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Monday, January 24, 2005


Well the tort reform issue seems to be just busting down the doors with interest (sarcasm). I have to admit I am a little concerned about the lack of interest. I guess it just proves my point that too many people are literally sleeping through this entire thing. I will not surprised when the media starts harping on the endless accounts of horror stories attributed to the EVIL REPUBLICANS for passing tort reform that leaves children of single moms penniless after their mother dies due to doctor negligence; as high powered trial attorneys’ kids are instant millionaires for the same thing. I also won’t be surprised when we start reading in the New York Times about how doctors in ER’s were getting creative in justifying how a man in a 3 piece suit came into the ER with a head-ache, and his injury needed more immediate attention because it could have been a tumor; while the black woman in rags with a knife wound had to wait because a nurse could stop the bleeding. I am sure some of you are wondering what the heck I am talking about. I must sound like a fictional character from a childhood book; like a chicken running around the yard screaming, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

Let me try and make this as clear as I can. The Republicans (I am a conservative- not a Republican- but I do want to preserve the Republican Party from liberal media Witch hunts, because without the Republicans, I am at the mercy of the LOONEY LIBS!), are in the midst of passing tort reform all across America that is NOT in the BEST interest of America. I am not out to slam Republicans (I happen to vote Republican), but I am certainly not going to allow them to destroy themselves if I can help it. Right now, America is waking up to the Liberal Socialists and their wacky behavior and agendas. The last thing we need is BAD tort reform- touted by Republicans- to give ammo to the liberal media in time for the next election!

This is one of the most frustrating things about Americans. We just piddle through everyday life- strapped by pressures of work and marriage and kids. We listen to sound bites, propaganda, and other EASY ways to get informed. We don’t do our homework and put any effort into getting the facts. We listen to party lines. We take it for granted that Democrats really like blacks and Bush is just an idiot with a genius like Karl Rove (The Darth Vader to Democrats), or that the Republicans are able to handle these things, whatever. I see men get more emotional about a FOOTBALL game than they do TORT REFORM! (I happen to love football- a huge Buddy Ryan fan as a matter of fact- and I know I sound like a NERD for saying this, but C'mon.) The bottom line- we are NOT paying attention! AT ALL!! The election is over. We dodged John Kerry. WHEW! But now we seem to think that the rest of the political thing is in good hands so, let it ride. I hate to rain on the PARADE OF COMFORT AND OBLIVIAN, but THIS IS NOT THE CASE PEOPLE! Right now, many politicians, insurance agencies, health care professionals, and attorneys are about to make some HUGE changes that could affect ANY OF US! We cannot sit around applying a black mask to trial attorneys and a white cape to doctors. There are good and bad in EVERY profession. I personally know of an instance (from a very personal and reliable source that I trust- I emphasize- I TRUST) in which elected officials have gone as far as to admit they don’t care if the bill passed is good for the people, as long as it gets passed, their name is on it, and it hurts……. (One said group. Let’s just say). THIS infuriates me. Especially when I have read one of the bills myself and almost flipped.

I realize I am RANTING. I usually like to stay logical and stick to facts without inciting a lot of “emotion,” but sheeshk- I am dumbstruck at the lack of interest in this. THIS IS BIG! VERY VERY VERY VERY BIG! If we aren’t interested in this topic, I will be stunned and frustrated, but let me know and I will move on to something else. If you just want to know more, great, let me know. But whatever you do, don’t shrug this off. You have no idea where this is headed if we don’t watch it.


