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Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Story Form La Raza: CLARA NOW BEING FED!

GREAT THANKS TO Jorge Mederos!!!!

Feeding Resumed for Mexican Woman in Vegetative State

Jorge Mederos La Raza

Chicago - By the intervention of the State of Illinois government, feeding was resumed for Clara Martinez,a Mexican woman in a vegetative state. She had been 30 days without food per her husband’s decision.

Some forty people were brought together by the Hispanic Evangelical Church for a vigil of prayers and hymns. They were greeted with the news that she was once again receiving nutrition.

“Thanks be to God, our sister is being cared for,” said Bolivian Pastor Guillermo Espinoza.

Sources at the state’s Department of Human Services told the EFE wire service that the woman’s gastric feeding tube was ordered reconnected after the visit by an inspector to the house where she is being attended.

Authorities would otherwise have ordered her moved to a hospital.

According to Espinoza, the state’s intervention resulted from pressure by the press and right-to-life organizations in the US.

“Her husband could think it over, and now there will be more appeals at the legal level,” he affirmed.

Peter Farrel, Clara’s brother, followed the vigil from a distance and said he was grateful for the prayers......

Use the link to read it all!

Thanks to all of you that helped and made calls! The battle will not be easy, but it is WORTHY!


  • Thank you sherri -- you are indeed doing good stuff (maybe even good enough that you can kick a chichuahua on the way home). Please keep your blog wide enough to cover all of your interests -- but maintain the focus on not killing innocent helpless people.

    With love and admiration,

    By Blogger levi from queens, at 9:46 PM  

  • OT

    Did you see Michelle Malkin's post on the proposed law, supported by the pro-abortion lobby, banning mothers from having ultrasound?

    Once you see images like this, it's understandably much harder to abort. Hence the proposed law.

    By Blogger Tom, at 10:10 PM  

  • Sherri
    You were all over this case! I think we have a system going's working well. A good way to get a heads up on cases is to sign on for alerts with news services...I get Google alerts many times daily..its great!
    About Clara..
    One legal difference between Fla and ILL is that ILL does not call food and water by tube "artificial life support"like Fla does.
    ...The family had better get some great legal representation and move quickly to become Clara's legal guardian. They could possibly do this on the grounds that the husband has attempted to cause grave harm to Clara and has endangered her welfare; thus he is not suitable to be her Guardian (at this time) As time goes on it gets increasingly more difficult to change the Guardian. But the mother needs to get a hold of the guardianship NOW!

    I am hoping that as the husband is provided with more financial options and care options for his wife that he will relent . It could be that this man is overwhelmed and terribly burdened by his wife's condition and needs. I am hoping that is what it is ...being provided with medical, financial and care help could encourage him to change his mind. He's huirting emotionlly and so burdened right now....( what about all those neurologists who thought Terri could benefit from rehab...? those type of programs could be available for Clara too)
    I am so anxious for more information....
    I just pray that the Right to die vultures do not come swooping into Chicago....PRAY

    By Anonymous JoMarley, at 10:18 PM  

  • You may rest assured that the "Right to Die" vultures are already entrenched in Chicago. But, thanks be to God, we can count on Sherri, and Tim (at Blogs for Terri, and, of course, CURE with the help of vigilant bloggers across America to fight them tooth and nail, learning more through every battle. Stay tuned, and keep your powder dry!

    By Blogger Earl, at 1:40 AM  

  • Earl


    He has His hand upon us...

    Thank YOU for all YOUR HARD WORK!!!

    You are an inspiration!

    It is such an honor to have the Lord to guide us, and to be used for HIS GLORY!

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 1:44 AM  

  • Sherri, I loved one starfish at a time. It's like what I've said on some other blogs...that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - then another - then another.

    Looking ahead, some folks at Blogs for Terri have thrown about some ideas of action items to work on for longterm holding back of the giant wave coming down upon are their suggestions:

    1. Campaign to END ANY AND ALL NOTIONS that a. human lives should ever be litigated or b. that food and water are ever “optional” for human beings (nutrition and hydration). Promote everywhere legally, culturally, constitutionally, that everyone deserves to eat and drink.

    2. Prayer. “Prayer warriors” with 24/7 ongoing prayer, with people signing up to pray on a continual hour by hour basis. (Especially during times of getting another specific person through a situation of getting nutrition and/or hydration restored to them – and during times of persuading specific legislators or sponsoring/voting on a specific bill?)

    3.Develop Shelters.

    a. Guardians (medical powers of attorney) in the form of those who stand for life, and are willing to take on guardianship for those without such a trusted guardian available among their loved ones. These would be a group of pro-life professionals – doctors, clergy, lawyers who have taken an open stand for life and are willing to be named a guardian for someone who is in need of a trusted pro-life guardian. As people committed to life they
    would be loving; as people who have no agenda they would be impartial; as people with no financial interest in you they would have no temptation; and as people who are trained in life issues and not under emotional stress they could make the best human decisions possible.

    b. Develop a "pro life seal of approval (award)" for specific nursing homes and long-term care facilities that do not starve or dehydrate people to death, willing to act as transfer facilities, voluntarily. Useful for when the person concerned is mentally competent enough to check themselves into one, or when a guardian (medical POA) would want the person concerned to go there (speaking for the person concerned).

    c. Tax shelters of some sort (were mentioned)?

    d. We, the bloggers are a current 'shelter' of sorts - at least a life raft of a kind - for those brought to our attention, such as Terri, Mae and Clara, right now!

    4. The states have been allowed to decide for themselves what is “clear and convincing evidence” in a ‘right to die’ or ‘right to life’ case. Put forward legislation in states where allowing "clear and convincing" evidence has not become a watered-down thing (as it has in Florida where just one person’s hearsay testimony is now accepted as evidence of desiring removal of a feeding tube), for mandating that *strong* evidence, absolute (written) evidence to be required before such a thing as removal of nutrition and hydration be allowed – in the form of a written statement by the person concerned while they were in a lucid and conscious state, if possible *with* knowledge of the possible pain involved in starvation and dehydration (informed consent).

    5. Put forward legislation for *juries* to be involved in any and all such so-called "right to die" cases, so that the people may be involved in deciding the case.

    6. Legislation at a national level for absolute protection of the disabled and incapacitated.

    7. Discredit Felos. Have a presence in the media and also on the speaking circuit to try to minimize the damage that they (Felos, M. Schiavo, etc.) will do in the upcoming future.

    By Anonymous Juleni, at 1:08 PM  

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