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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Liberals for Terri

A Guest Editorial by RD

We can change a LOT of minds QUICKLY, but the following has gotta happen today:

Here's the problem: everyone in Big Media dismisses Barbara Weller's affidavit as a "publicity stunt" and the few nurses who have come out. HERE's what we gotta do & do it quick:

1. The $10 Million Dollar Challenge - there are nurses at the hospice who want to flip (Sean Hannity radio broadcast yesterday) & testify for Terri and against Schiavo but they can't for fear they might get fired. Let's get some money & backing arranged for them NOW & get them on board SOON like in the next few hrs. (Where are all those offering to bribe Michael - can we get them involved?) Forcing Big Media to acknowledge everything will change a LOT of minds QUICKLY, and the anti-Terri pressure may invert.

2. Ditto about Barbara Weller - If Barbara announces she's willing to take a POLYGRAPH saying her statement was true - and then challenges Michael Schiavo to do the SAME (!) about HIS lies - plus all the nurses at the hospice turning against the hospice board - THAT'S news. Sure Judge Greer didn't challenge Barbara on her
"veracity" but the whole mainstream media did & still is.

If ABC & CBS HAVE to report this as news (which they would if she did this - ditto w/the nurses - a 1-2 punch), they would no longer be able to dismiss what she said as a "publicity stunt". That would be EXCELLENT media coverage. Agreed?

Even if she didn't challenge Michael, it would be enough (though why not go all the way for heaven's sake - that + the nurses' willingness to flip).

3. I'm about to post an an article in the next 1-3 hrs. (as soon as I can get it all finished) calling the CT Scan - the entire basis for this hoopla - into question.

Thanks - I know NONE of the right people so I hope you all do!
I'll be spraying this so you may see it a couple of places

Liberals & Conservatives for Terri

posted by Right Wing Nut Job


  • Yes, I can give $50-100 by tomorrow. Will others do this?

    By Anonymous Julie, at 9:10 PM  

  • You can add my name to that pot. Maybe Mr Herring would again put up his one million for Terri.

    By Anonymous Dee, at 2:07 AM  

  • I'm in for $100 plus all my gig money for the next three months. Where do we sign up?

    By Anonymous Mary in LA, at 2:43 PM  

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