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Friday, November 05, 2004

A call to HEAL America!

I keep hearing people talking about how it is time for America to heal after this harsh election. This sounds so patriotic and so COMPASSIONATE, but I am not fooled by it. I hear talking heads saying things like. “America is divided. President Bush needs to reach out to the Democrats.” I would love to analyze this. Won’t you join me?

  • I can’t imagine this being said if the tables were turned. I could certainly imagine hearing something more like. “America has spoken. In spite of the Republican attacks on John Kerry and his war record, America stayed strong and recognized the importance of changing course and repairing relations with our allies. It is time America move on from the “selected” administration and remember the Democratic Party for defending our country by allowing ALL votes to be counted.”
  • If you look at the map in the USA Today, I think we can all agree that America is not really ALL THAT DIVIDED! It is clear it comes down to elitists’ vs the Heartland.
  • The Liberals seem to have learned NOTHING! They refuse to acknowledge that the majority of the American people just don’t agree with them.
  • How is it OUR responsibility to reach out to them? Through this entire campaign, it was impossible to have an honest exchange on policy with the left. When the conservatives say they want to honor the sanctity of marriage as between a man and a woman, we were called “gay-bashers” and “homophobes,” or “religious right wing nuts.” When conservatives said they were supportive of Israel, we were called racist. When we voiced being for the War on Iraq, we were called Nazi’s. When we came out against partial-birth abortion, we really wanted to legalize rape. Being pro-life was interpreted as being against woman’s rights. True heroes, decorated soldiers, were called liars when they pointed out Kerry’s inconsistent stories with the facts. (Even Kerry had to recall his story that was “seared, seared” into his memory.) The Heartland of America is constantly called “fly-over country!” This statement just eliminates MOST of America as even COUNTING as a legitimate part of the United States. Calling for people to show ID when voting was just racist, according to them. Police stationed at polling places was referred to as disenfranchising people, because blacks were intimidated by the police (now THAT sounds racist!) and dead-beat dads were uncomfortable for fear of being recognized and picked up. (I don’t want dead-beat dads voting! And I certainly want them in fear of being “picked-up!”)
  • The Democrats lost! They need to reach out to America and find a way to work with the MAJORITY of the American People. They need to work toward giving America what IT wants, not America reach out to give the left what the left wants. They need to recognize that they LOST! We don’t want what they want!
  • The left accused the Republicans of wanting BLOOD FOR OIL! For Pete’s sake- how much more inflammatory can ya get? They tried to sell to the American people that their President STOLE the election, sounds like a charge of treason to me? Then went ballistic when Kerry meeting with the ENEMY, DURING A TIME OF WAR, was called treason.
  • The mouthpieces for the left, the MSM, literally made-up proof to attack Bush, and hid information that hurt Kerry.

The list goes on and on and on. The point is WHO needs to start reaching out here? The ones that introduced the idea of a draft, and then tried to blame it on Bush, and LIED to Americans about it! The ones that reverted to name-calling and hate speech. The threat of Terror is REAL you dingbats. I know it is inconvenient for you at the moment, since you have no credibility in protecting America, but it is real. You would sell out our security in order to make friends with phony allies and regain power. The threat of conservatives trying to legalize rape, impose a draft, ganging up on poor peaceful Muslims for sport, and sending soldiers to get killed so that Haliburton can fill Cheney’s pockets, is just pure propaganda! DId any of you bother READING your talking points before you started popping them out of your traps?

I am ALL for healing. I am sick of the left throwing bombs, and then crying victim. The media is NOT mainstream AMERICA, no matter what they may think. The elite so not represent the heart and soul of the American people. I want healing alright! I want the Democrats to recognize that AMERICA HAS SPOKEN! Time for the Democrats to stop pouting and accept the fact that we don’t want their vision. Now it is time for them to start acting like adults and work with the President to institute the vision for America that he laid out, and WE decided WE WANTED! We said it LOUD AND CLEAR! The Democrats threw away their conscience. They didn’t care who they harmed. They didn’t even have enough class to refrain from dragging Cheney’s daughter into a debate, and then come out and accuse the Cheney’s family of being ashamed of their daughter. What kind of family values are they? And they think WE are BACKWARDS? None of us in “fly-over” country would ever treat our neighbors like that without expecting to find a fist in our face. Time for the left to find their soul. Stop with the lies about who you are. Since the election I keep hearing the Democratic Strategists saying that the Democrats need to find a way to talk to the “fly-over” states about these issues. Well, here are some suggestions:

  • Ya might want to START by putting a STOP to referring to the Heartland as “fly-over”.
  • You also might want to stop accusing us of being DUMB! Calling us Dumb, because we see through your spin only makes you look like a bunch of crybabies.
  • You may want to start by LISTENING to the Heartland on these issues, instead of finding new ways to TALK to us about them. Instead of accepting the fact that we disagree with you- you convince yourself that we are DUMB and you need to find a new way to talk down to us, so that we can see YOUR WISDOM. Finding a new way to talk to us about these issues is code for “these people are just too stooopid to understand. We need to try and find a simple way to explain why they are wrong and we are right. How do we do that when they don’t understand big words and they’re racist, bigots?”
  • You may want to try adapting to some of the MORALS we po’ folk live by.
  • How about trying this? Say what ya mean and mean what ya say!
  • Don’t check the polls to see where you stand on an issue. Know our soul, and then you will know what we want. Then and only then will you be able to lead us and gain our support.
  • Now this one is a toughie- but what about BEING HONEST! If you have only talked to some of the people on the Security Council at the UN, don’t say you talked to the ENTIRE Security Council.
  • If I disagree with your stand on an issue, DON’T CALL ME A RICIST, A BIGOT, A NAZI, or DUMB!
  • Stop telling America that you can spend our money better than you can! Us DUMB folk have figured out that our churches are less corrupt than you, and when we give them money, most if actually goes towards the initiatives of helping people- not keeping the pastor in his position so he can buy job security!
  • Stop enslaving people with entitlements. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. (And own him for life!) Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. (And he’ll respect you for life!)
  • Get it through your thick skull that terrorists don’t care if you carry a picture of a donkey in your wallet. In fact, most of the MORALS you democrats cling to, are the very MORALS that they want to kill us for! If you want to fly over and hang out in the Lion’s Den and try and make friends, book the trip and go! But don’t let the Lion out of the cage and let him jump in MY CHILD’S PLAYGROUND!
  • Repeat this over and over- LAND OF OPPORTUNITY! Erase that idea of LAND OF ENTITILEMENTS!

This is MY challenge to the Democrats, the Liberal Democrats: Stop attacking and start LISTNEING! You can't sell anyone anything until you know what they want! We want to be protected. We want to honor marriage. We want to know who you really are. We want our representatives to value our values. We want to be treated with some respect. We want Hollywood to go back to making movies, and get OUT of politics! We want musicians and singers to remember they make their money by ENTERTAINING us, not by campaigning for people that don't like us. (It is your music and lyrics that made us think you understood us. Then you opened your mouth and started talking- now we can't understand who YOU are!) We want you to stop trashing the brave countries who showed up as our REAL friends, and stood with US, not SADDAM! We want you to stop traveling over seas to attack us in interviews and gain their adoration, and then come back here and cry about us not wanting to give you our money! We want America to be the hope and the light of the world, bringing freedom to the peaceful citizens who are oppressed, not a country that props up dictators and Anti-semitism. We want you to stop accusing conservatives of being against women, when you can't stand it that it is the CONSERVATIVES that are PROUD that the women of Afghanistan can actually VOTE NOW! We want you to support the one true democracy in the Middle East, Israel, instead of supporting the countries that STONE WOMEN WHO LOSE THEIR VIRGINTY, and who were RAPED! For Pete's sake- WE WANT YOU TO LOVE AMERICA! WE WANT YOU TO LOVE AMERICA ENOUGH TO SPREAD JUSTICE AND FREEDOM, NOT MAKE IT WEAK AND MOCK IT!

You want America to HEAL? Then SHUT the PIE HOLE and start taking NOTES!!


  • Pieces of this were posted at and others in response to some of the Left's positions over the past several weeks. I have [modified] it to be current and hopefully continuing on your point.
    America has changed. I can't even fathom having to apologize for being American, yet [many on the Left] have made it a 'Prime Directive'. My 2yr old granddaughter will not grow up in the same country I did or the one of her father. It further pains me that he could be [redeployed] at any time to protect for what this country stands [even for] those expressing this dissatisfaction at home.

    [On the War- I believe they are stuck in a mindset of U.S.] Fascism, imperialism, and warmongering. [First], who, who did what to who? Clearly the [concept of] freedom was somehow not a topic of [the Left's] educational process. Some old Geezer once said, " have a Republic. If you can keep it." I sincerely hope there are some [on the Left] that can rationalize a notion that there is a group of people that genuinely want to take that [freedom] from us, take it by force. No talky, just BOOM! War is the most horrible element of our human existence. If there are those [on the Left] that can truthfully hold to [such] an idea that we are waging this thing for some vain imperialistic notion- pony up, [Talk] with these ever so reasonable envoys to stop. Request they use their [blood] money to help their own [as those on the Left] so eloquently suggest of US. I think we are big enough to concede any imperialistic notions.

