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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Mainstream Media- Dependable, Accurate, Biased!

This is the CBS story.

This is the NYT story (you may need to register- it is free- in order to view article).

Here is the first paragraph of the Washington Times that debunks the above stories:

Russian special forces troops moved many of Saddam Hussein’s weapons and related goods out of Iraq and into Syria in the weeks before the March 2003 U.S. military operation, The Washington Times has learned.

Here is the FULL story.

Materials went to Syria (October 2004):

Iraq’s WMD in Lebanon? (August 2003!):

Here are Links about Kerry you won't see in the MSM

Syria tests Weapons?

Kerry’s actions after war part of Viet Nam’s plan to defeat US:

Kerry aides the enemyDoc 1:

Doc 2:

Swift Boat Vets and POW’s for Truth:

Winter Soldier:

Even Australia does a better job of reporting Kerry’s weaknesses.

The media is a mess. What happened to good old fashioned INTEGRITY. CBS 60 Minutes, Rather, Mapes, ABC Memos, CNN, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post; the list goes on. These NEWS organizations no longer have credibility. They are willing to run stories not backed up with facts, ignore information that disproves their stories, not check or verify facts, and then refuse to admit any mistakes. Now, some say it is hypocritical for Rush, Beck, Hannity, and others to accuse the MSM of having a slant or agenda, when they themselves display a prejudice. This defense is laughable. The entire premise of Rush Limbaugh’s venture was to keep the MSM in check by exposing their slant. These “conservative” personalities admit openly what their views are. They do not try and bill themselves as an independent or non-biased news source committed to “just reporting the facts.”

When you read the stories given in the links above, it becomes clear that the MSM has become undependable, and virtually untrustworthy, if not corrupt. I have found that the blogosphere and the Drudge report are my best source of truthful accounts of ANYTHING going on in the world, let alone this election and the war.

Once you read these stories and learn the facts, it leads you to finally see the true opportunistic nature of a very selfish man. A man so obsessed with reaching his goal (of power and self-validation), that he is willing to tear apart not only our President, but the entire country. He has a pattern of manipulating the brave men of our military and their families. He wants us to believe that his 4 month stint in Viet Nam makes him immune to criticism about his dishonesty. He can come out and dare us to challenge his military record, and then scream foul when we do. He manipulated the policies of the military to decorate himself with medals and get an early ticket home, he admitted to atrocities and accused his fellow soldiers of such, and willfully worked to promote the agenda of our enemy. Flash forward 30 years later, and he is now attacking our soldiers again. Sadly, his entire attack is based on a false story. He accuses Bush of “rushing” to war, and “lying to the world” by using inaccurate information. This “inaccurate information” consisted of Intelligence reports from MANY nations, and yet he attacks his own country on information from CBS and New York Times! I hate to make such a strong charge, but to me, it seems he is once again using politics to further the agendas of our enemies.


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