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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Help Me Out Here. What Do YOU Think???

Today’s post is a little different than most posts. Today I am asking for you all to enlighten me. I am so sick of the Israel/Palestinian war. I have debated doing a long, in-depth piece on the whole history of this- just to quell all the lies being told, but then I realize that this would take so much time and probably only reach “the choir,” so to speak. In other words- the amount of time and effort would not actually be worth the lack of real change or effect. I have compiled maps, links, etc- but would it really do any good? Would the truth have any effect on those that buy into the falsehoods and lies?

Then I came across a post at LGF that started me to really think about something. Originally, in the months following 9/11, I was looking for Muslims (American or other) to come forward and speak out against the hijacking of their religion. (Thank God I did not hold my breath!) I didn’t find LGF until October of 2004, so I was exposed to talk radio (conservative outlets) and FOX News for most of my information. I was not “up” on my history and knowledge of Islam (other than learning in school that the religion was spread by the sword), or the teaching of Islam. I did not know that their “prophet” liked little girls (VERY LITTLE GIRLS), and I did not know that their actual “manual” taught death to all “unbelievers.” I only knew that back in the day, it was spread this way, but somewhere in learning this, I was lead to believe that it was spread this way due to the “uncivilized” culture of this day and age, not the religion itself. All this being said, I honestly felt that if the leaders of Islam would denounce the violence and terror, just as legitimate Christian leaders spoke out against abortion clinic bombings, that this could really be just a battle against the “kook fringe” of Islam and would not take long to “starve them out of existence” due to lack of support. What I found out along the way is shocking.

I found that this would probably have worked here in America, but not worldwide. It didn’t work in America because too many of the Muslim leaders weren’t actually born and raised here, but just came here from Arab/Middle East countries and this is where they were educated. They receive much funding from these places and their terrorist organizations, and they were sent here to literally “set up camp” and change the US, not join it. I also learned of the “education” the Middle East/Arab countries are giving and the violent nature of their culture. It is truly like stepping back into ancient times. How do we overcome this kind of indoctrinated disease of hate and horror? I mean we can just keep killing those that will never change- but this will just be endless until the countries themselves want to stop all the hate. How do they do this? How do they keep the religion they base their existence upon and turn their backs on its teaching? If they do not- the cycle will just continue. There are no easy options here.

It pains me to admit it, but I don’t think America has the stomach for the kind of violence needed to destroy this disease of terror, but yet I don’t doubt that America will NEVER embrace Islam as its way of life. I also don’t doubt that the Middle East will never open their eyes to the fact that we are NOT imperialists- especially while the press and media feed this monster theory. Iraq is truly our biggest hope.

I feel it would be very effective for Muslim leaders worldwide to start trumpeting that the terror and violence is NEVER justified and insults Allah, but I am not holding my breath. When these leaders do speak out, we all roll our eyes. They can come out and say, “Islam is peaceful,” and we all just want to puke. We have been educated about Islam too well to believe this. We are fighting terror groups that literally DO front themselves as charity organizations. If we just take the “Palestinians” (I find it hard to give them legitimacy when I know the real facts and truth on their claims as an actual “race”), for example. They are taught that death to Israel is their only hope for a future that they are entitled to by Allah. They are taught that Israel is the EVIL of all EVIL (along with the US). They are taught that their “homeland” was stolen from them; that their rightful land promised and given them by Allah, was just robbed of them by the EVIL, blood drinking, apes known as the “Jews.” Then they are taught that they are just poor and poverty stricken due to Israel. It is easy to teach them this because the other Arab countries are all “supported” by their governments, and the “Palestinians” are under Israeli rule. But in Israel, the government is not the cash cow. They are a democracy. Plenty of money is given to “support” the Palestinians, but it is not used for this. It is robbed form them by their leaders who use it to basically keep them in power, fund operations to destroy Israel, keep little wives in France happily shopping, etc. The dictators are brilliant here. They convince the people that their poverty is due to Israel and the US. They are taught that due to their poverty- and the US funding the Israeli military- terror is the only way to fight them and they even have their religious “manual” to support the terror. Then they get to see Israel send tanks in to destroy the terror infrastructure and assassinate the leaders of terror organizations. The kicker here is that the “Palestinians” see these leaders as great humanitarians. Hamas for example, gives food blankets, etc to these “poor Palestinians.” They are seen as Mother Teresa types! If we crack down on Hamas, we are cracking down on Mother Teresa to them for Pete’s sake. You and I know this is bunk, but THEY really don’t! I mean the leaders do, but the average Palestinian who has never stepped out of their “cultural prison” has absolutely NO IDEA! They have been raised to be violent and uncivilized monsters, but they think they are fighting a holy war against people that have stolen their inheritance. An inheritance that will save them from their troubles, woes, and poverty at that. Will there ever be a person (one of their own- they will never listen to us) to step up to the plate who really cares about these people and help tell them the truth? (Without getting 25 bullets in their head)

