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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Turner Salutes FOX!

Another rare day at Straight Up. We have two posts today so please be sure to check out both of them while you are here!

We are still discussing tort reform, but I thought it might be fun to lighten things up a bit.

I tend to find great amusement in the amount of public displays of sour grapes from people who refuse to leave the ivory towers and join us little people. This past election has revealed some interesting things. I was once told that to really know what someone is like, watch them in a time of crisis. When all is well, true character is never challenged. Consider the events of the last four years. We got a real peek at our President due to the terror of 9/11. As the likes of Michael Moore and Osama would have us believe that President Bush decided to read little books instead of dealing with an attack on America that sent people jumping out of burning skyscrapers; I saw a man that with all the things he must have been dealing with at the moment that he was informed that we were under attack, he thought of the children in that classroom above all. Americans rallied behind our country, our flag, and our leader- President Bush. Through the muck and mire of UN tactics and their venom for Bush, he stood in front of them time and time again and gave some of the most incredible speeches I have ever heard. Bush has been called Hitler, a liar, evil, etc. Every step of the way, I have never seen him lose his patience, bend his will, or compromise his strong stance on the issue. He has exercised great strength, compassion, and understanding. I like what I see out of this man while taking the heat.

But when we take a look around and see how others are handling the heat, well let’s just say it can get quite amusing. Between the imitation of Hulk Hogan by Democrat darling Dean, and our beloved Dan (the narcissist) Rather, I have found great enjoyment. The UN has lost all credibility to anyone with a moral barometer, Moore has found himself wringing his (empty) hands over the award nominations, CNN is drowning in arrogance, and the Democratic Senators are sending Boxer and the morally bankrupt “leaders” on a parade of who can waste more of your money campaign for the last week. Just when I think they have taken enough self-inflicted damage, the fringe Left finds another way to show their real character in tough times;
Ted Turner lashes out at FOX News Channel. (Oh, and another story on this here)


Here's Ted as he embarks into the CNN retirement plan:

And this is Ted leading us in a rendition of one of my childhood favorites, "Itsy, Bitsy Spider."


  • I think it's the breakup with Jane Fonda that caused him to go off the deep end. He pines for the nights with the chick in the Barbarella costume.
    ( )
    Forgive me, I'm getting woozy.

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 10:41 AM  

  • LOL!!

    Hmmmm... You mean he might miss this:

    and this:


    Oh- well- the purpose of this thread is to get a break from all the seriousness of the political "circus."

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 11:03 AM  

  • - What do you call 50,000 Medical Claim Lawyers at the bottom of the Ocean .... "Politically Correct"....

    - Why do I get the feeling with Hanoi Janie you'd have to dress in fatigues, let her call you Fidel, and always do it under a tree.....

    - (Repost - Just because its getting to be mucho work just keeping up with the army of braindead moonbats and their looney antics....)

    - Coupled with this latest report of Oregon US citizens trying to gain entrance into Iraq to fight alongside the Islamofacist murdering scum, its a definate wake-up call that we need to really start cracking down on people who have lost their perspective and let their politics become inter-mingled with their personal issues. Its interesting to watch the tap dancing of the Kerry campaign people and the DNC. They are abject cowards. They stir up the emotions of some of the mentally unhinged in their ranks, and then when the rhetoric shit hits the fan, to wit the tire slashing of GOP vans carried out by no les than the son of a congress woman, they duck and run and claim no responsibility or connection. Just another example of the extreme perfidity of the manic Marxist shadow groups that infest what passes for the Democratic party these days. Along with the obstructionist efforts being carried out by the troop of sour grapes ne'er-do-wells in the Senate, the Democrats had better take back control of their party from the leftist asshats soon, or 2006 may be another slide into political oblivion....

    - Boxers going to find the going tough for re-election in 2006....theres a whole lot of Military families out here that see her indefensible partisan grand-standing as a betrayal...Worse now that its turned out that she tied the whole shamful excersize to a fund raising campaign for the DNC...People won't forget.... Large numbers of the black community are also wondering what they were thinking about when they sent the wicked senator of the west to congress.....

    By Blogger - Hunter, at 2:05 PM  

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