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Friday, January 21, 2005

Not Very Attractive, Ladies

For the past week I have been tackling the issue of feminism. I continue to be amazed at the mental hoops people will jump through in order to justify their biased view. Before we get started today, let’s just take a look at the feminist movement.

The feminist movement gained most of its attention and momentum through the ERA. The ERA agenda was sold to the American people as an equal rights fight. The entire premise was billed as a human rights issue. According to the early days of the ERA movement it was about women being TREATED fairly. I have said this before, and I will say it again, I am all for equal pay for equal work. Totally, totally fair and right. I cannot buy a loaf of bread cheaper than a man; by golly I should not be paid less for performing the same job. I do recognize that some with the same job tasks and titles may actually perform these jobs and tasks better, therefore, would deserve a higher pay rate. This should of course be determined once a grace period and an evaluation occurs, or if one’s qualifications warrant a higher starting rate of pay. ERA was also sold to us under the guise that women were hitting glass ceilings or just flat out discrimination in the work place. Let’s be honest, these issues were RIGHTFULLY brought to the fore and I am thrilled that they were addressed and that American society has worked hard to “fix” these things. But then what went wrong?

This reminds be so much of the fight that Martin Luther King, Jr. took on, and how he would be just perplexed to see how it has been hijacked. His very intentions for his fight have been twisted and abused by people to the point that the original intent, once achieved, came to a fork in the road and headed off an embankment. Sadly, way too many women and blacks are sitting in the bus blind to the fact that they are headed for a crash.

Racism and sexism are NOT healthy in our society. The truth is that we have overcome these things. Sure, racism still exists. Sure, sexism still exists. We are ALL human. Unless we are willing to take people out and shoot them for being sexist and racist, we will NEVER totally eradicate the existence of these things. We have a system in place now that deals with these issues and holds people accountable and even allows them to be punished for practicing such bigotry. I am not saying that the fight is all over, and I am not saying that we don’t have some NEW issues to deal with due to the changes these movements have created.

What has happened to the feminist movement is flat out shameful. In their fight, they found inner strength and great comfort in their power to work together and cause great change that was needed and warranted. Then, somewhere along the line, comfort turned to lust, and things went VERY, VERY BADLY. Once you have organized a group to take on such a task and then that task is achieved, what next? How about scaling down and instead of remaining a full fledged fighting machine, you turn into a watchdog. You keep an eye on the system and assure that the things promised to you actually continue to take place. Somewhere, hate for men festered in these women and equality lost its luster. Instead of this, they came up with other issues and began bullying. Once they got what they wanted, it just wasn’t enough. Instead of equality, they began fighting to try and make women the rulers of the world. They couldn’t change science and nature, so they began a wild parade of trying to wipe out any sign of the fact that they are different. What are they so angry about? Do they really hate being women so much?

What is this “reproductive rights” bologna? Maybe
Lawrence Summers had a point. (See link for a GREAT piece on this media fiasco) Some women can’t seem to do simple cause and effect equations. They want to hold MEN accountable for the same equations, but somehow think they get to be void of such a mundane task. Men, if you don’t want to father children, or pay child support, then don’t lie down! Once a woman is pregnant- you lose ALL rights in the decision making on this, yet if the mother chooses to keep the said child, guess who is legally obligated to pay child support for the next 18 years? “But I don’t want to have a child. I never wanted to have a child,” doesn’t cut it. You play- you pay. You don’t get to say, “HEY, This is MY body. MY body works to get paid and if I don’t want to use my body to support this child, you are invading my body.” That just doesn’t quite work. Men are expected to know and realize that having sex can result in fathering a child, so choose your path accordingly.

Women, however seem to just be able to avoid any accountability. Women DO have reproductive rights. If you don’t want to be pregnant- DON’T LIE DOWN! DUH! Instead they make their case as if some foreign alien has taken over their body without their permission, and now they must have the right to destroy it. They have even gone so far to claim that this is not a life. HUH? Who do you think you are kidding? I know this is science (a tough subject for women to grasp), but try and keep up with me here. Once the egg is FERTILIZED (made productive), viola, DNA. Yes, DNA. DNA is the marker of LIFE! HUH? Imagine that. This DNA is SEPARATE from the mother or the father. This is now it’s very own separate LIFE! This is not the DNA of a frog, or a flea. It is the DNA of a CHILD! Life has already BEGUN! I know this doesn’t fit into your little scheme of making the world perfect according to feminists, but it is a FACT! The real problem with feminism is that they are no longer fighting for equality. They are now fighting to CHANGE the world in order to make it fit into what THEY want it to be. YOU CANNOT CHANGE IT. No temper tantrum, no twisted logic, no court order will ever change the fact that you DO have reproductive rights- you just don’t want to be held accountable for your own actions. You don’t want to deal with the consequences of your own choices. THIS IS DANGEROUS AND CHILDISH!

