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Monday, March 21, 2005

Close to Home

I been here
I been there
I been nowhere
Concrete Blonde, Close to Home, from the album Mexican Moon

Sherri is heading home, just north of the Florida-Georgia border, we spoke with her today. It has been an eventful weekend. The vigils, speeches, interviews, photographs, friends and moonbats. Woodside Hospice House and the home of Michael Schiavo.

With the help of her minions and friends, Sherri was able to construct a network that enabled her to provide timely information, breaking stories, photographs, and human drama. Now, she will be gathering the unpublished tapes, pictures, and notes to put together a follow-up. Return the rental car. Retrieve her three kids and thank the folks from her church and her mother for caring for them. Read and answer the mail, pay some bills, take her family out to eat. And begin her follow-up stories to be posted on Straight Up With Sherri.

We offer a collective “Thank You” while we await more information regarding Terri Schiavo and more opinions, stories and photographs from Sherri.

Sherri, keep your spirits high, your faith firm, and your dedication strong. You have been forever changed by the events of the past two weeks. There will never be “normal” as you had known it in the past.

Sarah D. & Right Wing Nut Job


  • I'm just going to say this. I will never forgive Mr Johnson for his lack of leadership and support in this matter. The only thing he did was to complain about those who were fighting for Terri.

    I just wish Sherri had his following. Maybe one day soon!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:03 PM  

  • You'll never forgive who?

    By Anonymous Jheka, at 8:04 PM  

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