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Thursday, June 02, 2005

FINALLY- Charges Brought Against School Boys and Principal in Columbus, Ohio.

Here we are in JUNE, and FINALLY the police have brought charges in a sexual attack against a handicapped girl that took place back in MARCH! We have covered this story before. I AM STILL OUTRAGED THAT NO CHARGES HAVE BEEN BROUGHT AGAINST THE ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS, LET ALONE THAT THEY HAVE MERELY BEEN TRANSFERRED AND KEEP THEIR JOBS! Sounds too much like the Catholic Church remedy for problems. Just press your finger to your lips, "SHHHHHHH"- and move the problems to another group of victims.

Ex-Principal, Students Charged In School Sexual Assault

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Two students were charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting a mentally disabled girl in a high school auditorium. The former principal was charged with failing to notify police.

The case generated criticism because school officials did not immediately report the allegations to police and said they feared negative media attention if they did.

The 16-year-old girl told a teacher at Mifflin High School that she had been dragged into the auditorium March 9 and forced to perform oral sex on at least two boys as other students watched and one boy videotaped, according to investigators.

Two boys, Brandyn Hobbs, 15, and Timothy C. Armistead, 16, were charged with juvenile counts of rape, sexual battery and kidnapping.

Regina Crenshaw, who was removed as principal because of the incident, was charged with failing to call police. If convicted, she could get anything from probation to 30 days in jail.

Crenshaw said Wednesday she did not break the law because the girl's father called police and the school district's policy on when to call authorities is contradictory.

"I did not expect any criminal charges to be put on me. This came as a total surprise, total shock," she said.

Authorities said an assistant principal at the school warned the girl's father not to call 911 because he did not want to alert the news media. The girl's father ignored the request.

The district has moved to fire Crenshaw and a hearing before an independent mediator is set for Thursday. Three assistant principals at the school were suspended and reassigned.

Superintendent Gene Harris said the district will continue to train staff on proper procedures,
but said attention should be paid to what students did -- not just what adults didn't do.

Gary Shroyer, attorney for the girl's father, said his client was pleased with the criminal charges.

Yes- the MENTALITY of our SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS is QUITE CHILDISH! Pay no attention to the COMPLETE INEPT AND CALLOUS ATTITUDES OF THE PEOPLE HIRED TO OVERSEE YOUR CHILDREN ALL DAY! The school district in MY area is JUST AS UNINTERESTED in addressing school faculty failures. One day I will have to share the story of how MY DISTRICT handles issues. LOVELY! JUST LOVELY!


  • CT 1824

    I want to know how school officials get away with things like this. First is this case, then you look at the next posting...the teacher has the child lick her toes for candy...then the multiple cases of neglect on the school buses. I never believed in home schooling before...believing that schools teach students social skills that they need...but home schooling is sounding better and better with the incompetent, selfish people that are in charge of the kids all day long. These people are more worried about their image, than the mentally disabled girl that was assaulted. These people should not be working with children. They should be working with convicted murderous, who do not deserve sympathy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:29 PM  

  • TB 9131
    I believe this is just unacceptable. How can we as parents stand by and continue to let our children become victims. I just can not believe that a principal and assistant principal would find it just that the parent must report this incident to the police. The first thing should have been done is that the school report the incident and inform the parents on what happened next. I just can believe that we are so comsumed by what the media reports, don't we see that their going to report it anyway once they find out and then you look stupid anyway because you didn't want the attention in the first place. give me a break. TB9131

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:49 PM  

  • Yet another reason to homeschool

    By Anonymous Marine Momma, at 11:11 PM  

  • This is the culture in our government schools today. The administrators are irresponsible and the public ignores these matters. I am sorry to say but, if we as parents refuse to be proactive in our children day to day activities in school, the government will do it for you. This will always be the case and our young children will always be the victims.
    I hope these administrators are remove from their positions.

    By Blogger BF7193, at 5:50 PM  

  • MH7086
    This kind of stuff makes my stomach turn. I wonder what the parents of these boys thought? I think the parents should have to publically apologize with their sons for this behavior. It is bad enough that kids are always bullying one another but this behavior goes far and beyond the usual name calling and pointing. Something definately needs to happen with the faculty who allowed this to be swept under the rug for so long. Whether this happened to my child or not, I would pull my kid out of the school.

    By Anonymous MH7086, at 6:13 PM  

  • I think the principal acted in a very disrepectful way. If this would have happened to her child she would have flown off the handle. It seems as though the integrity of our teachers and administrators are checked at the door. At least once every other month there is some type of negative story originating from an educational institution.

    5775 EK

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:11 AM  

  • vem2793
    There is certainly no discipline in our school system whether its for the students or the staff running it. I think it is outrageous that if someone rapes a woman in the bushes down the street from her home is hunted down like a dog but if it happens in school, it is swept under the rug. These kids should be locked away before they become career rapists and all involved(students, teachers, principals, and parents) should attend sensitivity training at the least.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:27 PM  

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