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Saturday, May 07, 2005


From JivinJ at JivinJehoshaphat:

Pro-Choice Ads on Nickelodeon

In the culturally-conservative town of Grand Rapids pro-choice groups don't make the largest impression. West Michiganders aren't prone to buy the "no one knows when life begins" line or fall in love with the vague assertion "women have the right to choose." We're more likely to point to the scientific evidence regarding the beginning of human life and ask what exactly do woman have a right to "choose."

Much to my chagrin, I have been informed that Grand Rapids' patchwork pro-choice group has been reaching out to a new group of possible pro-choice advocates. They've been airing ads in the Grand Rapids television market for a couple of years - mostly on pro-choice friendly cable stations like Oxygen, E!, MTV, and VH1 - but now they've moved into marketing their message towards different viewers. Kids!! Friends of mine have seen their ads on Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network. I guess if you can't convince adults, start the mythmaking with the young.

Their ads feature a wall being broken down and a
coathanger behind the wall. They also advertise their currently nonfunctioning web site,

But thanks to the magic of the
Way Back Machine we can view portions of their web site here.

Please visit the link and read it all!

Here are a few suggestions on what to do about this:

  • Go HERE and leave a message for good ole Nick with your thoughts.
  • Alert the MEDIA! Just cut and paste the following in your "TO:" box of your email and fill them in on this!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Also: Contact Focus on the Family


  • Wow, great reporting Sherri! I've contacted all of them!

    Children, for goodness' sake. What are they thinking?!?

    Good job at putting the finger on the pro choice advocates...the Way Back Machine *is* magic.

    By Anonymous Juleni, at 4:39 PM  

  • Sherri...on a somber note, and off topic, here is my latest update on little baby Charlotte Wyatt. Would you please alert your readers to pray for her and to write those British media outlets that RottyPup put up for us over at Blogsforterri? I will try to repost them all here, too...Thank you!:

    Over the past week and a half, the editor of the Olive Branch Press ( and I have contacted several doctors in an attempt to get help for Charlotte. There have been ups and downs, that I want to share with you later, but have no time right now: suffice it to say, the editor of Olive Branch Press (OBP) has made contact with a prolife British doctor willing to help Charlotte! This is good news!!


    The doctor has told us that the hospital that Charlotte is in must first give PERMISSION for a second opinion to be allowed...can you imagine that? As a result the OBP editor has a call in, overseas, to a British legal expert who works alongside the prolife doctors. We are waiting for this legal expert's response (a woman). PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY that she responds as soon as possible, and that God will guide her as she reviews all the legal considerations in our getting a good, life asserting doctor to give an evaluation or second opinion on Charlotte!

    Here is why this is so crucial:


    "On the basis of the unanimous medical evidence in this case, the issue in all probability is not whether this baby should live or die but how and when she should die. Charlotte has chronic respiratory and kidney problems coupled with the most profound brain damage that has left her blind, deaf and incapable of voluntary movement or response. It is very highly probable that she will during this winter succumb to a respiratory infection that will prove fatal. That said the unanimous medical evidence also recognises that in this area there is no such thing as certainty of prognosis of survival. "

    That first sentence....."not whether this baby should live or die but how and when she should die". DOES THAT NOT SOUND JUST LIKE JUDGE GREER's pronouncement on Terri, "the (judgement) is that she will die" - or words like that?

    Also the whole October pronouncement about Charlotte seems so silly now, from this perspective of months later, because she has obviously not gone the way they 'predicted' at all, and is obviously not what they said back then. She sees, hears, responds, smiles, is growing constantly, plays, and is just getting better and better - just like most newbies.

    It would seem just something that they said back then, that could be ignored now, except almost sounds to me like a death sentence. I could just say, oh, well, that was back then, in October, and they just didn't know and look how far she has come now, so they must see that and believe differently now, if it weren't for one thing....

    They are not acting like all of her growth, response, thriving, matters at all....

