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Friday, October 29, 2004


This post is all about CELEBRATING!

Here's what we CELEBRATE today:

  • Kerry has stepped in it again. He has ripped the US military AGAIN! He lied about them and tried to demonize them after he returned from Viet Nam (in order to propel himself into the spotlight as he aspired political office), and he did the same thing this week.
  • Beloved TERRORIST Arafat is fleeing Palestine.
  • Arafat has endorsed Kerry.
  • The Swift Boat Vets are having a rally on the steps of the Capitol on Sunday at 2:00pm, and promise to have some "revealing" information on Kerry.
  • CBS and NYT have both been caught with there "vote for Kerry" stickers showing. (Not to mention their inability to do true, accurate, and thorough reporting.
  • Bush's support is growing! Even Hawaii and New Jersey are taking a second look at Kerry's weaknesses.
  • Drudge is proving to have more integrity than the MSM!
  • Even UBL doesn't look very "enthused" in his latest propaganda tape.

Enjoy the following links! They are all about FUN!

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! Stay tuned for info. about the Swifteis, I will post any developments I find on this story!


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