    I heard recently from some [in the Left's] "Plan Dept." that al-Qaeda resides in 60 countries- at least a couple of times. For some reason they chose to opt out of Iraq. Really?! Frankly, I think what we have [there] is a better rattrap. As much as I disdain Taxes, Deficits, [and worse our country's blood] I'm willing to keep sending the cheese.

    I could make a list of things I don't like to keep us up all night: removal of Prayer in schools- removal of the Ten Commandments & Christmas Nativities, spiked purple hair/nose rings, schools afraid of being sued for trying keep order in the classroom, defacing a County Seal, crime(terror), gangs(terror), cheating on taxes, outsourcing of parenting... the list goes on. On the list of things I like there is [really] only one item- as an American I can get off my [butt], Defend my country's ideals, and Work for change. [Oh yea, and WORK!] We of the 'silent majority' have sat on our [butts] way too long.

    I come from a big family. We fought all the time. But for an outsider to fight with one of us, fought with all of us. This country is a big family and fighting with each other is a fact of nature. Pick on us, kill 4000 of us, fighting back is not a case fascism, imperialism, and warmongering- it's family!

    BTW, when this healthcare thing is raised as an issue, is [it the Left's] deal to give it to those lacking for $0- with no obligation to pay anything? Cuz, I'm already doing that with MY premiums. Maybe if the afflicted would manage their own meager budgets more wisely [by] resisting drugs, Nikes, cell phones, and Label wear- a Dr.'s appointment would be within reach.

    And lastly on your major point- I saw something on 'Scarborough Country' that in my 54 years did not know existed in what I considered reasonable average Americans over 30. I watched a senior media executive display utter contempt spewing disgust towards not only a prayerful sitting president, but also even [Sen.] Kerry, and all those throughout history. It was the vilest display of ridicule for prayer [religion] outside of a "hippy march" I have ever witnessed. This came from a man I had held some professional respect for UNTIL [that] night.

    I must admit, I'm not an overtly religious sort. Today, I'm am ashamed to admit it. What I saw [that night] left me speechless [and dumbfounded]. Frankly, I was waiting for a bolt from heaven, but [the all knowing Lefty] was unafraid, because to him God is not omnipotent, but impotent. I was afraid of him. I was afraid for my family. I was afraid for my country. I prayed. Yes, I prayed in that way we stupid religits do, in spite of the admonition from [the Left], that it would be nothing more than a hopeless, useless gesture to a vain and impartial God and it would go unheard and certainly unanswered.

    It is too bad [the Left] doesn't hold or retain, or maybe never learned a strength of conviction [from what no doubt was something of a] religious upbringing. [But the Left] has convictions alright, though none of which I was taught in a secular school (when Prayer was allowed, our day started with the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Bible [was] at worst- a book of History). We studied Men of Letters, Founding Fathers, Founding Documents, "principled" Activists, and... Loyalty. We learned that Freedom is not free! We learned that America might be less than perfect and if so, it was our obligation to learn from both achievements and mistakes. We were taught we have a right [an obligation] to work to make it better. That was what made us strong. That was what had made us endure.

    We learned in church that God was indeed impartial. He gives everyone [freedom of] choice!


    By Blogger dekem, at 12:03 AM  

  • Separation of Church and State please!

    If you want an equal America, why are you denouncing those who aren't Christian or religious? "We" democrats/elitists/whatever label you want to choose do not care if you're religious or what you believe, just don't use it as a tool to further a political agenda, no matter what the state of the nation is. Politics are not God, so why are preachers preaching Bush and not Jesus?

    Ultimately, one has to realize churches and religions are just another tool for politicians to use to manipulate for their agenda. And they did it quite well this year. Props to them.

    Preach what you want. But when it comes to politics...Stick with politics. Stick with the facts. And stick with the mind, not the gospel.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:00 PM  

  • First: Equal? The only thing that America insures is equality of opportunity. Forced equality of results condemns everything to mediocrity, or worse. Remember the Soviet Union?

    Second: Nobody, George Bush included, cares what or whom you worship, as long as you share with this civilization a common ground of values. Check your 10 commandments. They are the ground rules of Western Civilization. If you don't like the God part, fine. Just hold to the rest of it.

    Finally: You may choose to live in a world in which churches, and religions are tools for politicians. Sounds like a crappy world to me. The rest of us choose to live in a different place. One where people go to church because (prepare for eye roll) they believe in the message, and enjoy sharing their faith with others. I know- How droll, huh?
    We have a war to fight, and a civlization that is worth fighting for. If you disagree, than kindly sit on the sidelines and shut up.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:29 PM  

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