    Case in point, today's news, from Joshua of the Friends for Charlotte (by email). (The website.)....this, DESPITE THE FACT that Charlotte twice the other day was successfully and happily out of her oxygen box for a while, on just a nasal cannula for oxygen and is now only needing 45% oxygen on a continual basis, freeing her up almost to the point that she could go home (she can go home when she is on a nasal cannula, and low % of oxygen need.....and she has already come down from 100% oxygen to only 45% oxygen in just these few months...):

    "We found out today that the hospital has decided (no explanation) to
    stop giving Charlotte time on the nasal prongs (cannula). She seemed to be doing
    so well on them, and be getting ready for coming home, so this was a
    great discouragement to us.

    Please pray that Charlotte would soon get so well and strong it would
    be evident even to those who most don't want to see it. And pray for
    us, that we would know how to deal with the hospital. Pray especially
    for Darren & Debbie, that they would be encouraged and have strength
    to go on.:

    >From the website:

    "Two steps forward, one step back

    Charlotte is continuing to get stronger, but today there was another
    set-back from the hospital. Though she spends most of the time in her
    oxygen box, she had been slowly introduced to nasel cannula for the
    past few weeks; going up to two hours a day, split up into two

    Darren and Debbie loved this new advancement-- she was more alert when
    she was on them, and certainly easier to hold and stimulate. But today
    they found out the nasal prong machine had been removed, and on
    inquiring, that the hospital had decided to stop giving her time on it.
    No reason was given, simply "it hadn't been a success".

    But why not a success? She did so well on them!

    They may mean well, but right now it is difficult to be anything like
    If the hospital believes your baby does not deserve to live, will that
    affect their decision making?

    When will there be any accountablity?"
    And from Hannah, of the website:

    "On the positive side, she is doing really well-- in spite of them! and getting stronger. She had her measurements taken yesturday, and she has been gaining a little weight and growing longer.

    Pray especially for Darren and Debbie today, because it meant alot to them to have her allowed out of her box and with the nasal cannula..."

    So, there are a few prayer requests, here.

    1. for Debbie and Darren, Charlotte's parents, to be encouraged and to have strength for the continued fight for their daughter.

    2.that Charlotte would soon get so well and strong it would
    be evident even to those who most don't want to see it.

    3.for Joshua, Hannah, Debbie Darren, the editor of OBP, the legal expert in Britain, the doctor in Britain who is willing to help, that they all may know and have discernment from God as to how to deal with the hospital, in regards to getting that second opinion evaluation done, and as to the hospital withholding the medical records from Charlotte's parents, as they are doing (possibly illegally?....see the website's comments for a comment from a British subject regarding this..)

    4. for this stronghold of the enemy to be torn down by God, in satan's wanting to take little Charlotte's life.

    Finally, if you would be willing, could some people please start writing to the British press contacts which RottyPup gave us last week?? A little spotlighting might be of help to let the hospital be aware that their actions are being watched in regards to Charlotte.



    By Anonymous Juleni, at 4:41 PM  

  • CT #1824
    Even though I am pro choice I know in my heart that I could never have an abortion myself. But to advertise abortion to children is an outrage. When I was at the age of watching Nickelodeon I did not even know what to have an abortion meant. A child should not be exposed to this type of material while simply trying to watch their cartoons. I do believe in freedom of speech and advertising.....but at the appropriate time and channel. I do not have a problem with them advertising on VH1 or MTV....parents should monitor what their children watch on these stations anyways. But to take a KIDS network and advertise something as explicit and controversial as abortions is a great example of how irresponsible liberals can be at times.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:40 PM  

  • GIVE ME A BREAK! I believe in pro-choice, but this has gone too far when it's being advertised on nickelodeon! I remember watching programs on nickelodeon as a child (Eureka's castle, Pinwheel, etc), and I know a child is not equipped emotionally or mentally to handle such situations as abortions. If they're so pro-choice, then let it be MY CHOICE to discuss it with my kids!!!!!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:21 PM  

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