Straight Up with Sherri

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Terrorism, Pedophiles, and.......Dating?

What do these things have in common? Profiling. The word games played by vultures clamoring for political power and MONEY are just that- GAMES!

When searching for terrorists, there is a profile. Do ALL terrorists fit this "profile?" NO! It is a method used for all sorts of things. If your 6 year old daughter disappears from her bed in the middle of the night, the first thing the cops do is start with pedophiles and sex offenders known to be in the area. I know- I know- someone is already whining about how these guys have already been convicted of a crime, blah, blah, blah. But hold on a second. WHY do the police start with these particular folks? It's not just because they can. It is because they are the most LOGICAL place to start. It's not like they sit around waiting for missing little girls so they can go harass the sex offenders. They start with the sex offenders because the PURPOSE is to FIND THE MISSING GIRL! The PURPOSE of taking an extra look at folks utilizing public transportation is to STOP TERROR ATTACKS! It is not a scheme designed to harass people.

Profiling is even done with dating. We all do it with the dating game. For instance. If I were looking for a man to date- I have a profile. He has to have a job (a steady job), a car, no criminal history (especially pedophilia), etc... Can I find ALL these things and still end up with a scumbag- YOU BETCHA! Could I find an incredible man who has no job, no car, and a vacation period compliments of the American tax payer in a resort with barred windows? Possible. The numbers are greater if I stick with the profile. Why waste time dating an ex-con with no car and no job? Men, on other hand, may kick me out of the running because they have no interest in women with kids. Especially women with THREE kids!

Should we check granny? Sure we should. After watching Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman on the BIG SCREEN, no telling what terrorists could try. But do we ONLY do random searches? DO we totally give Middle Eastern men between the ages of 18 and 35 a pass for fear of "OFFENDING" or looking "RACIST?" NO WAY, JACK! It isn't about RACISM, it is about a PROFILE! It is about taking the information you have, and making educated and thoughtful decisions. THIS is the LEAST I expect from those charged with the duty to protect me and MY CHILDREN!

Enough of the smoke screen. PC is dangerous enough to our society without drowning ourselves in blood in order to create racism that doesn't exist. There is REAL racism in this world. Let's stop insulting the REAL ISSUE of racism with such ridiculous charges in the case of terrorism.