Straight Up with Sherri

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Peace Plan?

This plan will not bring peace.

I awoke yesterday morning to see IDF soldiers literally kicking in the doors of a Jewish family in Gaza. My heart broke as I watched such an intimate moment of grief and despair unfold before my eyes. Part of me felt guilty to be witnessing this event. Part of me was filled with such admiration for a family stricken with such tragedy responding without violence and struggling to have their voice heard. The family spoke of their arrival in 1976 to a desert land. They had come to farm the land, and make it fertile. They were greeted by an imam that brought them salt and bread, welcoming them, begging them to farm this land to provide jobs for his people. SO much has changed...........

As the men began to cut and tear their clothes (an Old Testament sign of mourning for Jews), I had to catch my breath. When the children began singing from Psalms (the Torah) I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. I don't know what the orange bracelets and clothing symbolize, but it was obvious there was a message with this color.

This is hard for for me to grasp. Of course, we can't feel compassion for these people without realizing how the people of Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon must have felt when Israel was created, and what they went through when their lands were lost in the Six Day War. One commentator on FOX News claimed the fact that they lost their land because they attacked Israel and lost was no point at all because, the result is the same. I beg to differ with THAT. A dead father is a dead father, the pain and result is the same for a family, yet a father killed BY a drunk driver is definitely different than a father killed because HE was driving drunk.

If this world TRULY wants peace, the anti-Semitism MUST STOP! PERIOD! As part of the world seeks Israel to live in peace with its neighbors, another part of the world seeks to expel Jews from the earth. Then there is the part of the world that is so busy trying to understand both sides, and afraid to be "UNCARING" that they just get in the way of the entire process. We can sift through history and debate it until we are blue in the face. The bottom line is that we are no longer IN HISTORY. We cannot go back and change ANYTHING. We are HERE, NOW. Israel seeks peace, not conquering the world. Are there some Jews that are hate filled? Sure. Are there some Muslims that are NOT determined to act like savages counting each Jewish death as a blessing? Sure. But these people are not the majority on either side.

What can we do? I don't have all answers. ALL I can come to is that the only way to STOP this cycle of violence is to rid ourselves of the HATRED. Getting the Jews out of Israel will NOT stop terrorism or violence. Unless you are willing to go back to Hitler's plan to exterminate a whole people based on race, we need to take a stand to rid the hate. These are the only choices. The kicker to all of it is this. Even if the Jews were shaken off the earth, the violence will not stop.

Poeple in America have at times claimed that "fundamentalist" Christians are just as dangerous as the "fundamentalist" Muslims. WHAT A LIE! True Christians are not the least bit interested in using violence to rid the world of all Non-Christians. Christians will quickly step up and denounce violence. They condemn killing abortion doctors and bombing clinics. The difference in the Christian religious zealot and the Muslim religious zealot is not just stark, but CLEAR.

Groups like
HAMAS will not stop until the Jews are GONE, PERIOD.