Straight Up with Sherri

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Let's Stay Focused!!

We have all worked very hard and very well together in exchanging information in order to get the TRUTH out about Terri and in focusing our attention and energy on PLANS OF ACTION!

It is due to the efforts of MANY that the TRUTH is seeping out. In our journey to SAVE TERRI, I just want to express thanks and appreciation and also remind us to stay focused on Terri and her family.

In our passion to see that justice is brought to Terri we must not find ourselves taking actions that may hurt the cause. Letting your voice be heard to media outlets and elected officials is crucial. We need to stick to action plans that represent the Schindler family. For example, emailing the Chief Medical Examiner with smears of Michael Schiavo and his cohorts will not gain us favor. Even in good intentions, sometimes our actions can do more harm than good. Please, for Terri’s sake, let’s stay on track and take the lead of Terri’s family and respond to their calls of action.


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