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Friday, April 08, 2005

BACK ON! Free Audio of Interview with Kenneth

Sorry for the problems I have had with Blogger today!

I have a LOT of catching up to do now. I will be posting as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Go to:

Free Audio of interview with Kenneth on Glenn Beck!


  • Sherri:

    I e-mailed a local pastor of a conservative evangelical Church in LaGrange and he replied as follows:

    Dear Rob,

    Thanks for the email. I learned of this matter a couple of hours ago and made a call to the head of the [omitted] who handles political and moral issues. Having spent most of the entire day yesterday investigating the matter, the [omitted] told me that the story is untrue. There is supposed to be a press conference at 4:00pm today to help clarify the misinformation. The editor of the local paper also will be reporting that the WND article lacks veracity. The details are many, but in short, the grandmother is not being denied anything, but refuses herself to eat (there never was a feeding tube). POA arrangements were made while the court was on break by the family among themselves. The judge was not in the room when the family agreed among themselves to give custody to the granddaughter.

    These are the facts as we currently understand them. As one who regularly reads WND myself, I am disappointed by these seeming inaccuracies. Should, however, we learn that the original story is correct, we certainly will stand for the cause of human dignity and life. Thank you again for contacting me.

    I'm disturbed that such credible sources are giving such irreconcilable versions of the facts. Perhaps this should be investigated further?

    If you e-mail me, I'll forward this particular e-mail to you.


    Rob McEwen

    By Blogger Rob McEwen, at 2:41 PM  

  • I suspect that this man talked with the Judge-- as I did yesterday!

    The judge is smooth!

    He had me convinced that this was out of his hands- etc.

    But when I talked with Kenneth- I realized that this is NOT the case!

    WHO is telling the truth?


    After dealing with the entire Terri case- I have learned well that the politicians are NOT the most trustworthy..

    This man Kenneth is DESPERATE to save his Aunt. He has traveled and hired legal counsel, etc.

    We know that the Hospice ERRED in the first place! TODD CAROL- The IN House Attorney has already admitted this!

    Listen to the Granddaughter's statement. SHe's OLD? Time to go to Jesus? C'mon!

    Kenneht ALSO gives us the case # etc- to go see for ourselves..

    I would rather look like a fool- fighting for her life- than to back off and let her die- and then find out I was wrong!

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 2:55 PM  

  • The local pastor is quoting hearsay within hearsay and has no personal knowledge. Kenneth has personal knowledge.

    By Blogger Sue Bob, at 2:59 PM  

  • Can you verify 100% positive (beyond a shadow of a doubt!) that the version of events posted in are backup up by Mae's brother & sister?

    Can you verify 100% positive that the people who you think are Mae's brother & sister really are who they say they are? (I'm pretty sure this checks out because I talked to a guy at the brother's business and he verified it (to some extent).. also, the number WAS an Anniston, AL #)

    Are there any facts that this pastor presented which are verifiably wrong?

    I don't mean to suggest otherwise... and I don't mean to sound silly, but I just think that these are good starting points.

    I'd like to get back to that pastor and give him some kind of concrete reason to look back into this with a bit more skepticism about what he's been told.

    By Blogger Rob McEwen, at 3:21 PM  

  • Rob,

    Listen to the audio in this post. Kenneth verifies everything.

    By Blogger Sue Bob, at 3:41 PM  

  • Rob


    NO! Let's not do anything until she is dead- then let's worry about what can be proved..

    Good grief.

    Let's just say that Kenneth is just out here lying. What do YOU care if I make a fool of myself?

    I said it once-- I will say it again:



    NOW-- SCOOT!


    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 4:22 PM  

  • please stop sticking your nose in the personal business of families. i beg you.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:55 PM  

  • Sherri,

    Earlier today I was away from my regular office and I didn't have access to a computer with audio. I'm sorry... I understand your frustration in that many of my questions would have been worded differently or not even asked if I had listened to the audio... but, like I said, I was unable to until later.

    Still, I'm just playing "devil's advocate" in hopes of extracting from ya'll the most powerful, irrefutible, and concise information that I pass on to this pastor in LaGrange to counter what he had been told.