  • Okay, I shall have a go at it.
    1. From a medical standard that you have raised, the Republicans are probably the most guilty. I do not believe in a lot of government-run processes. But that does not mean that I like "for profit" control of some things, either. The whole idea of medical treatment for profit makes me sick - I hope I never need to go to a hospital to treat that illness. I remember the "good-old-days" when hospitals were run mostly by religious Universities, religious sects, County governments, and State Universities. These hospitals were scattered throughout the city, but mostly in the inner-city, because that's where the schools and churches were. If a patient couldn't pay, service was provided gratis, because that's what religions & governments do.
    Then came the big "buy-out". Admittedly, the state-of-the-art in medicine improved with the profit motive, but a sinister thing happened. When the poor and uninsured needed service, it was provided, but billed to the government. The gov't responded by applying reduced payment rates for scum-of-the-earth.
    Well dang me, the medical corporations figured it out. We'll just close this old facility and build a new "medical center" out in the wealthy suburbs where everyone has wealth and/or insurance! Next thing you know there are 4 hospitals (not rooms, hospitals) for every patient in the suburbs and only part-time clinics in the inner city. The success of the facilities and their doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. are measured by the "profit standard". Guys, there are some things that should be left to religion and local government (did I say that?). These include medical and social services.
    2. Again Republicans - the deregulation of medical and legal services is repugnant. I want safe drugs that some qualified agency of the federal government has approved. Once they approve it, I lose my right to sue the manufacturer/distributor. I do not want ads telling me I need to tell my physician that I must have some X-poopy drug without even tellling me what it's for. But hey, those people are all having a better life on TV than I am, so I guess I need that drug! Oh, am I the only one not having sex 18 times per week, so I need drugs to keep it up? And if I have an erection lasting more than 4 hours, I'm calling the National Enquirer! I know I'm ugly, but cosmetic surgery isn't going to fix that. People don't like me because I'm a jerk, not because I don't do the right drugs or have attractive features (I'm a beady-eyed, little old, bald guy).
    3. The laywers - enabled by the Republicans. I never knew that I could sue everybody in some scheme to make lawyers rich? I should have read (and believed) the lable on that Carbon Tetrachloride cold parts cleaner back in '66 before rebuilding carburetors in my basement! Liver inflamation cost me an alternate appointment to West Point. I coulda been something if it wasn't for THEM. (Boo-hoo - sue, sue). Guys, I really get annoyed by those commercials for attorneys. So, since the lawyers are enabled by the Republicans, why to they return the payoffs to the Democrats?

    A good co-rant, Sherri? My blood is boiling, I hope my heart holds out, because I DON'T HAVE A JOB - I CAN'T AFFORD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL! Mmmmm - Altace, what a blessing (that's a blood-pressure pill I take for those who don't know).

    p.s. If we can get some replies, I shall rain on the Democrat Party as well! I don't like them, either.

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 8:05 PM  

  • Right Wing Nut Job,

    I noticed on your profile that you are a Monty Python aficionado – thus I will discourse with you on a more mature level as you are obviously a man of intellect and refined taste. Perhaps one day you will hear my 7-year old quote “she’s a witch. She turned me into a newt… well… I got better” all in an English accent!

    What I find interesting in your post is that while you claim to be a true capitalist, you want government to provide medical service “gratis… because that’s what religions and government do.” I have never known a government to provide any service to its citizens “gratis.” Someone has to pay –whether it is religion, government (ie, the taxpayer), or the consumer - even at University hospitals, someone has to fund the costs of the medical support. Where is the capitalism in your proposal? This smacks too much of the very socialist principles that, as a capitalist, you would deny.

    I also have great concern with your premise that once the FDA approves a drug that somehow we lose our ability to sue. The premise here is that this governmental agency is somehow the final arbiter of medical standards. While I do not want frivolous lawsuits, merely giving a government agency exoneration in practice, in no way abrogates its responsibility for its decisions. Remember, all those ads about which you complain, have been approved by the FDA. Where is the responsibility of the consumer? I submit that the debacle of the present day medical dilemma had more to do with insurance than medical procedure.

    However, more to Sherri’s question of why no one is concerned with tort reform – it has to do with what’s on the radar screen. President Bush has elevated Social Security and Taxes as his albatross and thus the MSM (media) is focusing on his agenda – witness the absurd amount of attention given to Barbara Boxer. Tort reform will be an issue for another year.

