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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Just as I Thought Terri's Case Would Rip America Apart.....She is Bringing Us Together....Where There's Life, There's Hope!

Terris Schiavo's great suffering has put this nation into a whirlwind. As our nation has been divided, the gap growing deeper and deeper each day, may there be hope for us after all? With each day of banter between doctors and attorneys on Terri Schiavo's cruel treatment, we as Americans have been in heated debate. Logic and law clashed with compassion and humanity.

In the conversations I have had, the lines were clear. This side cites this doctor, the other counters with this doctor. The only thing definite was that each side had already made up their mind, and pulled their facts from the source that supported their views. Very few open minds were at play. The bottom line was politics.......or was it?

Now we begin to see that this is NOT a right or left issue. This is an American issue. In the beginning it was the pro-life groups that rallied to the aid of Terri's parents. As the facts came out, we saw the groups of the handicapped and disabled join the plight. On the National level, the pro-lifers called on their Republican Representatives to act, they played to their base and moved. Many Democrats joined. On the State level in Florida, many Republicans refused to act. The outrage has been heavy. The Judicial Branch played Pontius Pilate, and the death sentence ensued.

I was bracing myself for a rip in this nation like never before, but then things began to change. Terri's fight for her life has been joined by those on BOTH sides of the aisle. Groups on the left, joining those on the right. Is it possible? Can both these groups finally find something they can agree on and work together on?

When I find myself praising Jesse Jackson today, my only answer is YES!

I don't think I have ever written anything disdainful about Jesse Jackson, but that must have been because I just didn't get around to it! I am not going to lie, I have said many negative things about Jesse Jackson. Here I sit today, eating crow!

Thank you Jesse, thank you! Of all the things I have ripped you for before, I am thankful for your willingness to speak out today. I could stick to party lines, chirping that your actions are purely political, where there is a camera, Jesse longs to be. To do this would be shallow. I have to say, Jesse has spoken out at great risk. He surely doesn't need to be seen as poo-pooing the left. What he has made me realize is that this is not the right and left issue I thought it was. Both parties are split on this issue. Those in support of Terri's fight come from both sides of the aisle and from other parties as well.

Terri has done something that no other person in America has been able to do. So for those that argue "quality of life," this is Terri's great gift to us, what's yours? Careful now, if her life is useless and she has done this, I'd say your argument has been squashed.

This reminds me of the movie Dead Man Walking. Do you believe the man changed? Do you think if not on death row that he would have ever changed? We will never know. I would never advocate putting someone on death row in order to bring change. I would never advocate starving and dehydrating someone to death in order to bring America together. I will, however, be thankful for the great things brought about by great suffering. After all, a day at the park is fun, but it never added worth to my character.


  • I don't care what the motives are of Jackson's, if he can do it that's all that matters.
    Sherri can you post the Fla. senate phone numbers again?
    Marine Momma

    By Anonymous Marine Momma, at 8:08 PM  

  • I will lift my hat to Jesse Jackson for the first time ever. My call to Jesse has always been "There are no white stripes in the rainbow!" It looks as though he has just found one. May the Holy Spirit contine to imbue him with the "lightning of St. Paul".

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 8:20 PM  

  • I am very perplexed by the MSM's insistance that this is a Republican action to support Terri. There are numerous Democrats supporting her that get no mention and way too many Republicans (some who ran on Right-to-Life tickets) that favor murdering her. I expect some of the RINOs to do this, but some of the professed right-leaners confound me. I had to laugh today when Rush Limbaugh was trying to figure out whether it was Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida or Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska who supported Terri. Both are firmly Right-to-Life and both supported Terri at this time, unlike those two Republican scoundrels from Maine (Susan Collins & Olympia Snowe). My fingers wanted to use another word, but scoundrels will need to suffice.

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 8:29 PM  

  • Sen. J.D. Alexander, Majority Whip: 850-487-5044
    Sen. Nancy Argenziano: 850-487-5017
    Sen. Dave Aronberg: 850-487-5356
    Sen. Mike Bennett: 850-487-5078
    Sen. Larcenia Bullard: 850-487-5127
    Sen. Walter "Skip" Campbell: 850-487-5094
    Sen. Lisa Carlton: 850-487-5081
    Sen. Paula Dockery: 850-487-5040
    Sen. Dennis Jones: 850-487-5065
    Sen. Jim King: 850-487-5030
    Sen. Evelyn J. Lynn: 850-487-5033
    Sen. Burt L. Saunders: 850-487-5124

    Also call Sen. Daniel Webster, author of the bill, who seems not to be hopeful about getting it revived:

    And Sen. Tom Lee, President of the Florida Senate:

    Remember to be nice and respectful to the poor staffers, who are just doing their jobs, as you keep the phones ringing!

    By Anonymous Mary in LA, at 8:54 PM  

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