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Saturday, November 13, 2004


The insanity and spin just get more and more out-of-control!

In the death of Arafat, no time is lost in using this to further the violence on Israel. After viewing the mob scene that was supposed to be a burial ceremony, is there any doubt that peace with Israel is not yet a reality in our grasp. It is interesting to note the events surorunding his death, the media spin, the "official" statements, and even the talk of who could replace him. Upon hearing of Arafat's illness, the first thought that popped into my head was, "Israel poisoned him." Now these type of rumors are flying around and getting media attention.

Now, I must make it clear, I do NOT believe this to be true. If it were, the French, Suha, and the Palestinians would be screaming it from every roof-top. It would be too good to be true for them. They can turn Yasser into a martyr, fuel the fire of hatred on Israel, and even gain some more support from those that now side with the Jewish people. The blood in the street would be great, and the Islamic Terrorists would have a hay-day with justification and recruitment.

But, if they never release the true cause of death, they can get mileage out of rumors, and fuel hatred in an underground way without looking like the obvious terror-mongers they are and sustain some legitimacy in the world stage. It's possible they don't know, but not likely. The way they fawned all over this guy is ridiculous. Could you imagine the President of the United States dying and being buried with no explanation of the actual cause of his death, or with no autopsy if the reason was unknown. We would DEMAND to know. It seems in the case of Arafat, it serves the agenda of terror and destruction of Israel to just let it be up to speculation. But I think it goes deeper than this. I think it also protects there agenda to HIDE the truth, because it would be devastating to his image.

Instead, France just happens to have laws that allow a death certificate to be issued WITHOUT naming a CAUSE OF DEATH. This in itself is suspicious. Why is it that Arafat went to France for medical treatment instead of an Arab nation? (lots of reason: the Arab leaders don't like Arafat, he wasn't welcome in many of these nations when he was alive and well, the medical treatment is probably "not so good," and Suha was in France.) However, if the rumor that he had AIDS is true, France was a brilliant call. I know, I know, I am complaining about the fact that rumors of poisoning by Israel are being spread, and then I seem to forward the rumor that he had AIDS. How hypocritical. Maybe. But I am not going to let the Anti-semitism and pacifists to terror convince me that the refusal of disclosing the reason he died is normal or acceptable. I am forced to speculate, because they refuse to be honest and up-front. The best way to conclude how he died, is to understand what they have to gain from hiding it.

I am not convinced Arafat died of AIDS, but until they start being honest, it is the best plausible theory I can come up with.

The aftermath, beyond the rumors of how he died, is boggling when we look at the most likely electible candidate to take his place. The one person believed to be able to land a true victory in a vote from the Palestinians is Marwan Barghouti. Barghouti is a murderer surving several life sentences in an Israeli prison after being convicted of involvement in terrorism. Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom told reporters this week that Barghouti "will remain in prison for the rest of his life because he's a murderer."

It is easy to get dizzy when you try and follow the thought process these people seem to take. They love terrorism, embrace the tactic of their own children killiing themselves in order to kill innocent people, they turn a burial ceremony into a chaotic mob scene, and like the idea of electing a criminal. With all this, they want us to take them seriously in the political realm, and actually expect us to give them their own state. And if we don't- we are racist biggots. Brilliant! The most humorous and disturbing part of this entire fiasco, is the role of the media. They are so nuanced and better educated than us Red-State people, they think this all makes perfect sense!

In protest, I gladly plan to buy stock in WalMart, fly the flag form my porch, lobby agianst clean air and animal rights, register for a sem-automatic weapon, and attend as many NASCAR races next year as I can. Of course I have to get the camaro in my front yard off those cinder blocks and finish paying off my double-wide before I can afford the WalMart stock, but hey, I'll get there.


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