    Dr. Liberty

    By Blogger Dr. Liberty, at 12:12 AM  

  • Dr. Liberty:
    Very good observations. I am a true capitalist regarding the "creation" of capital. I oppose most money games played in the name of "capitalism". I am not a Libertarian. I agree that the 'gratis' means someone else is paying. But then, so is the insurance pool. I just think that the payment of medical is messy, no matter how it's done. Keep in mind that I do not detest local governments and their involvement in hospitals. On the other hand, the Veterans (federal) Hospital system is not as good, in my opinion. There is, indeed, a piece of socialism in my preferences. Just as a "national" military is socialist. However, so are the rectories and convents that administered the religious schools and hospitals.
    We certainly should be permitted to sue where there is deception, fraud, or criminal process involved. But we should not sue for the issues that have been cleared. Someone must be the arbiter of medical standards - that "someone" should not be an ignorant jury. I wouldn't trust a jury to approve structural drawings for a bridge or issue medical certification to physicians or legal certifications to attorneys. But we trust them to arbitrate medical standards, after the fact? Also, "local" government arbitration would be too many points of light - not good.
    I do not complain that the ads are approved by the FDA. They have rules that encourage the kind of idiocy I see. What I object to is the existence of the ads - not their content.
    I agree that the modern debacle is largely due to insurance. This has removed much of the fiscal responsibilty from the consumer. I think fixed copays are the greatest problem here. I know that I have argued successfully against items that were billed, but never delivered, in the hospital for both my wife and my son (to the benefit of the insurance company - it did not directly save me money at the time). I doubt many people do this.
    Tort reform not on the radar? You're likely correct. I think that the recent failures to accomplish anything on this in congress has a lot to do with it, also. There is outright obstructionism, or loading legislation with poison pills that make it unlikely to succeed.
    Finally, thank you for sharing the image of your daughter, the newt. Thoughts such as these make life pleasant indeed.

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 1:12 AM  

  • Tort reform isn't a bad idea. There are several types of damages. Compensatory damages are for actual economic losses. I wouldn't cap those. But non-economic, or speculative, damages probably should be capped. Punitive damages can get out of hand.

    Don't blame lawyers for everything. Juries award ridiculous judgments. Judges don't dismiss frivolous lawsuits. Half the lawyers are on the other side. Plaintiffs file fraudulent or frivous lawsuits all the time. Insurance companies and defense attorneys often would rather pay a nuisance value claim over trying to catch the unethical plaintiffs and lawyers by fighting in court.

    It takes a village to screw up our legal system.

    Good blog, Sherri. I loved your series on Communism. I need to get away from LGF into the wider blogosphere more often.

    By Blogger Chip, at 9:44 AM  

  • Also, sometimes business would rather hurt X number of people and pay the claims versus improving or withdrawing a product or service from the market. Actuaries sometimes get it wrong, hurting people, and costing their employers more money. Have I left anyone out?

    By Blogger Chip, at 9:50 AM  

  • Chip:
    I enjoyed your post. Compensatory damages may be as sticky as punitive damages. I know I'm going to sound like a socialist again - legal & medical do that to me. When a jury must determine actual losses, they put a value on the victim. And, as with Napoleon in "Animal Farm", ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL BUT SOME ANIMALS ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS.
    So, when I'm jabbering on my cell phone and run over some poor bag-boy from the Food4Less, it isn't too bad. On the other hand, if I run over George Soros, I get financially devastated. And some jury must figure this out. I'm not saying the jury system is the problem. But, we need ideas so that the problem can be addressed - by the people, not by the government.

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 10:48 AM  

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:50 PM  

  • The above post was deleted due to the fact that it contained fould langueage. It is MY rule that I don not allow foul language on MY blog. PERIOD! That being said- I will note that the comment contained foul language that was NOT the voice of the person commening, but in quotes they used from someone else. I have faith in the fact that the “ANONYMOUS” person leaving the comment does not condone or use foul language themselves, but was literally just using someone else’s word to illistrate their concerns. The next comment you will see, will be a cut and paste version of their original comment- without the foul language. LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR. THIS IS A VERY UNIQUE CASE! I DOUBT I WILL EVER FIND CAUSE AGAIN TO DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN JUST DELETE ANY POST WITH FOUL LANGUAGE AND WILL NOT DO THE COURTESY OF JUST “REVISING” IT TO MAKE IT ABLE TO STAY POSTED ON MY BLOG. If you continue to read on- you will inderstand why I am making an exception for THIS particular case.

