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Friday, June 10, 2005

What Is A Hero?

Sherri and I have a common friend we had met on a different blogsite. He had apparently issued a plea for assistance and we had chosen to oblige. As it turns out, this plea was not from him. However, my response remains the same.

Let me begin by repeating the hoax that was purported to be his story:

My father, a hero of Iwo Jima, died a hero at the World Trade Center. At the age of 79 he ran into the burning buildings to rescue people. He never came out. I have told this story but people aren't listening. They feel that because his name isn't on any of the lists that I am lying. I swear to the Lord God and the Baby Jesus I am Telling The Truth. I need HELP to get the record straight. Please blog about this.

Thank You and May The Lord Continue To Bless This Country.


Why is this important? To me, it represents a question of heroism. What is a hero? I believe that we are driven by our values. When a situation arises that causes one to perform dangerous deeds, the response is automatic. There is little consideration of risks or rewards. It is not for the engraving on a marble monument that the father of Realwest sacrificed his life - it is for his inherent values. Is it important whether this truly happened as Realwest describes it? Not really. I personally believed the story, but that is actually immaterial. The lessons that it teaches me are the same as with any legend; truth is perhaps less important than the moral of the epic.

Why is this pertinent to Straight Up With Sherri? Because the causes that are embraced here are much the same. It is not for glory or recognition that we do this, but as a response to conditions where we may be able to do something to help. It is a passion that drives Sherri and filters through to her groupies, minions, and trolls.

To Sherri and to the father of Realwest, I say, "God Bless You".

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  • Despite the validity of the story, it does relay the concept of the greater good. It expels the essence of honor, and courage that some would say this country lost a long time ago. In the hoax, the one thing that made the individules father a hero was his courage and selflessness. Ginuine Selflessness is a sure fire way to determine a hero. -D.R. History

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