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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Prince Hitler?

This is on of the most telling examples of European mindset that I have ever seen. I always understood Winston Churchill to be one of Britain’s greatest leaders, especially in their eyes. I am stunned at the fact that a part of the British Royal Family would consider a Nazi uniform anything BUT offensive. I would think that to a Brit, seeing the swastika would be much like an American black man seeing a white pointy hood. The Nazi’s did invade England. Churchill was trying to warn the world for years about the Nazi’s. I couldn’t imagine a Kennedy wearing a Kamikaze uniform to a costume party….. woops, I take that back, maybe a Kennedy or a Kerry would. I surely couldn’t imagine a Reagan or a Bush doing it though. I couldn’t picture any of the black leaders in America wearing a KKK outfit to a costume party. I knew I didn’t understand the media, or France, or Muslim extremists; but I had no idea that the educated and royalty of Britain were a people that were so blind to the Nazi inhumanity. I can’t imagine a Prince of Britain ever considering the Swastika anything other than symbol of a historical enemy that literally invaded their country. Heck, I couldn’t imagine the child of a politician in our country donning a rebel flag for Pete’s sake. Surely they’d know this would be offensive and a stupid move.

What are they teaching over there? What on earth is going through the head of a young man that when invited to a costume party thinks, “Hey, I know, I’ll wear a Nazi uniform with a swastika arm band. Yeah, that’ll be sooooo cool, man.” Especially a young man of the royal family of one of the countries the Nazi’s invaded. I am constantly stunned by the flippant attitude of Europeans about Hitler and World War II. Do they have NO idea how many wonderful and brave men gave their lives fighting this utter evil? Do they have no appreciation for the pure wickedness of this group of monsters? I can’t imagine this was a mistake. I cannot fathom that Prince Harry didn’t know what he was doing. I don’t see how anyone can see anything but a political statement and a slap in the face to the Jews and his very own country. Can this truly be interpreted as anything but self-hatred for his own people and his own country?

All I can say is that my child would never even consider wearing a symbol of al-Qaeda, Hamas, or Hezballah. If for any reason my child did, however, they would be spending the next 3 months being thoroughly “educated” on 9/11, AFTER they made a public plea for forgiveness for their shameful actions. The key to this though, is that my children already know of the evil of the Nazi’s and Osama, and Arafat. It is my job to make sure they know. If the Prince of Britain isn’t aware of how abhorrent his actions were, we are in for a VERY long War on Terror. This war would be over much sooner if people would do their part as individuals. We can’t afford to leave this one up to just the military and Homeland Security. This is not a law enforcement issue. This is a theology issue. This is not a war on actions; this is a war on culture and racial bias. This is not a war just for land; this is a war for freedom. It is time we realize that the key to ending this war, and ending it with victory, is teaching our children about the evil of the enemy and how to defeat the enemy. Trust me, the enemy is teaching their children.


  • I see that, on Thurday, Prince Harry has ruled out a visit to Auschwitz as atonement for his misdeed.
    But more on topic, the issue that immediately comes to mind is "Who is raising these kids?" With the nannies, an occasional glimpse of Mom or Dad, Grandma Lizzy, and GreatGranny QMother (while they lived, of course); I am left with little doubt about the behavior of the Royal Dudes. The lives of these people are open to the media in ways that were not available in the past. The family has not adjusted. Harry is particularly lost after Charles and William, I think he bounces between seeking a good time and seeking attention.
    It seems strange to have a whole family whose primary obligation is to spend their time and other people's money in an ostentacious manner.
    Sherri, you are right, we are in for a long battle with evil. The absence of values in our own citizens is an important reason why. Education is the obligation of parents. Prince Harry never had the benefit of this, and it shows!

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 3:48 PM  

  • - The young prince seems to be fufilling the black sheep role for this generation. An avid raver, he knows his brother is the chosen one and is no doubt not a little bitter. Add that to the normal godzillateen syndrom and its really not surprising. The prob is he's a prince and that of course makes every breath he draws prime red meat for the press. For his part he's immature to the extreme and has not a clue as to just how much his actions will draw attention and reflect on the Royal family and Briton in turn. He'll learn....

    By Blogger - Hunter, at 10:55 PM  

  • Hunter -- good comments! I like the last line:
    . . . "He'll learn...."
    Like Prince Andrew did??

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 12:18 AM  

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