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 4:56 PM  

  • · Sherri. I am a long-time 'lurker' on LGF and a devout Christian. I agree with much that is said there regarding the fanatics, but there are a few individuals that post there who trouble me deeply. You seem to be friendly with one of them, 'Iron Fist', who has posted this:

    #53 Iron Fist 11/23/2004 5:48:07 PM
    ...It's time to bring back the city-killer nukes, and pre-target the cities of the Muslim nations ...

    #98 Iron Fist 11/23/2004 8:53:25 PM
    ...Air-bursts are definitely the best deployment for mega-death level casualties. ...

    #87 Iron Fist 11/12/2004 9:14:25 PM
    I don't know about you, but I wanted to nuke them last time....

    #139 Iron Fist 10/2/2004 6:38:09 PM
    ...Just use the city-killers and be done with it.

    #31 Iron Fist 9/28/2004 9:03:20 PM
    We could have nuked them wouldn't have bothered me...

    #181 Iron Fist We really should have nuked Afghanistan. Not for revenge, but to simply let them know we'll go that far. ...

    #1 Iron Fist 6/5/2004 3:15:23 PM
    _____ it. Nuke 'em into glass. My question for you and other christians who read and post at LGF is why does no-one speak against this kind of talk? Is it not calling for mass-murder? How can *any* morality be debated when calls for genocide go unchallanged?

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 4:57 PM  

  • Now for my response to this post.

    I shouldn’t really bother to do ANYTHING other than ignore the comment for a few reasons- but the first reason is that this person posted as ANONYMOUS. This alone brings up a few issues. It is not always easy to “put myself out there.” When someone creates a blog- they are literally putting themselves under great scrutiny. I have people that read this blog from all over the world. Form China to South America and even in Africa and the Middle East. So it takes a lot to be willing to withstand the kind of scrutiny one COULD get when blogging. I point this out because as I have taken a stand of faith and strength in putting my name and picture out there for public consumption, the person calling my morality into question hides behind “ANONYMOUS.” I am however, able to get over this, because I DO understand that it takes great moral courage to make yourself available to accountability for your thoughts and words, and I realize that not everyone holds the courage to do that. I understand that it may have been hard for the person commenting to practice the same bravery I do. I also find it interesting that as I make this point, “ANONYMOUS” has called MY actions into question without giving ANY examples of where they have “challenged” the same thing. I, again, am able to get over this, because I recognize that just as moral courage is a gift by putting myself out there for scrutiny- so is confronting these things- so maybe “ANONYMOUS” doesn’t have THAT gift wither.

    I COULD take issue with the fact that due to remaining ANONYMOUS, they are able to hide any trace of their own “friends,” comments, or behavior. But- I won’t. I will certainly point out that “ANONYMOUS” could have emailed me with their question-(but I guess holding me to some kind of standard and account as they dodge ANY account for their own words is okay- after all- if ANONYMOUS had emialed me- I would be able to eamil them back. It seems ANONYMOUS may not be comfortable with that.) Instead- they chose to ask their question here- MY BLOG ( maybe an attempt to embarrass me? On my “own turf” yet)- this seems more of a CHALLENGE than a sincere question. They chose to ask their question in a placee that is TOTALLY OFF TOPIC! And they chose to ask their question after “ASSUMING” certain things and being quite one sided.

    I am going to make two other observations here. ANONYMOUS proclaims to be a devout Christian. As a devout Christian, may I say- TAKE A STAND! DON’T HIDE BEHIND ANONYMOUS. It appears rather hypocritical, don’t you think? Also as a Christian, we should challenge each other in a way that makes us stronger, and want to show MORE of a Christ like attitude not in a way that would incite another Christian to “lose” their Christ like attitude. (In a previous post I made the same comparsion to women that use their love to make men weaker- not stronger).

    There are several other angles that I could call to the carpet- but I think I have made the point that I would be justified in not answereing this comment at all- and this was the entire purpose of bringing up all my prior point. So, that point is made- and now onto the response.


