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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Report Abuse to CLARA!


Report abuse to Clara at
IL Dept. of Human Services

According to sources from Illinois (awaiting permission to disclose source) Clara still has her feeding tube inserted, but the husband "just stopped replacing the liquid nourishment that goes in the tube."

The account of source: (some pieces have been deleted in order to protect Clara)

I live in the Chicago-land area, no where CLOSE to Clara, but I've been working on this story since 6am this morning!

Cutting to the CHASE......I called the police out to the house. The police called and said that they aren't answering the door...... So I gave them the Pastor's phone number.

In the meantime, I called the Chicago Tribune and WGN NEWS. I've spent the entire day speaking to and emailing reporters.

I called the OIG in Illinois who was sending an agent out to the house! I guess we'll see!

The OIG Hot line # (1-800-368-1463)

I spoke with {protecting source} and he says that he SAW Clara sip water from a straw! Her feeding tube is still inserted....however, he stopped replacing the liquid nourishment that goes in the tube.

She blinks her eyes when the Pastor begins to pray for her. Sounds like she's desperately trying to communicate!

All the husband has, is a DNR from the hospital! He just unilaterally decided to stop feeding his wife!

Oh and the police left, but then I hear that they told the reporter she was eating! They never even saw an OPEN door!!!!




  • If I recall "To Protect and Serve" is the entire existence of the police.....that is what they are suppose to be doing.

    Well, protec CLARA!

    Just like the government to large and out of control.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:08 PM  

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