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Thursday, November 18, 2004


PART IV: More Than Osama

The most obvious enemy is Osama bin Laden and the Muslim extremists. Most of us lump Osama into the same group as Hamas and Hezbulla. They are certainly deserving of being in the same class when it comes to the label of terrorists, but we need to take note of one thing before we are able to recognize some of our other enemies. Originally, Osama's reasons for the 9/11 attacks were aimed at getting US troops out of Saudi Arabia. He needed this goal accomplished in order to reach his ultimate goal of overthrowing the Saudi government. In Osama's pre-election video, Osama cited a different reason. "The events that affected my soul in a direct way started in 1982 when America permitted the Israelis to invade Lebanon and the American Sixth Fleet helped them in that. This bombardment began and many were killed and injured and others were terrorised and displaced........And that day, it was confirmed to me that oppression and the intentional killing of innocent women and children is a deliberate American policy. Destruction is freedom and democracy, while resistance is terrorism and intolerance."

Two things to note here. Osama cashed in on the plight of destroying Israel. There is no doubt in my mind that Osama has always embraced the destruction of Israel, but his true intention for attacking America was more self-centered, more about HIS power. He has learned however, that the best and easiest way to destroy America and gain support was to take a different posture. He is exploiting the Palestinian "victim" status to further his own goal. This is actually what has been taking place in the Arab world all along. Giving the Palestinians a "state" of their own would only destroy the true goal of the Arab world, which is to destroy Israel. If their sincere plight was to give Palestine a state of their own, they would already have one. They have had at least two chances.

It is important to understand these facts. There is a definite distinction between Palestine having a state of their own and the annihilation of Israel. There is a distinction between the hijacking of Islam in order to further the destruction of Israel, and the goal of Osama to take over Saudi Arabia by getting the US to withdrawal troops from the Middle East. Once we understand this distinction, we are better able to realize how the enemy is bigger than just terrorism. Osama knows how to destroy America from within (economically and culturally). Once we see the forms of attack we then can recognize the intentions of the other enemies we face.

The countries involved with the efforts by the UN to vilify America have yet a different agenda. This brings us to the enemies that seek our fall for the purpose of furthering their power. Resistance to outing Saddam was more about money and power than sincerely believing Saddam was no threat. The Oil for Food scandal is a prime example. Most of Europe is stuck in an ideological hypocrisy that is stunning. They accuse the US of being "greedy," Haliburton being the milestone of furthering the idea that Bush is in this for oil and getting his buddies rich, and we are accused of being intolerant. The facts show that it is the UN who is greedy, getting their buddies (and themselves) rich, and the terrorists killing women for not dressing correctly are those who are truly intolerant. Countries in Europe are also torn between keeping the large populations of Muslims in their midst happy, and following the agreements passed by the UN to keep promises made to Israel. The US stands in the way of the UN in many ways. We defy their quest to have authority over our own constitution, and will never abandon Israel.

America is much more tolerant of all cultures than the world media portrays. We in America, even the Red Staters are NOT homophobes. We do not wish harm, hatred, or ill will to gays, blacks, Muslims, Jews, etc.. Most of America just wants to preserve the foundation upon which we were built. America is not interested in Imperialism, occupation, or Colonization. We are interested in Human Rights and spreading freedom; admittedly, we are interested in this for reasons of National Security and Peace.

Our "unintentional" enemies are those like Spain. The people of Spain are less interested in being an enemy, and more interested in keeping their people safe. What they do not understand, is that once the countries committed to destroying terrorism are weakened, their good will and appeasement will still leave them vulnerable. There are also countries who truly believe that the "cause" of the terrorists and Osama are truly a fight against oppression, rather than realizing that is actually them who seek to oppress.

In summary. The enemy has many faces, and many different goals. We must separate the dangers of violence from the dangers of economic and cultural attacks so that we may fight each attack differently. We need to accept what is worth fighting for and what is worth fighting against. We must differentiate between common goals, and separate goals. For example; giving Palestinians their own state is a worthy cause, but giving them all of Israel is not. Just as treating homosexuals with dignity, respect, and authentic acceptance is a worthy cause, but destroying the foundation of families is not. (in my humble opinion)

Every player in this battle has their own agenda. We must be aware of this agenda, and the means being used to reach it. If you feel overwhelmed by all this information, don't feel bad, it is a lot to swallow. The good news is that the path to victory is not very difficult. The road to defeating the enemy is not equivalent to walking through a mine field.

Tomorrow I will outline what I feel is the best way to defend ourselves. You may be shocked at how utterly simple it is.


  • You say:
    26) Present Homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as "normal, natural, and healthy".

    You seem to be saying that being gay is the same as degeneracy and promiscuity? ie abnormal, unnatural and unhealthy. Don't you know that there are gay people on LGF? Don't you know WHO is gay at LGF? Have you NO clue?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:49 AM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:54 PM  

  • Comments using foul language will be deleted. I welcome and embrace differing opinions, but if you cannot control yourself enough to share your thoughts without foul language, you won't have those thoughts voiced here. MY house. My rules.

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 2:43 PM  

  • Post #1

    First, if you read the article you would know this was item 26 of the published communist goals. Sherri said nothing about homosexuality in the article. Apparently, you learned how to "write" (more like rant) but not how to read.

    Second, what does this article have to do with LGF? Oh yeah, you can’t read… maybe, you thought you were at LGF? Or is it that you were banned from LGF, so you come here to cry about it? Waa!

    Grow up, Froman (if that is your real name). Just because you're an uninformed, illiterate gay communist, don’t take it out on Sherri. It’s not her fault.

    Post when you have something that resembles a thought. By the way, Froman, your blog sucks. I can tell from all the "(0) comments" after your little tantrums. Can’t let it go, can you? Pathetic.

    Great blog, Sherri! I just discovered you today and have you bookmarked. Keep up the good work.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:48 PM  

  • Kudos once again. It is fascinating to me how every woman and child killed by the US is murder and every woman and child killed by terrorist is justified. Call me crazy but I just don't get it.

    Your kung-fu is the best! Somebody yesterday gave me some grief for giving you a compliment. I smelled troll!

    By Blogger Dr. B, at 4:15 PM  

  • Wow, I am really impressed Sherri. Excellent job again. Sidenote: I sent you 2 emails to the address you gave me on the phone, but haven't heard from you, so I think I have the wrong address.
    Call me,
    Jeff in Georgia

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:31 PM  


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:13 PM  

  • Well,

    I like mine straight up too. I like what your servin'. I'm gonna pull up a bar stool on a daily basis, and even though I'll be tastin' the brew, I would like to become the first official 'tender. Rush has his ditto heads, LGF has their lizardoids, and well, I say Sherri, you get us- the 'tenders (bartenders) or should we just be bar flies? Yer call. As you said, "Your House. Your Rules."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:09 AM  

  • You say 'Americans are not homophobes' but some are. And on LGF people post homophobic 'jokes' and no one says a thing, guess those kind of 'jokes' are appreciated there. Heres an example:

    Mormon Doc 11/18/2004 08:32PM PST #238 HorsesoldierI found your story with the quote "Of course, I'd rather sleep with a wet dawg than another man.." to be homophobic, sexist, degrading and insensitive. For this, I salute you. LOL! Great line.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:22 PM  

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