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Sunday, April 17, 2005


I just got this email form Tim from Pro Life Blogs:

I have just received confirmation from Jorge Medores, editor of a Chicago Newspaper called "
La Raza", that Clara Martinez has had her feeding tube re-connected and is receiving nourishment.

The Human Services Inspector General's office of the Governor, who contacted him yesterday, did intervene.

We will link to Jorge's article on the details when it is available.

Your prayers, phone calls and public attention made a tremendous difference.

Our highest respect to Pastor Espinoza for courageously raising his voice in defense of Clara Martinez's God-given right to life. Our compliments to Mr. Mederos and La Raza for exposing this covert crime in the making, which is no longer hidden thanks to their professional reporting.

Tears of Joy! Continue to pray for Clara and her family.....


  • Sheeri, this is great news. I am looking forward to see his article when it becomes available. How much longer this acceptable human sacrifice will be tolerated.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:11 PM  

  • Here's a bit of news for you. It's from the Washington Post:

    "ORLANDO -- In the four years after Michael Schiavo won the right to remove his wife's feeding tube, the state's social welfare agency investigated 89 complaints of abuse but never found that he or anybody else harmed Terri Schiavo, records released late Friday show.

    The state Department of Children and Families repeatedly concluded that Michael Schiavo ensured his wife's physical and medical needs were met, provided proper therapy for her and had no control over her money. They also found no evidence that he beat or strangled her, as his detractors have repeatedly charged."
    Can you say "witch hunt?"
    You should be ashamed for futhering all those rumors. When did the religious right become more interested in winning than in the truth?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:11 PM  

  • anon


    No shame HERE!

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 7:31 PM  

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