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Monday, November 01, 2004

Get out and VOTE, or Look Forward to Finding THIS Article in Your Local Paper in 2018

Tribute to a Hero on His Birthday
December 11, 2018
Today we celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest leaders of this century. Before the Prime Minister of New World Order Organization, Pontiff John Kerry, arose into his present position, he was the President of the former United States of America. It was a dark time in our history. The world was divided deeply. The cause for all the turmoil was a small democratic society called Israel, which is now know as the great nation of Palestine. The Palestinian people were tortured and suffered greatly from atrocious Human Rights violations. The country of the United States of America had once been a super power. Their country was riddled with a history of aggressive wars that invaded other countries to spread their evil, sin-ridden democracy to other areas of the globe. The people of America first woke up to the evil of their country in the early 1970’s, thanks to the bravery of a man named John Kerry. He recognized the evil of the Nixon administration far before most of the rest of the world did. Nixon was later forced to resign due to illegal activity in his vie to keep power.

John Kerry had once served honorably for the United States military. He was awarded many awards for his bravery and gallant fighting in Viet Nam, another one of the US’s merciless wars attempting to takeover the Viet Cong. The treatment of the civilians of Viet Nam at the hands of his government angered him so, that when he came back from serving his government, he took them on with fervent courage. Finally, the Nixon was forced to withdrawal form his greedy grab of imperialism in Asia. The American people had found a hero. A man with great nuance and understanding of how precious peace is.

Kerry served for 20 years in the Senate of the United States, dedicating his career of service to his people by endlessly battling against the massive thirst of American Presidents to build up their supplies of weapons to use in further killing. Kerry had insight to the evil of the hate-mongering party of the Republicans, as they sought more and more ways to kill, while insisting attempting to keep other nations form developing any means to protect themselves. In spite of his efforts, America continued to get away with such hypocrisy. Soon, the defenseless people found a way to fight back. They were smart, brave, and could not be dissuaded. They martyred themselves and their children in order to protect themselves from the work of the US. Many peace-loving people were forced to dress themselves in explosives and give their own lives in order to save their people. Most of these attacks were first seen in Israel. The oppressed Palestinians had no other choice against the ferocious forces of Israel that was greatly supplied by the US. Their dedication and commitment to gain back their land from the invasion of the evil Jews was inspiring. Many of the more civilized nations in Europe supported the Palestinians to the best of their abilities, but always careful not to upset the US too much, for fear of retaliation. They did stand up to the US in diplomatic terms. They tried to use the laws of the world to hold back the US in their greedy take-overs, but the US was reckless and anything but law-abiding. The US was arrogant and ruthless.

When John Kerry fought for the Presidency of the US, was attacked by even his fellow soldiers from his Viet Nam service. They accused him of working for the enemy, of contributing to torture they claimed they received from the people of Viet Nam struggling for survival, and even charged that he faked wounds in order to gain medals. The word treason was used by many. To them, it was treasonous to expose the evil of killing and raping of villages, exposing immoral torture of innocent civilians, and exposing the lies of the Republican Nixon. John Kerry held his head high and fought on. John Kerry had to resort to new strategies to beat the then President George W. Bush. Bush had stolen the election in the year 2000 by not letting blacks vote, trying to count the votes of the people of America who actually volunteered to go spread their violence over seas, and using his brother Jeb Bush who was the immoral head of the US state of Florida. The Bush family was tightly woven into the government of the US. The new strategies included using lawyers to protect the American people’s rights to vote. They had to file suit after suit in order to keep Bush form stealing another election form the American people.

Once Kerry succeeded in defeating the Republican Party in their stubborn fight for control, he has a lot of work to do. George W. Bush had created much hate for America. He had destroyed the relationships with all peace-loving nations in the world. He had crippled the United Nations, an organization created to keep peace, protect law and order, and implement humane treatment of the people of the world. John Kerry was the savior needed. None of us would be able to practice our Muslim religion today, if not the courage of this great man. Once he gained power in the US he was able to uncover the corruption of the Republicans. The terrible attack on the US’s towers greed, known as the “World Trade Center,” was once blamed on the late Peace Leader Osama bin Laden. Kerry was able to show that the attacks that claimed over 3,000 lives were actually perpetrated by Israel. He uncovered the elaborate plan used by Republicans to steal power.

We know John Kerry most for his greatest accomplishment. He created The New World Order Organization and stopped the spread of Democracy. Perhaps his most valued contribution was returning Palestine to its people and forcing the Jews to suffer the same treatment they so ruthlessly sought to put upon the innocent Muslims of the world. Once their hate was extinguished, the Muslim children no longer had to violently blow themselves up in order to seek freedom. All over the world today, we celebrate the day that John Kerry was born. When you look at your wives today in their lovely, tasteful burkas; and read her this article, remember who made this all possible, John Kerry. Happy Birthday Pontiff John Kerry!


  • Wow, now that was scary.
    Thank God, it cannot now ever be true!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:07 PM  

  • Well done. I'm glad it won't come true, at least not with Kerry winning the election and all that follows. But the scary thing is it isn't as far fetched as it might seem. We definitely all need to pay attention and stay on our toes.

    By Blogger Beautiful Belgian Babe, at 5:51 PM  

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