    I'm on your side and I think that, to be successful, you may also need some like-minded people on the ground in Lagrange to be on your side as well. While I don't know this particular pastor (other than these e-mails today), I do know that OPC Presbyterian churches are generally VERY conservative, biblical, and evangelical. Since I am a member of a PCA Presbyterian Church in Macon, GA, I felt like I had an "inroad" to this pastor or instant credibility. (The PCA/OPC denominations are like "sister" churches... even officially so!)

    Just so you'll know that I'm on your side, read the following posts I've made in the past at a group blog I co-manage (which, does have 1 Libertarian who doesn't agree with me on some of this... he posted something I disagreed with today... but I demolished him in the comments section.).

    For some of my posts see here, here, here, here, here, as well as this debate on another blog regarding one of my previously mentioned posts.

    One thing that I think is going on here is that the other side may be trying to run the clock out by using delay tactics. Therefore, as you know, everything counts each day. But, if the other side is lying (which I think that it is)... they may very well "trip up" and espouse a version of events containing a lie that is easily verifible as false... even to someone who is not following this or doesn't have time to spend 30 minutues reading about this.

    Exposing a lie that takes 30 seconds to explain is a powerful tool when dealing with deceitful people. That is what I was fishing for when I played "devil's advocate".

    But... just so you'll know... the following are excerpts from two follow-up e-mails I sent to this guy:

    1st follow-up e-mail:

    Thanks for the reply. I'm a little skeptical about the version of the facts that you've been told if only because I've just about 100% confirmed that the version of facts in the article are testified to by Mae's brother AND sister AND nephew. (I'm current seeking additional confirmation... but I'm pretty sure that this is pretty much verified).

    I think that the hospice may have made a mistake in admitting her in the first place. If she is now allowed to leave to get medical care, this could be a tacit admission of guilt and could make them more venerable to legal action. The judge may have also made a mistake in granting the granddaughter unwarranted powers of attorney over Mae's medical care. If such is the case, there may be some "digging heels in" and "good 'ole boy" politicking or "fast talking" here to cover the judge's and hospice's mistakes.

    Overall, I simply can't reconcile what these other relatives said to the version of facts you've presented.

    If you have the time, please look into this further. In particular, I'd love to know the original source of these facts you've been presented.

    2nd followup e-mail:

    Below is a link to the audio of an interview with Mae's nephew, Kenneth Mullinax

    (NOTE: I had to click "refresh" a couple of times to get this site to load.)

    Please listen and weigh this into your judgment about this matter.

    By Blogger Rob McEwen, at 9:16 PM  

  • hey "Anonymous",

    Two questions:

    (1) How can you call this "sticking your nose in" when the actual family members are asking for help?

    (2) Maybe you could tell that to this judge who is imposing his will over the majority of the family member's wills?

    By Blogger Rob McEwen, at 9:19 PM  

  • Rob


    I am so relieved!

    You really are so refreshing!

    Thanks-- I am glad we got the confusion cleared up..

    It's a little tough for me at times, please forgive me.

    I have answered at least 200 emails today. I have SENT at least 200 emails today. I have called- GOD KNOWS how many people- I have written posts- gathered info- organized info- posted at Blogs For Terr-(had to learn how to use movable Type- and I am a TECH IDIOT! )- posting HERE-- plus taking care of 3 kids on my own- cooking- laundry, etc- and keeping everyone at Free Reupublic notified about all the changes.

    I guess I get a little impatient sometimes when I have to go back and cover info that is already covered- forgive me, please.

    I talked to Kenneth just a bit ago-- his mom is in ICU-- and he did about 20 radio shows today to save his aunt Mae--

    THIS MAN has not slept since he got up Thursday Morning...

    Bless his heart!

    again-- Please forgive me- and thank you!!!

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 9:32 PM  

  • I botched one of my links to one of my past posts about the Schiavo case. It is here

    I still haven't heard back from that pastor in LaGrange. It is such a pain during these cases when the weekend hits... the clock is still ticking on the patients pending doom... but everyone else takes a break, goes out to dinner... etc.