    I am going to take it for granted that you are sincere in your question and not trying to “challenge” me. Because of the points made above- I hope you understand that I am practicing GREAT patience in doing so. In doing this, I must say- you have posed a GREAT question. I actually had been wanting to post on this very topic- and I plan to do so, but in my state (Georgia) the committee that designed the bill for tort reform is voting on it today- and I am pressed for time to get the issue of tort reform talked about, before they bring it to the floor and the present piece of legislation gets passed. I am FOR tort reform, but not THIS piece of tort reform. Anyway- glad you asked this and brought it up. If this topic was NOT important to me- I would consider this “Hijacking” a thread and just move on. I might also consider opening a new thread on this topic rather than posting such a long response, but I do not want to teach people that they run this blog. (I know that may sound a bit egotistical, or narcassistic, but I am a firm believer in accountability and that we TEACH people how to treat us.)

    First- I find the comments that you listed by “Iron Fist” VERY, VERY offensive AND VERY destructive to the cause of fighting against terrorists.

    As you may think (or have the impression) that I am “friendly” with Iron Fist, I honestly don’t consider him a friend. I do however recognize that he has not been abusive to me. I find some of his, and many other, comments on LGF to be hard to take. The language alone makes me wince. I continue to go there for probably the same reason other devout Christians do. It is a great place to learn, and I have developed a rapport with some of the other people who comment there. LGF is like a community. There are many people there at one time. I choose to usually overlook comments by some, even overlook some people all together, while addressing the things I think I can actually make an actual contribution to. Debating, just for the sake of debating, or just for the sake of being able to say- “I said my piece and stood up for ……” , to me, is not a very viable use of my time, breath, and resources. This is just not my gift. Some people have the gift of “confrontation.” Others do not. Some have the gift of confrontation for certain topics and issues, but not ALL topics and issues. When I say “This is not my gift,” I am referring to the particular topic you mention. Many of the people at LGF are much more educated in the practices and laws of Islam than I am, so I fear- like a law student- I know just enough to get myself sued for malpractice. As for other topics, such as abortion- well- I have not only a gift, but a real passion for confronting this issue.

    I also will mention that in gifting, some have a gift of reaching others, some do not. I try to live a life that shows that Christians can hate the sinner, not the sin. It isn’t always possible for me. I really struggle with this at times. I am just a work in progress. I am no better than you or the next guy. No better; no worse- okay, maybe a little worse. My point is that in some cases, I can still be friends with people who do things that offend me. I am not going to abondon a friendship because she is having an affair with a married man. (That doesn’t mean I am going to START a frinedship with someone I know is doing this.) I may be the ONLY one in her life that talks with her and tells her what she is doing is wrong. I may be the only shoulder to cry on that will hold her like Jesus would. I may the only touch she ever has of Jesus in her life. I will never tell her that her actions are okay, but I will never teach her that my love is conditional. That may bother you, or some others. That’s okay with me. On the other hand, I may not be able to stay friends with someone who kills their child. This is where I say- I am a work in progress. I am not perfect. The same reasons for maintaining a relationship with one, should be the same reasons to do so for the other. Forgive me. I am full of flaws.

    That all being said. Let me just clear something up. Pleae read the following paragraphs. These are posts that I HAVE MADE ON LGF. They deal directly with what you take issue with me on.

    (1) I know I am going to get a lot of slack for this- but I can't see ANYTHING useful in trashing and bashing ANY Muslim leader who is willing to put his OWN neck on the line by speaking out against this horrific brutality and denouncing it as NON-ISLAM. I am so glad and relieved that this man is setting the tone for his community. He is literally saying- whoever did this- IS NOT ONE OF ME OR MINE! I commend that. Go ahead- beat me over the head for saying it- but I applaud him for saying it.

    (2) Guys-
    I honestly believe there ARE Muslims that do not believe in the terror and violence. I honestly believe that. I don't believe a word that comes out of CAIR or HAMAS and all that- but sheeshk- there are some Muslims that DON'T believe in killing all infidels. And I want THOSE Muslims to speak up! I want those Muslims to call out the violence as NOT OF ISLAM. It sure can't HURT anything if they denounce the violence.

