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Monday, April 25, 2005

Abortion and Breast Cancer Link: Eve's Testimony, "Screaming until I was Hoarse."

Hat tip: Leslie, the passionate pro-lifer

On Apr 19, 2005, at 6:39 PM, Eve Silver wrote:

Last Friday Karen Malec asked me to give my testimony as a two-time breast cancer survivor and medical research analyst lecturing on the abortion breast cancer link, before the Alaskan Review Board.

I decided to give my full testimony, for the first time, and included my reproductive history.

I sought guidance from my brother
Pablo Sanchez, a wise-man, pro-life activist and speaker in Tucson, AZ. I asked him if I should keep my Alaskan testimony secret. He said, "Sister, what are you saving it for? The time is now. Send it out."

I am sending it to you pro-life leaders in your areas. Please pass it forward, whole and add a note, as you send it forward, saying that I give re-print permission as follows:

Please use this document in tact and keep my name, Eve Sanchez Silver, as author.

It was hard to write. But I am glad I did it... Pablo is right: it is time.



I will be speaking in 6 cities in Australia and 3 in New Zealand in September, I have decided to use this deposition as part of my lecture: EMPTY LEGACY: THE ABORTION-BREAST CANCER LINK.


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