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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tyrants, Theives, and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.......

When I read about the events that took place here in Atlanta, GA over the weekend, I SMILE!

Bush, GOP Labeled 'Thieves' Who 'Need to be Locked Up'

Atlanta ( - A featured speaker at Saturday's civil rights march in Atlanta said the Bush administration and Republican Party leaders are "thieves" who "need to be locked up" for stealing the past two presidential elections and presiding over federal budget deficits and the war in Iraq.

"They all need to be locked up because they are all criminals and they are all thieves," said Judge Greg Mathis, the star of the syndicated television program "The Judge Mathis Show."

and then:

Harry Belafonte Calls Black Republicans 'Tyrants'

Celebrity activist Harry Belafonte referred to prominent African-American officials in the Bush administration as "black tyrants" at a weekend march, and he also compared the administration to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Oh, and the AJC sweetheart, Cynthia Tucker:

Easy to identify hypocrisy of Georgia Republicans' voter ID law

When Mamie Fields voted last year, it was easy. She rode the elevator down to the lobby of Lakewood Christian Manor, a high-rise for the elderly. The voting booths were right there, so all she had to do was show her Social Security card and cast her ballot.

But Gov. Sonny Perdue and the GOP-dominated Legislature have gotten tough on people like Fields, who is 93, so she won't be able to get away with that again. Claiming they were on the lookout for fraudulent voters, GOP legislators pushed through a stringent voter ID law that would force Georgians to show a state-sponsored photo ID. But Mamie Fields doesn't have one. She hasn't driven in many years, she said.

My DEAR, DEAR, Cynthia! Relax, hun! Calm down, take a DEEP breath and put down the kool-aid. No one is out to "GET TOUGH" on 93 yr old women. You are taking an EXTREME circumstance and turning it into some EEEEVIL INTENT of a GOOD, COMMON SENSE idea. The TRUTH is that the state of GA is willing to actually COME TO Mamie's HOUSE and GIVE her the photo ID! I think it is RIDICULOUS for the state of Georgia to go to this extreme, but hey- they are willing to do this for Miss Fields and others like her. I don't think that expecting people to present a PHOTO ID is too EXTREME to ask people to do when they are participating in one the most crucial processes of our country governance. Call me CRAZY- but I remember the accusations and banter of the last 2 elections. I remember the stories of the dead voting and I think we even had some fictional characters registering to vote in Ohio. Who wants the leader of our country decided by FRAUD!? Our system NEEDS to hold INTEGRITY! I realize this puts a wet blanket on the party lines like "illegitimate" and "stolen election," but you may need to be more careful next time you throw around such loaded horse manure. The kicking and whining "Not Fair, Not Fair" will only get you so far when dealing with the REAL WORLD, sweetie.

My initial response was to label this old, tiring, and worn out rhetoric, but the word rhetoric just doesn't fit. The word rhetoric is a strong sounding word, and there is no power left in this dribble. It has become more like a laugh track to a re-run sit-com. It adds a little humor to the daily read of the news..........