    (3) I undrstand what ya'll are saying. I odn't buy into the fact that Islam is "peaceful"- I am just saying that we need all the help we can get on this. If ANY MUSLIM sincerely believes that violence and terror and killing all infidels is NOT ISLAMIC- I don't see where bashing the ones that denounce the violence does anything but help them make the case for shutting up. Why would they speak up- the ISLAMOFACISTS want to kill them and we call them liars. Not a great way to win the war of ideas, if we alienate the Muslims that are sincere about wanting peace and CO-existence. If Muslims can TRULY denounce the violence- I am ALL FOR IT! YES- IN ACTION AND WORDS!

    I hope after reading these posts that I have made on LGF, that you will find it in your heart to forgive me for not handling Iron Fist (or anyone else for that matter) the way YOU would want me to. I also hope you find in your heart to maybe even apologize. I have confronted this issue there. Maybe not when and where you would have me- but I have done so. Which leads me to this. How about taking the mask off? How about joining me in the struggle? I got it and I got it good on that thread. Out of several choices, I chose to know that I tried to confront this evil. I chose to realize that a shouting match with them would never accomplish anything. They are angry, hurt, and scared. They have watched their country turn into something that they don’t recognize, and into a place that looks like a nightmare for their children and grandchildren. I understand that. That doesn’t make their views okay. But burning the bridge with them will never allow me to witness to them again. In this particular case- debating them is just not worth losing the chance to maybe help one- just one, come to know the peace I know in Christ.

    BTW--- You wouldn’t happen to have commented here before on Friday November 19, 2004 under the name Pastor George would you have??? Nice to see you made it back here to continue pointing at the speck in my eye. Again, the questions posed a great point, that is why I addressed it, not because I find your METHODS Christ like or constructive or helpful to the situation we face as a nation at war with terror.

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 4:59 PM  

  • Two points on tort reform -- asbestos litigation has bankrupted about 6 dozen major industrial companies. Its not a big deal on the coasts (where I live), but if you live around the Great Lakes, a formidable number of potential employers are no more. I would guess that 5% of asbestos litigants have mesothelioma, which nobody would wish on their worst enemy. About 2/3 have a change (maybe and the medical testimony here is doubtful) in a chest x-ray with no impact whatsoever on their lives. 60% of the cost of asbestos litigation goes to lawyers. No other industrial (or nonindustrial) country on earth has chosen to destroy its industrial companies for people who are unhurt. There is a material risk that the money will run out and that the last mesothelioma sufferers will not be paid. There is apparently some chance of reform in Congress today -- the Supreme Court has twice over the last decade requested Congress to fashion a solution.

    2. If the cost of a lawsuit is $100,000 and the potential legal fees are $1,000,000, it makes economic sense to file cases with an 11% chance of succeeding. Malpractice lawyers thrive while losing the vast majority of their cases. In a balanced world about 50% of malpractice cases would succed and this would imply almost 80% fewer malpractice cases. A loser-pays-the-other-side's-legal-costs system would make sense. Each party would be required to submit a last, best settlement offer at trial. The offer furthest from the verdict would be responsible for the other side's reasonable legal costs. To still allow poor people to sue, there could be a state fund to cover their cases coming from two sources -- a tax on pain and suffering awards and a tax as a surcharge on legal fees of unsuccessful but solvent litigants. My two cents (or maybe four)

    By Blogger levi from queens, at 6:38 PM  

  • Great example by levi from queens.
    We have enough problem maintaining our industrial base without these problems. And we must realize that the production industry is far more at risk of these types of lawsuits than service companies. Except, of course, medical services. The threat of class action suits are the most severe. Could you imagine the consequences if Bhopal had been in Ohio or California? What about a meltdown as in Chernoble - compare that to the economic devastation of Three Mile Island?

