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Friday, January 14, 2005

Maureen, GROW UP!

I didn't get to listen to Rush yesterday, but I did go to his sight and read the transcript from this segment of this show. He was commenting on a column by Maureen Dowd called Men Just Want Mommy. Women like this are some of the most childish people I can think of. They truly want to live their lives in any way they wish to live it without accepting the reality of their choices. It is as if everything natural in the world must change- just to accommodate them. "I want the world to work like THIS, and if the rest of you don't see how THIS is better, then YOU are......" You can finish that with any number of words; such as dumb, weak, a Neanderthal, uneducated, etc.. To me, it is the equivalent to a man stomping his feet and whining that it is just not fair that they can't get pregnant. I have the same response to women like Maureen as I would to a man throwing a temper tantrum about not being able to bear children. "GROW UP!" In fact, I would have more understanding for a man who wants to experience child-birth, than for a woman that has made choices leading to her own "unhappiness." One of the most interesting things about feminists is that they will debate their "issues" with men all day long, but they NEVER want to go head to head with a woman like me. NEVER! They can play the Neanderthal card with him. It won't work or fly with me. So hey there Maureen- if yah feel up to it- let's talk, honey.

What I have noticed in my short time (I am only 36), is that before the feminazis- men and women (couples) faced life and the world as a team. These days, once the rose-colored obsession is gone, it becomes me against them. You have two people vying for attention and the role of wearing the pants. As a single mother- I long for the day when I can be a woman again. I WANT to serve my husband. I WANT to pour his coffee and cook his meals. I also want to hand HIM the checkbook and tell him to figure out how to pay the bills. (creative accounting, ha ha!) I was not created to play both roles! That was never God's intention for my life, nor was it the intention for my children's lives. I want a husband who serves me. But see, he serves me by being the MAN. He serves me by providing and protecting. I serve him by supporting and nurturing him. Of course men and women are equal. They are both vital, but they are DIFFERENT. The feminist movement was sold to us as freedom from bondage. What it delivered was MORE bondage. We were told this would give us more choices- it has delivered LESS choices. We are not just free to live a life with more power- we are actually living a life with less power to be happy, because we cannot possibly live up to being ALL things. We are women. Period. We have our own special traits to bring to a marriage, and he has his. True power for a woman is knowing how to change a tire if she needs to, but also having a man willing to do it for her because he loves her. Just as a man who knows how to cook a meal if he needs to, but having a wife to do it for him, because she WANTS to. These women spend their lives proving they don't need a man, and then wonder why a man is not interested in being with a woman that makes it clear that she hates the idea of needing him. Who wants to be in a relationship with someone that makes them feel like they are not needed. We ALL want to feel needed by our partner. I don't mean in a way that leaves us hopeless and vulnerable. I mean in a way that makes us BETTER. I can do a better job of raising a family with a man that loves me. I can be a better employee, employer, citizen- with a man that loves and supports me. These are the facts. Thanks to the feminazis- I feel like I have FEWER choices. I can no longer just be a woman. I am now EXPECTED, by society, to be superhuman. It is not degrading to put my fork down and get up from the table to fill my husbands tea glass- it is an HONOR. THIS is the man that loves me, adores me, and provides for me and my children. This is the man that will fight a knife-wielding intruder for my safety. This is the man that gave up the guys nights out- to be with me. I am the woman that gave up the executive board rooms to help our children with their homework. The feminists want to value their SELF AMBITION over a man and a family. Being dependent on a man is seen as weak. What man wants to be in a relationship with a woman that values her "INDEPENDENCE" over her unity with him. Especially when the truth is that SHE would not want to be with a man that values HIS independence over his unity with HER. It isn't about being equal for feminists. It is about refusing to allow themselves to be women. I am all for equal pay for equal work. I can't buy bread cheaper than he can. But I am NOT for role changes. I tell young girls all the time. BEFORE you say "I do"- ask yourself- "Is this the man I want to OBEY they rest of my life?" IF they have a problem with the word OBEY- they are NOT ready for the reality of marriage and what it takes to make a marriage work. If they have a problem with OBEYING HIM- then HE is not the right man. So if a feminist has a problem with the fact that men don't want to marry her- IT WAS HER CHOICE!Reality check time for the feminists. If she can't nurture and allow HIM to be the protector and provider- HER problem- NOT OURS. True strength, power, and self-worth comes from deep inside- not a chip on your shoulder, a title on your desk nameplate, or a number in your bank account. True happiness comes from being true to who you were created to be- not from denying it. Take it from a recovered ERA woman. Every time I mow the lawn and take out trash- I think- "Dang, I was not created to do THIS. HE was."


  • An expression of my own feelings, Sherri! One of the things that amazes me about the successful business women I have known is that they conform to the male business image. They are tough, hard-nosed, direct, etc. They have really impressed me as "leaders", but they do not impress me as women. In the consulting role, women have more opportunity to be persuasive, something they tend to be very good at.
    I further believe that the "independence" offered to women causes a lot of breakup in families. Back in the mid-fifties, when I was acquiring my attitudes regarding men, women, and family, things seemed much better. A divorced woman was seen as the town pariah, a wife-beater was treated as a social degenerate. People shunned each. Now, there are some who would say these things were just being hidden, but I know that's not true. I lived in some pretty bad parts of town, but families stuck together as a team. Sure, there were black sheep and other deviants, but they were the exception, not the rule.
    I wanted a girl just like my mom, but times have made those women so rare. Men and women have both changed, and I don't think that's good.

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 11:13 AM  

  • - Poor MoDo JoJo....Looks like her age is showing...Ever since the White house finally had had enough of her liberal driven bear-baiting questions and speech making, and they moved her to the back row at the morning press gaggles, she's beem slowly coming more and more unhinged....This sort of article could have been written by any 1st year pol, but most editors would not so gently point out that Washington might as well be on another planet when it comes to social issues...

    - In another vein, the more I know you the more I like what I see Sherri sweets....

    By Blogger - Hunter, at 5:01 PM  

  • I've known women like Dowd (I might have even been one, though not as visceral, I hope). I grew up with a very controlling, alcoholic Father, and a very uneducated/not worldly Mother. After seeing the mental abuse my Mother suffered, I vowed I would never be at the mercy of a man. It gave me the strength to "make it" in a very competitive corporate environment.

    Fortunately, I had some looks to go along with my drive. I'll have to admit, I passed up some good prospects for marriage because I wouldn't let my guard down. I can see a little bit of where Mo is coming from. But blaming men is just WRONG.

    Mo needs to face her own demons and quit bemoaning where she is in her life. She has become a bitter old woman, and her prospects of finding a man are not very good. My recommendation is that she get a few cats and settle into the "alone" routine. She's going to be there for a while.

    By Blogger opine6, at 8:17 PM  

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