Why are they so bent on trying to convince us that men are not necessary? Where is there ANY logic in this? They are powered my pure emotionalism and NO logic. Emotionalism is needed, vital and necessary; so is logic. The danger is that their emotionalism is based in anger and whimpering about life not being fair, and then they grasp onto a perverse logic that just doesn’t hold any credibility. GROW UP! More and more women are facing depression and other mental disease. We were not created to DO IT ALL! We are not superhuman. We are women. Men are not superhuman. They are men. We work best when we work together. Anyone who knows anything about running a successful business knows that you run with your strengths and employ your weaknesses. Women are just better at some things. Men are just better at other things. NO shame in this. It is actually a great thing. It is wonderful to know that I don’t have to BE ALL or DO ALL. It is a lovely and peaceful existence to just accept life as it is, instead of trying to defy God, mother nature; whatever it is you believe that life and science is based upon.

I pity women that are just so bent up over all this. They are missing out on some beautiful things in life. I love being a woman. I love knowing that it is a man’s job to confront the midnight intruder and protect my children and me. I love knowing that God’s plan is so divine. I love that he has given us a manual on how to enjoy life the most. The laws of the earth are not there to hinder us or make us miserable- they are there to make life great and protect us. The world is designed in a way to give us great comfort, peace, and pleasure. Fighting the laws of this earth and humanity will never be a winning battle. The strife and pain you put yourself through to try and change this is just ridiculous. A woman that gets angry with a man for opening a door for her has no class. A woman that wants to convince the world that her becoming pregnant and carrying a life inside of her is some kind of curse and a violation of her rights if she can’t kill this life is just plain selfish, immature, and is actually denying that she has power. I thought feminists were about womanpower. Why all the effort to portray women as powerless victims? I thought feminism was about asserting that women are intelligent and can make good decisions. Why all the effort to deny logic and common sense while showing such a lack of ability to make wise decisions? This “reproductive rights” thing is a bunch of gobly gook. If you truly believe that women are powerful, well adjusted, smart, and strong, then start acting like it. Accept responsibility for your own actions. Accept that women are designed to carry life. Stop trying to deny whom you are, and what you are. It has to get tiring jumping through all those mental hoops. It must wear you down to be so angry all the time. I know you’ll love this part. It’s also not very lady-like, pretty, or attractive.


  • Anyone up for a joke?

    There is a lady that lived in a small farm town. She suffered from Claustrophobia, but her dream was to live in New York City. She found a great job, but it was on a top floor of a tall skyscraper. Everyday, she took the stairs. When New Year's Eve came around, she decided it was time to overcome her fear. SHe started seeing a psychiatrist in order to conquer her fear of using the elevators.
    The doctor instructed her to go everyday on her lunch break and take the elevator for just two stories. Every day, add two more stories. After a week, the doctor told her to go to the Empire State Building and go all the way to the top. SHe was scared to death, but setermined to master her fears. She went to the Empire State Building and boarded the elevator. There was only one other person in the elevator with her. He was quite a handsome man. ABout half way, the elevator got stuck. She started to panic; shaking and breathing in gasps, but quickly got control of herself. After a few moments, she started to panic again. Again, she gained control of herslef. THis went on for about 19 minutes and she finally just couldn't take it anymore. SHe HAD to find a way to release all her anxiety. So she ripped all her clothes off, pressed herself against the man in the elevator, gazed desperately into his eyes and said, "Treat me like a woman." The man was thrilled. He TORe his clothes off, threw them in the corner, and said, "Now, pick them up and fold them, honey."

    Hope you like it!

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 1:23 PM  

  • Sherri -

    Wow!!! That is an absolutely stunninng, first-class post. Very good points on responsibility and empowerment. I've linked.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:55 PM  

  • - "Faux victimization" is the mirror image of the basic liberal credo of "responsibility aversion"...

    - If you try to follow the twisted logic of the Neo-feminists it would seem that somehow feminism has morphed into a sexual orientation issue... Huh?

    By Blogger - Hunter, at 3:31 PM  

  • Whoa...excellent post. Great points on personal responsibility and the downside of what started as common sense -- feminism.

    If you haven't read it, do read "Who Stole Feminism" by Christina Hoff Sommers. She breaks it down between the equity feminists (those that really were just looking for women to be treated as allowed to be doctors, pilots, etc) and gender feminists (the manhaters). Great book of blowing the lid off of several G-feminist articles of faith showing them as vicious myths. :::sigh::: twice I've bought the book and lent it out never to get it back. Great read.

    And Sherri... I'm in awe of your courage. Your post on my blog was wonderful.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:11 PM  

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed your series this week.
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