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Monday, November 15, 2004


PART I: Knowing the Enemy

This entire week will be devoted to the importance of defining the enemy we face, understanding the enemy, and our role in defeating the enemy. We DO have not only a role, but a duty to act against the enemy in order to protect America, and freedom in the world as a whole. Be sure to not miss any part of this weeks journey to victory. The time of just discussing the issues at the water-cooler is over. Talking amongst friends who think and believe like we do is not going to solve the problems we face. Gathering in small groups to vent our frustration, much like support group meetings, may make us feel better and let us know we are not alone, but it will never achieve the vital need to eradicate the enemy and ultimately protect the future of America and its fight for freedom. Time to act folks. We need to be vigilant, determined, and purposeful in our actions.

The enemy has many fronts. How do we fight this enemy? The only way to fight the enemy is to know who they are, what motivates them, and what tactics they have, do, and are willing to use. As in any war, the greatest advantage is to know the enemy’s plan of attack. Once we understand them, we can prepare the counterattack. We also need to know what they think our reaction will be, and make changes accordingly, in order to make their plans fail.

The Enemy 101:

  • Step 1: What motivates them? Answer, the destruction of Israel and the Jews. This is where America becomes enemy number one. In reality, their number one enemy is NOT Israel, it is the United States of America. Why? Without America’s support, they can AND WILL destroy Israel. The claim of many “representatives” of the enemy is that the attacks and hatred of the US is due to their “Middle East Policy.” You know, the policy of ensuring that Israel is protected and allowed to exist.
  • Step 2: Who is the Enemy? Those that want to destroy Israel. (See how simple this really is?) So, who wants to destroy Israel? Basically all of the Middle East and ANY Muslim Extremists (no matter where they may live). Now this is where things get a little more complicated. We do have other enemies. They may not want to KILL all of us, but they certainly resent our power and authority and want to see us weakened so they may gain more power. This is what motivates other countries to join with the “original” enemy. This would include countries like Russia, France, and Germany. Strangely enough, this also tends to bleed over into some of our very own citizens. The bleed over occurs due to those that immigrate here for either business reasons or for education. Some are just visiting, while others are firmly planted here. Even more bleed over occurs when we accept the reality that there are “authentic” Americans who also resent our power in the world. Then of course we have the "unintentional" enemies. These are people or countries that either just do not comprehend how dangerous the enemy is, or those that do understand and have chosen to appease the enemy in an effort to protect itself. Those who are appeasing are not enemies that deserve any harsh treatment from us in any way, they just merely need to understand that if we fall, no one will be left to protect them, and their short-term "friendship" will certainly end badly. This explains the great divide within America, and the ability of the enemy to attack on several fronts.
  • Step 3: What is their plan of attack? The enemy has done their homework. They realize the odds of America being defeated militarily, in a “face-to-face” fight, are more than just unlikely. They also understand the way to defeat America is from within. The history of America, and understanding the inner workings of American politics and culture, has given them the information they need to defeat us. The only way to change American policy in the Middle East is through the people of America. Osama has many times referred to America as the “Paper Tiger.” This term is a reflection of the image we have shown them. Our military is the tiger, yet our citizens can and have made the tiger appear impudent to the Middle East. They have proven over and over the lengths they are willing to go to, and the depths they are willing to stoop. The onslaught of innocents is meant to prove this, and does. Even though the President is the Commander and Chief, it is the citizens of America that either make or break his job security, and the citizens are influenced by the media. What this means to the enemy is that the only way to change American policy in the Middle East is to either assassinate the President, (which is not only very difficult, but it also does not ensure that the President’s replacement will actually change this policy) or influence the American people to change their policy through elections.

Tomorrow we will take the journey into understanding how we gained the image of a “Paper Tiger,” and the players from “within” that helped to create this image. Once we take this journey, we will begin to outline the enemy’s many fronts. They have a short-term and a long-term plan. Then we will begin analyzing the roles of the enemy’s “helper countries,” the media, and the “bleed-overs” in our country. Lastly, we will lie out a plan of how to resist this enemy and defeat it with both long-term and short-term plans. This plan will include an intellectual understanding, preparing ourselves mentally, and literal actions we must take to win this war.

Be sure to “tune in” all week. It could be vital to the future of you, your children, and the survival of freedom in the world, as we know it.


  • I think I know where this is going, but not sure. Enemy may be a strong word for some of those defined, but I look forward to following this series. The Enemy is truly dangerous. I am certainly guilty of talking without action, but other than voting and not falling for the media drivel, not sure what else we can do. i mean supporting the troops, sharing thoughts, etc is a given. I do believe the with us or against us statement by Bush is very accurate, but I sure don't want to take up war with EVERYONE!

    just a point

    By Blogger justapoint, at 12:37 PM  

  • Great piece Sherri! I couldn't agree more.
    Ok, now I'm on to read more of your thoughts...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:56 PM  

  • This is a great piece Sherri. I am looking forward to reading all this week.

    By Blogger Dr. B, at 8:17 PM  

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