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 7:44 PM  

  • Sherri -- thank you for your reply. I certainly do apologize since I thought you were one of Iron Fist's little group that egg him on. I am posting anonymously since I dont have a blogger account, but my name is Alice and no, I have never been a Pastor! I'm soooo glad you feel the way you do. 'Iron Fist' has really been upsetting me. It seems that every post of his is vain boasting about how he would like to torture or set on fire or knife someone. I don't understand why many welcome him so much. Nor do I understand why Mr Johnson allows the 'nuke mecca' posts on his board. Doesn't he understand it can be read by anyone, anywhere? Those posts are extremely bad for America and give terrible ammunition to those that hate us. Anyway, I understand what you've said and I'm' sorry if it was confrontational. As a woman, I'm just so mad at the 'Iron Fist Groupies' and wrongly thought you were one.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:51 PM  

  • Alice, I do consider your posting to be sincere, and I agree that Iron Fist, and others, can be abrasive. But one thing I firmly believe is that those who hate us do not need any ammunition, terrible or otherwise. They are cooking all they can ever use by themselves. The fact that Iron Fist is willing to fight back is the only lesson that many would understand. It's about power - not about begging. Once democracy and western culture can take root in the middle east, then the concepts of balance of power and negotiation will work - but not until then. As far as the 'Iron Fist groupies' go, there are a similar number of 'Iron Fist detractors'. No, I'm not in either group, but I do enjoy the discussions, even though the language also offends me.
    Raising the issue is noble, Alice. I respect that.

    By Blogger Right Wing Nut Job, at 9:14 PM  

  • Alice,
    I am thrilled to make your aquaintence and thankful for you to take the time out to read and comment here. FOrgive me for thinking you might be "Pastor George." (That is a whole other story.) As for those at LGF, all I can say is this. There are friends that I like, some I adore and others that I suffer through. But- in every case- I always respect their rules in their home- without compromizing my own values. Since LGF is not my house, I follow his rules when I am there, but if I "can't take the heat," I leave. But here on my blog- I set the rules, and I expect different behavior and language. I hope you will find things here at least bareable and choose to return. You are free to disagree with anyone at any time. In fact, RWNJ and I have disagreed quite a bit- but he has ALWAYS been respectful about it- and actually he is usually very funny when he does it too. Hunter is another regular-(Haven't seen him lately though), and he is quite agreeable. But I digress. My point- welcome, thanks for posing your question, it was VERY VALID, and a GREAT point!

    By Blogger Straight Up with Sherri, at 9:51 PM  

  • Sherri:

    I must say the post by "long time LGF lurker and "devout Christian" in my opinion is very disingenuos. All of us have some times only one or two chances to be salt and light. The world does not understand faith, much less grace. We have to tolerate other peoples attitudes unless we think they are a danger to themselves or others and try and be that salt and light, well knowing our ownselves that we come up woefully short so often. We get back in the saddle and try again another day. When those that are lost see us trying to live, act, and do the right things is when we have a chance to have that peace and level of self-control when some day in God's time that will ask us how we maintain our level of composure. That is all we are called upon to do-not to be hypocrits. Having said all that, I also understand the point of view of the poster; we just have to try and refrain from offending a non-believer, and I am not in the position to know that person's heart. Maybe they have had setbacks and are angry at God, maybe they have fallen away and feel it is hopeless. I have been there and heck will probably visit that place again. I just know the more I learn, the more I realize that life is so short and transitory and we only get one shot---so when we mess up, repent and move forward. The enemy has lost the fight for our souls, so let's not give up on our witness, then he wins a battle that he should not win.

    By Blogger jlfintx, at 1:07 AM  

  • Well, alas someone impersonated me again on your 1/29 blog with the 30 plus comments. I beleive Iron Fist was spot on with his analysis of who Lizard Observer was, since the post attributed to me said "For what it's worth, I don't think the fake jlfintx is lizard observer." That sounds to me like someone is trying to cover their tracks and change minds. Why else would someone impersonate me? Some people just never grow up I guess. You will know by the tone and manner of the posts whether it is or was me Sherri. It is pathetic that someone drapes themselves in Christianity and then tries to use other tactics to throw darts at Iron Fist using an angle as a fellow-Christian. That is the ultimate in cowardice in my opinion and just makes the emphasis on my earlier posting about this individuals disingenuity more appalling. By their fruits you shall know them. Maybe next time they post some crap like whatever they are posting, you can just kindly tell them to look up Hebrews 10:31.

    By Blogger jlfintx, at 7:06 PM  

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