I guess my question is ultimately this: Do we continue to roll our eye when Muslims speak out and say that the actions of violence and terror are NOT the ways of Islam? Do we embrace these people and try to help them get their message out in order to help work on changing the way Islam is taught? It has to start somewhere right? I previously thought this was so simple. I thought whacking them on the nose to teach them that violence isn’t going to work was the answer. I am still not giving up on this idea, but I am starting to see where every time we deal with them by “suspending” talks or blasting a headquarters, we are just feeding into the bill of lies they have already been sold about us.

I am not even slightly suggesting that we join hands and sing, “I’d like to give the world a coke…”. I am not even close to considering that force is NOT just justified but VITAL! I am just torn between running around telling Muslims that their religion DOES teach violence against all and this is just gong to beget more violence, and running around supporting those that speak out and denounce the violence that Muslims perpetrate as NON-MUSLIM!

Have at it bar flies- what do ya’ll think?


  • Good question, Sherri. And your conjectures are in line with my own. There are two issues that I consider pertinent to the topic.
    First, I believe that Mohammed is the anti-Christ. He founded a religion based upon hate. He advocates violence and intimidation to subjugate the world population to theocratic thugs using God's name in vain. Whereas there have been other instances of similar behavior (such as the inquisition and witch trials), these were perversions of the religions for the power of men. In the case of Islam, it is a fundamental tenet of the religion! It would be a perversion not to use violence. When you tell the people that all joy and pleasure is evil, as the Ayatollah Khomeni did, you are causing unnecessary misery and suffering in order to inflate the power of men. But this is not a singular instance. Your treatise on Palestine says the same thing. So, I say Islam is the work of the devil. I do, however, believe that most Muslims are inherently good people despite their religion, not because of it (insert Edmund Burke quote here).
    Issue two, is wholly different. It strikes me as totally weird that America really is out of touch with the right wing. What we have accepted as most right-wing policy is actually centrist. Maintaining the status quo is a conservative philosophy. Lock and load is more right wing. We seldom hear of the true right wingers in this country. For instance, Gerhard Lauck, Randy Weaver, and David Duke. These represent three different idiologies, but all are right wing extreme (be a Nazi, leave me alone, white power). There are very quiet organizations, such as the Montana militia that will take care of a lot of problems domestically, unceremoniously. I still think that Montana and Idaho have the largest poputions of undercounted people - not in the census. These groups (or tribes) represent the greatest threat to Islam in America. But there is little news regarding them.
    Finally, realize that I am not a right wing extremist. Just about as far right as Michael Savage, which is on the right edge of conservative.

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 12:48 PM  

  • You know I think the fundamental difference between Christianity and Islam is that Christianity cares about perfecting the souls of the individuals, whereas Islam cares only for the "hive' and absolutely nothing for the individual "bees". Islam preaches collectivism, In my mind, all collectivism is evil and anti-human.

    That is why the globalists give Islam a free-pass on all their evil acts. They too dream of a collectivist society, where individual liberty is a thing of the past. Islam is their plowhorse to move the world in that direction.

    I try to reach out to Muslims that I come in contact with on a personal basis. Not to preach or suck up, but to show them why I feel the way I do about a "religion" that promotes suicide murders, and killing innocents. When confronted by a reasonable person in a calm tone, you can see them squirm and struggle for a logical explanation, because there is none. We can't change them, only they themselves can do that. The message of peace from J* will always prevail over death and evil, but it takes time. Keep the faith and do what you know is the right thing.

    I wonder what is the ghist of the post at LGF that made you think?

    Anonymous from Michigan (wink, nod)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:50 PM  

  • - A few factoids....

    - Islam preaches every manner of pravaracation and evasiveness as a part of "overcoming" the infidel hordes... Its an intregal part of Allahs Cephaletic proclamations and a key part of the Q'ouran....(If you had wondered why it makes perfect sense to Muslims to make treaty agreements over and over and then attack the other country now it should be clear....)

    - The name Palistine is a distortion of "Phillistine" and is a Jewish, not an Arab word. It was forced on the area and the jews in the manner of those days to eradicate all traces of jewish culture and as an ultimate insult...

    - Mohammod built the first Mosque on the mount to literily subjegate the jewish temples and claim his invented religion as "first". Then he modeled Islam after a totalitarian state, not a true religion at all...

    By Blogger - Hunter, at 11:18 PM  

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