very words, "That it always told the truth to the American people."

Please check out this link to the actual story in The Washington Times:


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