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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kosovo Kerry?

This is the story that should be on front pages EVERYWHERE! The overriding issue in this campaign is trust. We need a Commander and Chief that we can trust with our security for today, and for our children’s future. We have learned since 9-11 how imperative it is for us to recognize whom the terrorists are, and destroy them. We have learned how that negotiating is not in their vocabulary. Terrorists do not seek peace. They seek domination. They would even have you believe that their terror is about one piece of land, Israel. A history lesson is in order, but we Americans are people of sound bites, not facts. There is no way for me to cover all of this in a sensible order that will be clear, full of the details, and concise, without it being too long for most to pay attention. I would surely lose your interest. Therefore, I have included many links to those of you that want verification of the facts I will present.

  1. KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) is a terrorist organization with ties to Osama bin Laden. The KLA's main objective is to break Kosovo, which has been an integral part of Serbia for centuries, away from Serbia.
  2. On September 15, 2000, the INS Resource Information Center, Washington D.C., issued a report on their findings on KLA’s activities in terrorism.
  3. Florin Krasniqi snuck into the US, across the Mexican Border, by hiding in the trunk of a car on Christmas Eve in 1998.
  4. Krasniqi has raised over $30 million dollars for the KLA.
  5. KLA Leader Thaci was invited to the DNC.
  6. A Dutch documentary shows footage of Krasniqi attending a Kerry fundraiser and donated $2,000 to the Kerry campaign.
  7. This same documentary also shows Richard Holbrooke and Wesley Clark talking laughing with Krasniqi at this fundraiser. Holbrooke and Clark helped to run the bombing operations under the Clinton Administration.

While I understand that not all those who donate to a campaign can be investigated by a candidate’s team, Krasniqi is no stranger to the Democratic Party. Just as an interesting note to this story, Kerry and Edwards both voted to give Clinton authorization to use force in Kosovo, but a war resolution died in the Congress. The UN was not included in this action, but France and Germany were. Kerry issued a letter to Albanian-Americans in July of 2004 and claimed “The people of Kosovo must be able to determine their own future, including how they want to be governed.” Five years later, U.S. forces are still stationed in Kosovo, with no “exit plan”, or a plan to “win the peace.” But then, this war was not waged to “make Bush and Cheney friends rich,” but it was waged in a time when President Clinton was in desperate need of a distraction from his domestic, or “oval office intern,” policy.

Here are links to verify the facts:

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