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Friday, November 12, 2004


As many conservatives point out that the Liberal Elite has gone overboard, a mental image comes to mind. In fact, I guess you could call that mental image more of a fantasy. They have certainly gone overboard mentally and emotionally, but not physically. I am so tempted to help them, uhhhhhh........ let's just say, I would like to help them FINISH the JOB!

Let me explain what I mean. The phrase "Rock the boat" use to be used in a way that meant someone was shaking up the traditional balance of an out-of-date policy or train of thought. The phrase inferred that sometimes it is necessary to rattle the cage in order to get attention. This sounds great when it comes to ending racism, sexism, and bringing down a corrupt organization. The problem is that in today's atmosphere, the boat is filled with Freedom loving people and the sea surrounding us is a vast blood bath of terrorists. Hence, I am so tempted to help those insisting on "rocking the boat", get out of the boat and let them join the sea before they tip it over and send us all swimming in the hatred and oppression the terrorists are drowning in.

In a previous post (Maybe NOW Europe will GET IT! Are WE Ready For THIS?), I laid out a clear demonstration of what we could be headed for if this coddling of the Muslim extremist agenda does not cease. The Netherlands are struggling to put the jeanie back into the bottle. When your local authorities cave to the mentality that "Thou shalt not Kill"= offensive and racist, one needs to expect chaos. I have actually read commentary on the murder of Theo Van Gogh being termed as "virtual suicide!" What if Michael Moore or Mel Gibson were assassinated with 5-page letters condemning their artistic expression stabbed into their dead bodies? We think something like this would never happen, and if it did, we as a society would never defend the murderer(s) by blaming the dead with quotes such as "virtual suicide." Are we sure about this?

I imagine that the two cases would be treated VERY differently. Most of us grew up believing that the media reflected the mood and thoughts of the people. What I have learned is that the media has actually reflected an ideology of the FAR Left agenda. The media actually tries to INFLUENCE the mood and thoughts of the people. They have gone beyond just presenting the facts in a slanted way, to actually creating facts! I am not going to bore you with a list of examples, I think the Dan Rather fiasco is the first one that comes to mind, but there are actually many more.

The rhetoric is already at a high DANGER LEVEL! Suddenly Bush=Hitler and Arafat=Peacemaker! The world is truly upside down. Christians are called gun-loving, haters, and intolerant. The Muslims are called victims, with a faith that is compassionate and merciful. The Pali's sure have the gun-loving thing over us Christians anyday! They fire those guns for every occasion. Births, weddings, funerals, oh and jihad! The blue sates buy the drivel of the Islamic Fascists, and the red sates are called dumb. A traitor like Kerry meets with terrorists and lies in hearings to Congress but is called a hero, and the heroes that fought for more than four months or actually received more than a band-aid for their wounds are called criminals and liars. This very morning I watched the Palestinians receive their leader via helicopter for burial. As I watched the crowds scaling walls, brandishing weapons, and mobbing the helicopters I actually heard commentary from news "reporters" describing the scene as "quite orderly". As I watched armed men hovering over the coffin, others firing guns randomly into the air, mobs jumping and chanting, and stretchers carrying off injured people- I actually heard "commentators" using the words "dignified" and "calm." It's the equivalent to watching a rape with audio of so-called educated professionals telling you this is the "intimate display of love and affection." The subliminal message is dumbfounding!

Would these same people and media outlets use the same words to describe the same images at the Reagan Ceremonies? I THINK NOT!!!!!

The Bible tells us that God will make the wisdom of man into foolishness. We are told that in the end times, good will become evil and evil will become good. Even if you are a non-believer, clear thinkers must heed to the notion that this is EXACTLY what is happening in today's society. Time to steady the boat folks. Start telling those whom are "rocking the boat" to pick up an oar and start ROWING, before we ALL go OVERBOARD!

UPDATE: I came across this map, done by Robert Spencer, in which all the countries experiencing jihad activity are colored in red. I decided to add it to this post in order to help paint a clearer picture of the real challenge we face. The minority of problems due to extremist Muslims has quite a MAJOR effect! Check it out, this profound image is compelling and eye-opening!


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