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Monday, October 25, 2004

Voter Fraud Disenfranchisement Intimidation Idiocy? (In Florida Ohio!)

Voting in Ohio with an absentee ballot wouldn't be easy for a Bush supporter. This is what the absentee ballot for Cuyahoga County, where Cleveland is located. Cleveland is a huge battleground area for Ohio, which is already one of those "make it break it" states. You just gotta take this test. Here is the link:

Now, looking at this ballot, which square would you fill-in, in order to vote for Bush/Cheney?

If you picked the green space that is directly beside the arrow for the Bush/Cheney choice, then you have just wasted your vote. In order to vote for Bush/Cheney, you must fill-in the spot colored RED!

I am not sure if this is intentionally confusing, or just too hard for us simple folk to figure out. Notice how easy it is to get the right spot for Kerry/Edwards? Okay, I take it back- I am sure that this is intended to confuse those wanting to vote for Bush. Can we please stop the INSANITY! You just can't get more blatant than this!

It begs the question. Did any election officials from Florida happen to move and get a job in Ohio

UPDATE: I have received information that suggests that the link above of the Ohio ballot is a false represnetation! I need anyone in Ohio that can confirm this, to please do so. I am WILL MAKE A CORRECTION and APOLOGIZE for any misinformation.


  • I am an election judge in Missouri, but we use the same ballot system this seems to be using.

    That ballot needs to slide into a vote-o-matic, which should align with the butterfly pages. Although I wouldn't put anything past the Dems, the image you have isn't quite representative of how you cast a vote.

    Tim McNabb
    fivehundredwords.comA little good-natured poke at John Kerry
    Swift Goose Veterans for Truth

    By Blogger Tim McNabb, at 12:52 PM  

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