Straight Up with Sherri

Friday, August 12, 2005


Yes, YOU can save the life of a soldier. You can save a child the agony of losing a parent, or mother and father from losing a child, a spouse from being widowed.

The helmets that our troops use are the same type issued during WWII. With the way war has changed- more troops are killed by the IED's than bullets. Sadly enough, many of them lose their life not from the blast itself, but from the force of the blast and the way the helmet impacts the skull. You can read more on this by following the link provided below.

There is a life saving kit that can be provided to our troops for their helmets to avoid these deaths. If you have extra cash- please show your support for our troops by investing in them in a life-saving way. There is plenty of argument to be made about why our soldiers are not provided this life saving kit already, but until we can address this issue, let's not waste time and waste precious lives.

Just for the sake of covering some of the debate on this issue:

It sickens me that we are more concerned about giving SPECIAL meals to Club Gitmo TERRORISTS than spending the money on saving the lives of our brave soldiers. It further sickens me that POLITICS, POWER, and GREED get in the way by those WE HIRED to have charge over such spending and decisions. It INFURIATES me that the MEDIA spends more time pandering to TERRORISTS and "PROTECTING" THEM than the men and women GIVING THEIR LIVES so that these childish media people can ACTUALLY EXERCISE their first amendment rights. What a WASTE of their talents, gifts, and opportunity. Someone once commented that I would make a terrible reporter. May I just say, "AMEN MY FRIEND, YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!"