    BTW, in the Columbus news article copied & pasted in the comments section, it mentioned that the granddaughter (allegedly) was able to give Mae jellow, ice chips, etc. If this is true (I suspect it isn't true)... then what is to stop other family members from doing the same? Or is she not able to eat given that she has been dehydrated for so many days?

    Are there any reports from family members regarding her current condition?

    Are there any like-minded individuals in Anniston, AL or LaGrange, GA who can volunteer to help or cook dinners or run errands?

    Also, the Columbus news article gives information which also seems to conflict with the other family member’s statements. I'd love to see Kenneth do a point-by-point refutation on that article posted at He could italicize statements from the article and then give his version of events and other relevant facts underneath. I think that would be helpful.

    By Blogger Rob McEwen, at 10:03 PM  

  • okay,

    This is why I get so frustrated.

    Mae's current situation is that she is drugged up and being denied hydration and food.

    How's that?

    Running errands for Mae is a moot point- because if Beth stays as guardian- Mae is dead. If Mae's NEXT of kin get guardianship- then they want to move her to Alabama in their home to take care of her. (this has been covered already-)

    As for Kenneth doing a point-by-point-- Yes that would be nice- but at the present time- Kenneth has been doing radio shows all day to help save his Aunt. He also lives in Alabama and probably has NO CLUE about what the little rag in La Grange wants to right.

    Kenneth's mother is in ICU right now and he is fielding calls from media. doctors, and lawyers.

    Is there anything else you want to know?

    Should we just sit around second guessing him? I mean- can we at least get this woman some WATER and THEN figure out the facts?

    I kinda like to know the facts too-- but I would rather know them WHILE they are alive- not after they are dead.

    This is why I am frustrated.

    It's not like we have 3 months to figure this all out. Mae started to be dehydrated on March 28th.

    SO I will say this AGAIN!

    I am going to work on saving her-

    If you want to play devil's advocate- can we do that AFTER she gets some water-- PLEASE???

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 10:16 PM  

  • sorry, I'm not trying to play "devil's advocate" at this point... I was only trying to think up solutions and make sure that any short term ideas are not missed.

    In fact, I did just think of an idea that might help:

    Please consider posting this short post at
    (no need to credit me)

    A complimentary approach or strategy has been suggested for getting this story more attention:

    This would be particularly effective for those who reside anywhere in Georgia.

    go lateral, then up

    For example, contact a leader in the pro-life movement who is in your city/county... particularly Georgia Right to Life leaders, etc. Get them involved and then encourage them to contact their trusted high-placed contacts... This "lateral, then up" approach is a good additional tool to increase exposure.

    Feel free to re-word this as you like... then please consider posting this idea at

    By Blogger Rob McEwen, at 10:46 PM  

  • Forgot to mention... the idea is that when such-n-such high placed leader gets a call or e-mail from such-n-such local leader or activist who is previously known, the contact will make more progress due to previously established credibility.

    For example, last night, I e-mailed former Georgia State Senator Susan Cable because she has been a trusted advisor to Governor Perdue... they talked by phone just about ever week during Perdue's election campaign. (she also is a member of my church in Macon). If she contacts Perdue... he would be more likely to listen than if I tried to call him. (she also probably has his cell#, too)

    Unfortunately, Susan Cable is out of town this week, but I briefly talked to her husband yesterday and I'll follow up tomorrow morning.

    Nevertheless, this is the kind of thing that I hope my suggestion leads to.

    By Blogger Rob McEwen, at 10:54 PM  

  • I really don't want to appear rude...but some of you need to sit back, take a deep breath and get a grip on yourselves. There is a reason no credible news agency has touched this story and ran with the "culture of death trying to kill grannie" angle. It's simply not true.

    Let me clue you in...a living will that states a patient is not to be denied food and water does NOT mean the doctors MUST under penalty of law, force feed an 85 year old woman with a terminal condition who has given up herself.

    Your hysteria over this has clouded your judgement. You are the same people who looked at 2.5 seconds of Terri following a balloon...that was edited from FOUR HOURS of tape and bravely pronounced her conscious and aware.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:01 PM  

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