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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Corruption Case Leads Agents to Buried Fetuses

This story made my stomach churn and my blood boil!

What on earth is going on on a community where something like this is happening. I am PERPLEXED ( to say the LEAST), over what is happening to our society. LIFE- the SANCTITY OF LIFE- is losing ANY semblance of being precious to this country.

Read the entire story........DISGUSTING!

Probe Takes Bizarre Twist:

SPRINGFIELD -- It started with accusations that housing authority officials were skimming quarters from a laundry room -- and that they ended up pilfering $2,000 a month from nine housing developments' laundry facilities.

Eventually, they began soliciting bribes from contractors for expensive items such as a BMW and even a down payment on a house, federal officials charged.

This week, the investigation into corruption in Springfield Housing Authority took a bizarre turn. Behind the Riverview housing complex, where the laundry scam allegedly began, investigators unearthed four jars containing human fetuses.


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